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ACTION-173 (edit) open And debbie dahl to draft issue paper on coga use groups using bots including spelling,, asking for help, losing context, making mistakes, need to write the right words John Kirkwood 2016-07-18
ACTION-189 (edit) open Cambron and jan and bernard user reserch module on emotional dibilities Thaddeus Cambron 2016-12-12
ACTION-192 (edit) open Help john kirkwood on issue paper on bot Susann Keohane 2016-12-19
ACTION-216 (edit) open Make poll for new time Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-06-12
ACTION-232 (edit) open Make template in google docs for converationanal interfaces Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-09-14
ACTION-238 (edit) open Work with john k. to fill out agendum 6. "next issue papers for people who are autistic Pietro Cirrincione 2017-09-21
ACTION-290 (edit) open Make themes less wordy John Kirkwood 2018-08-02
ACTION-291 (edit) open Make script to alow sections to expand Ruoxi Ran 2018-08-02
ACTION-295 (edit) open Scedule face to face Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-10-18
ACTION-296 (edit) open Add links to undfinshed workl to summary of our docs in wiki Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-10-18
ACTION-297 (edit) open Seeman to make ftf to list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-12-06
ACTION-299 (edit) open Seprate personilsation and semayics from the table Ruoxi Ran 2018-12-27
ACTION-300 (edit) open Writing up my definition of the disability vs general needs for gap analisis Abi James 2018-12-27
ACTION-302 (edit) open Add to one table section the use case etcwriting up my definition of the disability vs general needs for gap analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2018-12-27
ACTION-304 (edit) open - identify terms that need to be defined first Steve Lee 2019-02-05
ACTION-306 (edit) open - ut in the changes from the overlap conversation into the document - jamies sesion on duplicates Steve Lee 2019-02-05
ACTION-307 (edit) open Page on our user needs per wcag 4 items…jamie with alister lisa / rachael?? Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-02-05
ACTION-308 (edit) open Prototype plain language and familiar design for silver, rachael , jamie, john kirkwood John Kirkwood 2019-02-05
ACTION-309 (edit) open Restructure gap analysis jennie, jamie, e.a.& steve are to clarify the user experience for 3.1 Jennifer Delisi 2019-02-05
ACTION-310 (edit) open Review etzi etsi document and Abi James 2019-02-14
ACTION-311 (edit) open Coodinate subgroup for silver protping Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2019-02-21
ACTION-313 (edit) open Tract rachel is on the right branch of the pattens Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-06-13
ACTION-314 (edit) open Ask steve next thing involves steve , we need someone to check the pattern's name, i think steve is the right person to do that Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-07-04
ACTION-315 (edit) open Add a tab for sc feedback chanels Steve Lee 2019-07-25
ACTION-316 (edit) open Review and fast checklist John Foliot 2019-10-03
ACTION-317 (edit) open Ensure authentication sc is emailed Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2019-10-31
ACTION-318 (edit) open And rachael add the user needs from abis analisis Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-11-07
ACTION-319 (edit) open Update content and send to list. will try to close on list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2019-11-14
ACTION-320 (edit) open Make scribe list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-01-16
ACTION-321 (edit) open Send out agenda when available Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-01-16
ACTION-322 (edit) open And rachael to write email for john to forward to mental health professional Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-02-13
ACTION-323 (edit) open Send john r instructions and what lisa wrote Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-02-27
ACTION-324 (edit) open Will add user need and see also to persona on each pattern Steve Lee 2020-03-05
ACTION-325 (edit) open Make list of changes Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-03-05
ACTION-326 (edit) open Find out statis on wcag proposals Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-03-19
ACTION-327 (edit) open Make first example screen shot for objctive 1 John Kirkwood 2020-07-23
ACTION-328 (edit) open Get together diverse group to make sure the personas are representative Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-08-06
ACTION-329 (edit) open Make new scibe list Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-08-13
ACTION-330 (edit) open Read over the google doc version of the content useable Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-10-22
ACTION-331 (edit) open Review john and steves pater Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2020-10-22
ACTION-332 (edit) open Ask autsim speeks David Fazio 2021-01-21
ACTION-333 (edit) open Make sure designer is included in acknowledgements Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2021-02-18
ACTION-334 (edit) open Reach out to apa. ask for deadline to review David Fazio 2021-05-13
ACTION-335 (edit) open Update wiki to add timeline page Rain Breaw Michaels 2021-06-09
ACTION-338 (edit) open Follow up on whether or not anonymized data is acceptable within w3c contexts. Justine Pascalides 2021-06-14
ACTION-339 (edit) open Confirm with the community group (through our asynchronous communication channel) that the group is comfortable with the kpis proposed on the timeline Rashmi Katakwar 2022-03-10
ACTION-340 (edit) open look at this topic Jan McSorley 2022-04-14

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