Use Case#3 - Photo sharing - protect creative work scenario


Alice's hobby is photography. She published her photos on flicks and shares them with everyone to get feedback from the community about her work. Alice wants to allow everyone to display and disseminate her pictures on the Web, as long as they attribute her, do not use them for commercial purpose and do not modify them.

Tim finds a picture of Alice and wants to republish it on his blog. He selects the picture and clips it. The picture appears in his editor. He wants to add a slogan to the picture. The editor however is able to "understand" the policies related with the picture and informs Tim that he is not allowed to modify the picture. Tim decides to republish the pic unmodified. Therefore he fills in the URL of the target blog. Before publishing the asset, the tool asks Tim if the blog is private or commercial

Key license conditions:

  • Usage Permission: display
  • Reuse Permissions: excerpt, annotate, aggregate
  • Purpose Constraints: only private use
  • Usage Requirement: attribute source