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Berlin/Papers, Berlin/Scribe, Berlin/Social, Berlin/Promotion, Berlin/Scribe, Peter's pictures of the Post-It Notes collected on the BPs


At the Timisoara project meeting, the decision taken in Lisbon was confirmed wrt dates and location, i.e. the meeting and workshop will be held at Fraunhofer FOKUS in November as follows.

Tuesday 24th November

  • 14:00 Project meeting begins
    • Responses to Period 2 review (chaired by Makx)
    • Review of all BPs available so far, what's missing, how can we fill the gaps (e.g. charging)
    • Note session at end of day 1 workshop with Nancy and Peter. See minutes of discussion 2015-11-20.

Evening event at the Schnitzelei (Röntgenstrasse 7). About 10 Minutes walking distance.

Wednesday 25

See Agenda See main site for details of the Wednesday evening event (Wiebestrasse 36). About 10 Minutes walking distance.

Thursday 26

See Thursday's agenda Evening event at Brauhaus Lemke am Schloss (Luisenplatz 1, 10585 Berlin). About 20 Minutes walking distance.

Friday 27th

  • Project meeting 09:00 - 12:30
  • Workshop review
  • Best Practices (scribe: TBD)
    • What BPs did we collect?
    • Next steps to complete BP development and publication
  • E-mail to Carola
  • Zagreb (14 - 16 March) (Scribe: TBD)
    • Expectations and options (Vjeran Strahonja is joining us this time, not Neven)
    • Monday 14 W3C DWBP (observers welcome)
    • Tuesday morning, DWBP
    • Tuesday afternoon, both DWBP & Share-PSI
    • Meeting with Croatian gov (TBA)
    • Tuesday evening - social event
    • Wednesday Share-PSI
  • Ideas for follow up project/activity (Scribe: TBD)
    • Workshop with EDP?
    • See CEF Call but note that funding is only 50%