Use Case#4 - News dissemination scenario


A news company is publishing articles on their website. For each article they have at least one advertisment banner. If users are reading the article, they also see the advertisment. For every page view the news company gets money from the company which is advertised on the banner. The news company wants to open their data and allow applications, users and developers to reuse their work (articles, videos, images, audios). However if they give reuse permissions to everyone, they must ensure that there work is reused under certain conditions: First the source must be attributed and second the advertisment, which belongs to an asset must be reused together with the asset. This is the only way for the company to ensure that they still gain money with their content, altough they give reuse and usage permissions to ervyone.

A news aggregator agent detects the news archive of our news company and starts aggregating articles. The agent is able to interpret the policies protecting the articles. That means the agent understands that he is able to aggregate, reuse and use everything, but that he must attribute the source, display articles together with their advertisment banner and ensure that the policies of the original article are also related with the republished versions of it.

Key license conditions:

  • Usage Requirement: attribute source and reuse asset together with its advertisment code
  • Reuse Permissions: modify, excerpt, annotate and aggregate
  • Usage Requirement: reuse asset together with its advertisment code
  • Usage Requirement: reuse asset together with their policies