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Best Practices/Provide PSI at zero charge

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Publishing PSI for re-use at no charge unlocks maximum commercial and non-commercial potential.

Management summary


It has been noted that the Public Sector has difficulties determining the commercial and non-commercial potential of PSI. It is also conceivable that by charging for PSI, the potential for re-use will be reduced.


As much as possible, Public Sector organisations should publish PSI at zero charge to lower the barriers for re-use.

Best Practice identification

Why is this a Best Practice? What’s the impact of the Best Practice

For commercial re-use, zero charge for PSI means that developing products and services will have lower cost, increasing their viability; for non-commercial re-use, zero charges facilitate re-use that otherwise would not be possible.

Links to the PSI Directive

Charging issues and proposals

Why is there a need for this Best Practice?

Public Sector organisations are asking questions about what a good approach is towards charging for PSI as the Directive allows charging at marginal cost.

What do you need for this Best Practice?

A policy that encourages Public Sector organisations to lower marginal cost and to provide access at zero charges. Where necessary, additional funding for agencies that provide PSI at zero charges may be necessary.

Applicability to other Member States

This Best Practice is applicable in all geographic areas.

Contact info

Makx Dekkers, mdekkers@ami-consult.com

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