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Partners' Session Proposals

  1. Chris Harding: It might be a good idea to have a session in Timisoara that is dedicated to reviewing the best practice inputs, discussing whether there appear to be any major gaps, and looking at how they could be rationalized to form a properly-collated set.
  2. PwC File:Share-PSI Submission Paper-PwC v0.03.pdf (plenary presentation) Day 2 Plenary
  3. Peter Krantz File:Share-PSI-Crowdsourcing-government-data-ws-proposal.pdf (prob with Ingo/OGC) C
  4. Peter Winstanley File:SCOT timisoara.pdf A
  5. Emma Beer How benchmarking tools can stimulate government departments’ to open up their data C
  6. Makx Dekkers File:AMI proposal Share-PSI Timisoara How good is good enough.pdf B
  7. Daniel Pop and Charalmpos Alexopoulos File:WUT&UAEGEAN-proposal.pdf C
  8. Džiugas Tornau, Martynas Jusevičius, Sarven Capadisli Interlinking of PSI data A

External Proposals

  1. Vasile Crăciunescu, Codrina Maria Ilie, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest File:Abstract free our maps.pdf B
  2. Valentina Dimulescu, Romanian Academic Society File:Concept Note PSI.pdf (presentation?) A
  3. Tamas Gyulai, Regional Innovation Agency File:OpenDataSzeged.pdf A
  4. Freyja Van den boom, KU Leuven File:FreyjaProposal.pdf B
  5. 2 x LIDER sessions Timisoara/Papers/Lider B & C