13 Nov 2013

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Ruinan, kennyluck, kenny


<xiaoqian> Scriptnick Ruinan

<xiaoqian> Script + Ruinan

<angel> scribe: Ruinan

Qiuling: Under the help of Angle, we get some survey about Chinese participation
... This survey based on the feedback from 10 companies
...Q1: most interested work group of chinese companies: HTML/CSS and WEBRTC

<GangLiang> very thankful to two non-chinese friends join the disscussion
...Q1: some discussion is difficult for Chinese to catch
... Q2: is this the first time you join W3C meeting
... Q4: what do you think about the cureent status of Chinese companies attending the W3C?
... most of the compnies think that we just follow
... Q5: deficiency when chinese companies attend W3C activities? some of them only follow , do not have clear target
... telecom thinks we need to transfer, but haven't have clear direction.

<kennyluck> … we must include ourselves
...Q1: language is a big problem for Chinese. People speek very quickly in W3C. Before i'm in OMA, it's easier to catch what they said.

@@ in AB, suggest peoples to speak slowly. the only thing i disagree with you, simple English is easy, but jok or others difficult for Asian

<xiaoqian> kenny, would you be so kind to do script for us?

Qiuling: Q6's answer is all: yes

<GangLiang> I can send the documents to all the participant by email

Qiuling: Q7: How to encourage more Chinese to attend W3C activity?

@@: in the group, you would volunteer to host a meeting in China

<kennyluck> … we encourage people to speak in F2F meetings.

@@: can i ask a question? will you always stay at IRC or jump to the micphone?

<kennyluck> Qiuling: The culture in Chinese is different from Western

Qiuling: the different culture and depend on different person
... for now, more and more person want to invoke

<kennyluck> @@: I made XML 1.0 to 1.1. One everybody becomes a team, people start talking freely.

Ann has suggest it in AB meeting. Is it easy to follow in IRC?

Qiuling: if you want to listen, listen and look at the IRC is difficult.

Michael C: for me, jumping to the microphone is a good method

Ann: somtimes i also can't understand what he want?

<Kepeng_Li> q

Angle: W3C cool technologies, it will good for us to prepare before the meeting.

Ann: I will also ask some simple question.

<GangLiang> I will send the slide to all of you by email

Ann: started from stupid question

<GangLiang> please check the your email address if i miss something

<GangLiang> lingchen@microsoft.com; wu.yan2@zte.com.cn; likepeng@huawei.com; dburnett@voxeo.com; leizhixing@baidu.com; zgzhang.cas@gmail.com; minyue@baidu.com; xiaoqian@w3.org; chengbaoping@chinamobile.com

<kennyluck> kanghaol@oupeng.com

Ann: years ago i speek in the microphone, the people sit beside me don't dare to do that.
... many people are shine to express, such as Japaness, it's culture problem

<kennyluck> Chunming: I am, Hu Chunming from Beihang

<xiaoqian> script: kennyluck

<kennyluck> … I'd like to share something.

<kennyluck> … from my experience with the Beihang host, IRC is very useful for me

Thank you Kenny for your script

<xiaoqian> scribe: kennyluck

… Raising hands is difficult.

<xiaoqian> scribe: kennyluck

… developers are not good at expressing thoughts in English .

… we do have some kind of authorized translation, but it's not enough.

<angel> scribe: kenny

<GangLiang> I have sent the slide to lingchen@microsoft.com; wu.yan2@zte.com.cn; Likepeng; dburnett@voxeo.com; leizhixing@baidu.com; zgzhang.cas@gmail.com; minyue@baidu.com; xiaoqian@w3.org; chengbaoping@chinamobile.com; kanghaol@oupeng.com

<GangLiang> please check your email

<angel> s/scribe:kenny/scribe: kennyluck

<GangLiang> if i miss someone, please let me know

… question: can we make more tools? to encourage more people to translate W3C documents

… crowdsourcing is also useful.

… The key issue is to inspire Chinese companies.

… we have a Chinese version of w3.org, not in the w3.org domain, but other.

… we should support information delivery in Chinese.

<xiaoqian> http://www.chinaw3c.org/

… we make Weibo mircroblogging (Weibo is Chinese twitter)

… Also, someone suggested that we should have more events in China to catch people's eye.

… TPAC is important to link people together.

… We do try to do member meeting once every three months.

… it might be a problem that only Beijing folks come

Kepeng_Li: I'd like to share some experience too

… offline discussion with chairs is useful.

… For example, on Monday, in TTWG, I didn't understand anything

… but an offline dissuasion during break was good

Qiuling: Yes, you need to understand the group's work.

burn: The XML work had a good co-chair, who was a Chinese.

… he translate whenever it is necessary

… Another. Back in 2007, we had to convince companies in China that W3C is the place to make standards

… they had government-supported organization.

<AnnBassetti> It sounds to me as if there are 2 questions: 1) How to attract more Chinese companies to be members; and 2) How to make it easier for Chinese participants (and everyone else!) to participate in W3C work

… those organizations made work done by W3C into Chinese standards

<angel> +1 to Ann

… that make companies think "W3C is the place".

<Ruinan> this break will major focus on 2) How to make it easier for Chinese participants (and everyone else!) to participate in W3C work

(miss a lot :( )

(burn talks about the history of the XML, the competing standard by the Chinese government and such)

Chunming: Standards outside ISO isn't familiar to Chinese companies

… My suggestion: If companies say "your standards don't suit me", we invite them here.

… Another, there are government agencies who are watching W3C. We should enroll them.

<Qiuling> i see rtc queue helps people to join the discussion

ling_chen: That's say Huawei, it's active in ITU and such.

… why is China so active there?

… That's because there's business… 3GPP and such

… for the Web, Chinese folks are catching. Not so much business interest.

… One more suggestion? Let's ask Baidu and other big tech companies.

xiaoqian: In TTWF, I've been translating.

… We don't know IRC! We need to send notice mails.

<angel> +1 to intro info for new attendees

… We need to write down things in wiki. We need to know the q .

<AnnBassetti> instructions for how to get started with IRC: http://www.w3.org/wiki/IRC

… For TTWF, some folks don't even know they should bring laptop.

<AnnBassetti> I am eager for feedback on those instructions

… I asked why. They said they didn't get a noice.

… I said it's there on the page. They said they didn't read into that because it's in English.

Ruinan: I propose we send a checklist to Chinese participants.

angel: Agreed. Good idea.

<Chunming> +1 to checklist, and toolbox at starting point.

<GangLiang> we do have 10 mins left

Ruinan: Even if I am in W3C meetings for many times. I am still not famiar with IRC.

… and again, Chinese companies don't clear goal.

<Qiuling> i think people who join w3c meeting can read english well. but maybe listen/speak is not so easy

(AnnBassetti explains the IRC document)

(Angel explains that we are no longer office…)

AnnBassetti: ISO standards… Very few of W3C standards are elevated to ISO standards.

<Kepeng_Li> what is the difference between office and host? Angel?

<xiaoqian> kennyluck: Regarding IRC, for Chinese IG, we use mixed tools, f.ex. QQ to scribe

<AnnBassetti> KennyLuck: for Chinese IG, we use a variety of tools

<Qiuling> let's come to some conclusion?

<xiaoqian> ... I think we should find a suitable to scribing

<xiaoqian> ... People in Chinese Companies don't get used to scribing

<AnnBassetti> What is QQ?

<Qiuling> QQ is tencent's MSN

<angel> to Ann, an instant messager

<xiaoqian> ...IRC isn't widely used by Devs

<Kepeng_Li> instant messaging develped by tencent

<xiaoqian> ... I don't think forcing people to use IRC is a good idea

<yisi> QQ group is every good.

<xiaoqian> China Mobile: My first time to attend w3c meeting

… I agree that Chinese companies don't have clear goals.

… They join very recently, and China Mobile is even not a memberAC from Baidu

<AnnBassetti> but, we encourage China Mobile to join!

… HTML5 is important

<xiaoqian> s/...I agree/...: I agree/

<Chunming> IRC is smoothly integrated to w3c teleconf system, the Zakim, the queue control, and the reagent. So, if possible, we would like to encourage IGs, CGs, and Chinese members to learn and use it

… because Web technologies is important… I believe Chinese companies will make greater contributions.

Lexing: In Baidu, we never use English!

… I am a frontend engineer.

<xiaoqian> RRSAgent make minutes

… We don't know what our company can do.

… I didn't know IRC. I didn't know all the work.

… they can email everyday.

… 他們不知道收到這些郵件可以幹什麼

… no KPI for us!

<AnnBassetti> it is SO important to have your companies in the W3C

<AnnBassetti> (I have the same problems with email!0

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