Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

21 Sep 2012


Education and Outreach (EO) met to discuss work in progress and to plan for future resource development and outreach to promote existing resources. The group was alerted to the fact that the Training Resource Suite materials are nearing completion. Members hould look for an acceptance survey on those resources early next week. As part of the promotion of those resources and the basic idea of integrating accessibility into technology classes, the group discussed the possibility of submitting a CSUN paper (Shawn, Wayne, and Sharron were suggested as presenters). Also consideration was given to having a booth at the SXSW Interactive festival or sharing the Knowbility booth if space was not available.

The group considered the need for creating an Overview of the work proposed by the IndieUI working group. Ian will send his comments to the IndieUI list. Shawn created a wiki page for working on the IndieUI Overview. page.

The WCAG Evaluation Methodology Working Group has released a preliminary draft with the purpose of inviting publis comment. Shadi asked EO for specific input. Sharron will put the framework for those comments into the wiki pages for group input. Indiciduals may still send additional comments to the WGAG EM list. Shawn expressed the importance of completing the EO work on general methods for Preliminary Web page Evaluation. While this is on Denis' to-do list, he has not been as active recently and may need help to finish it. Sharron and Ian will follow up with Denis and report back with a plan to get this resource completed and aligned with the WCAG EM work.

Finally, Shawn reminded the group of the need to update action items, to update availability for Upcoming EOWG teleconferences, and to complete actions for all EOWG as they are updated weekly.


  1. Training pages:
  2. IndieUI Overview - review Notes, discuss draft (add your comments to the IndieUI Notes wiki page)
  3. WCAG-EM - plan review (add your comments to WCAG-EM wiki page)
  4. Action item check
  5. Reminders:


Sharron, Shawn, IanPouncey, jennifer, shadi, Sylvie_Duchateau
Andrew, Wayne, Emmanuelle, Vicki, Suzette


Training pages: Plan to complete publication survey (coming soon, after Andrew updates pages)

Shawn: There is one last round of updates, so please schedule time next week to review and complete the survey.
... there are not many changes but there are some so review is needed but not expected to be detailed
... In case there are any new discussion items.

Sharron: The regional EduCause meeting will be in Austin in February
... I will present a paper at that meeting based on these resources.
... What about CSUN? Should we submit somethng for that?

Shawn: Is that our audience?
... when we brought that up before, we wondered if we should do training resources as a separate paper or as part of the EO/WAI general update?
... will definitely make it part of the update, but should it also be a separate paper?

Sharron: I think it is an important issue, training and understanding accessibility techniques are certainly things that people struggle with.

Shawn: And people often end up doing training as an unofficial part of their job.
... both those and professional teachers who need to integrate accessibility, as well as people with disabilities as advocates - all of these need support and could use these resources although probably in different ways.

Jennifer: I am not sure that we have that last group - of people with disabilities learning to advocate - within our listed targets groups in the wiki and it should be. Providing reosurces to that group is important.

Shawn: In the cautionary language, we reference "sensitive issues." I wonder if we should include the idea of not focusing on just one disability?
... should Sharron, Wayne, and I submit as a presentation?

Sharron:Sure, that would be OK, not sure you and Wayne need me. And what about SXSW? Are we doing anything there?

Shawn:Have thought about having Tim do a keynote and maybe have an exhibit booth.

Sharron:It may be too late, but if so, you could alsways share our big space.

IndieUI: review Notes, discuss draft

Shawn:Let's also look at IndieUI - the work has a Task Force page and Working Group page but not an Overview page yet.
... I started a page for that and, as we have done on other topics, I have a draft page that is clean, easier to read, and another for people to put comments and edit suggestions.
... shall we go over it now?
... Take a minute to read through and then we will comment

<IanPouncey> Quite straight forward.

<IanPouncey> Is there an opportunity to define terms, i.e. to avoid a repeat of all of the 'click here' links as part of this?

<IanPouncey> "Indie UI will allow web application developers..." is quite clear

Ian: As we introduce more interactions, this resource could help develop a language to describe them. As we are adding new types of interactions, it might be good to develop a common language to describe them. While not part of the goals of this group as now specified, something like that type of language development could be created alongside this work, seem closely related.

Shawn: Actually, I think it IS a matter that this group should consider. Would you be willing to submit this comment to the group, Ian?

Ian: Certainly, where should I address it?

<shawn> great - send to public-indie-ui-comments@w3.org

Shawn: OK then I will send the notice of its availability to the group for wider comment if any.

WCAG-EM - plan review (add your comments to WCAG-EM wiki page) <http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/WCAG-EM_review>

Shawn: The Evaluation Methodology is published as a complete Draft. It is far from being done but public comment is requested and there are specific questions for EO

Shadi: We are interested in all types of input. From EO it would be useful to get input and some way to make sure that it is clear that this set of evaluation methodologies is only for web sites after they are built.
... How much should we put within this document to minimize the jumping back and forth between exisitng documents and how much do we make available within this document.
... Eo input can help make it more readable, usable

Shawn: I started a wiki page for comments.

Sharron: I can take these points from the minutes and make wiki sub sections to collect the comments

Shawn: My thought was that the wiki would be the place to collect and refine our input and put it in whatever form is needed to then send along to the WebEM group.
... Sharron feel free to rearrange the page.

Shadi: And add further thoughts.

Shawn: let's plan further discussion on that and will need to know which future meetings you will all attend.

Sharron: is there a deadline for comments or is it open?

Shawn: 20 October

Sylvie: It is difficult to decide for me what is EO work and what not.

Shawn: Bottom line is to comment in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Put into the wiki what we want to send from EO and send personal comments to the list.

Jennifer: I sent that email to several people who may not see it on Twitter or the WAI lists.

Shadi: Thanks so much for all your work in promotion and feedback, Jennifer.
... For the broader picture, we are starting to work on guidance for the developers of evaluation tools.
... the current work does not address the tool builder specifically and we do want to include that target eventually.
... looking at how much is automatable and other considerations.

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ACT/deliverables#eval_tools

Sharron: Can we include Gez in the discussion? He makes those great plug ins etc

Shadi: Yes we do want to reach out to the tool developers both large and small. Also tool users.
... we hope refine the ideas and then make a big invitation announcement - come help with this.

Shawn: I want to keep going on Preliminary Evaluation.

Sharron: refresh my memory

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Web_Accessibility_Preliminary_Evaluation

Shawn: It's on Denis' todo list
... As EM progresses would be good to have a draft of this as well.

Shadi: Good time to be working on this together.
... make sure they are aligned since they are so inter-related

Shawn: We need to see if Denis will be able to pick that up.
... and approach Derek and see if SimplyAccessible will dedicate some staff.

Sharron: I can talk to Denis and offer my support.

<IanPouncey> I can do the same

<shadi> +1 to sharron!

<IanPouncey> yup

Shawn: Keep in mind that we can also start from a blank slate. What is there is just a "dump" of resources you can use, but feel free to start from scratch. We spoke about doing two sections. Here are things you can quickly do with no skill and few tools other than a browser.

Shawn: this is a compelling piece of work. If there are others who we could invite, feel free to suggest.
... I can think of so many people who ask me to look at their web sites. I want to tell them that they can find many things in 30 seconds and it would be great to give them those resources.

Action item check <http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/track/actions/open?sort=owner>

Shawn: Looking through the list, Sharron has one related to the training suite, Ian has one depending on me.
... otherwise not much else to discuss for now.

Reminders: Update Availability for Upcoming EOWG Teleconferences & Complete actions for all EOWG - updated weekly (both at top of EOWG home page)

Shawn: Several people need to do thier updates. Sharron, Shadi, Ian please do that.
... also there are actions at the top of the EO home page, please do not forget to check those and try to put in some your time on those items.

Jennifer: and it is actually very helpful to have those there, Shawn.

Shawn: Good to know. Anything else?

Jennifer: I am seeing Denis talking about gamification based on Jane McGonegal/TED talk gamification theory.
... wondering how your card game is going, Sharron?

Sharron: It is really fun and works better in smaller settings than large conferences.

Jennifer: I think it could get more promotional mileage.

Sharron: OK, I will send to EO

Shawn: Let me know when you update the wiki so I can send out the notice.
... anything else for now?

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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