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Share-PSI 2.0 Best Practice

Source: Best_Practices/Cost_of_Publication

Outline of the best practice

Costs of publication should be minimised unless there are clear benefits.

Management summary


It is difficult for public sector bodies to estimate the commercial or other value of their information. The risk of deciding what publication form will best deliver that value, and the work of converting it to that form, should be left to commercial product and service providers, and other consumers.


Costs of publication should be minimised unless there are clear benefits. Public sector body should analyse the current status of data availability, the demand for data and thus avoid unnecessary costs of data publication. Public sector bodies publishing information SHOULD either:

    • Publish it in the manner that involves lowest cost, consistent with making it available effectively and openly, or
    • Carry out cost-benefit analyses of the possible measures to assess potential use and stimulate take-up, methods of publication, and formats for publication, and select measures, methods and formats in the light of those analyses.

Best Practice identification

Why is this a Best Practice? What’s the impact of the Best Practice

Many presentations and discussions at the Samos SHARE-PSI workshop mentioned how difficult it is for public sector bodies to assess the commercial potential of the information that they publish. Ease of publication is an identified requirement of the Open Public Sector Data Business Scenario.

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Why is there a need for this Best Practice?

What do you need for this Best Practice?

The actual take-up CAN be checked by analysis of use information collected by the computer systems that make the information is available.

Applicability by other Member States

Everyone in Europe responsible for the creation or publication of public-sector information.

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