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05 Apr 2012


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<trackbot> Date: 05 April 2012

<scribe> Scribe: krisk

ACTION items due by Thursday, April 5

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items due by Thursday, April 5


<scribe> New Issues This Week


Items Closed Last Week

A number...

ISSUE-80: title-alternative, Call for Consensus closed Mar 28

<trackbot> ISSUE-80 document conformance and device dependent display of title attribute content notes added


ISSUE-134: tab-states, Revise Change Proposals closed Mar 28

<trackbot> ISSUE-134 Provide tablist and tab states for menu and command elements respectively notes added

see -> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2012Mar/0547.html

ISSUE-191: ins-del, Revise Change Proposals closed Mar 28

<trackbot> ISSUE-191 Replace/complement <ins> and <del> elements by a cleaner wysiwyg-safe attribute-based solution notes added

issue has been postponed - http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2012Jan/0128.html

ISSUE-200: legend-placement, Call for Counter Proposals closed Mar 28

<trackbot> ISSUE-200 Allow wrapping LEGEND (or new iLEGEND) in non-FIELDSET elements notes added


two proposals have been submitted that the co-chairs will evaluate

ISSUE-193: inaccessible-example, Call for Consensus closed Mar 29

<trackbot> ISSUE-193 Remove CSS example that promotes inaccessible content notes added


Resulted in a decision

ISSUE-196: ua-http-resp-handling, Call for Consensus closed Mar 29

<trackbot> ISSUE-196 Define user agent http response handling behaviour notes added


This also resulted in a decision

ISSUE-197: accept-file-ext, Call for Consensus closed Mar 29

<trackbot> ISSUE-197 Accept attribute should allow file extensions in addition to the current allowed values notes added


This also resulted in a decision

ISSUE-203: media-descriptions, Revise Change Proposals closes Apr 2

<trackbot> ISSUE-203 All Media Elements should have the ability to have both short and longer textual descriptions associated to the element notes added


proposals have not been updated, not actions taken

ISSUE-198: innerHTML-patent-policy, Call for Counter Proposals closes Apr 3

<trackbot> ISSUE-198 Ensure innerHTML and related APIs are subject to the W3C patent policy notes added


Later in the agenda we'll see a CfC for this issue

Next Agenda Item - Items Closing This Week

ISSUE-194: full-transcript, Call for Counter Proposals extension closes Apr 5

<trackbot> ISSUE-194 Provide a mechanism for associating a full transcript with an audio or video element. notes added


Next Agenda Item New Calls this week

Actually the next agenda item is Items closing next week

ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback, Call for Counter Proposals extension closes Apr 11

<trackbot> ISSUE-201 Provide canvas location and hit testing capability to fallback content notes added


Any questions or comments on the above?

Agenda Item New Calls this week

ISSUE-184: data-element, Call for Consensus closes Apr 11

<trackbot> ISSUE-184 Add a data element notes added


As mentioned above ISSUE-198: innerHTML-patent-policy, Call for Consensus closes Apr 11


Next Agenda Item New Surveys this week

We have one new survey this week

ISSUE-158: object-content-model - Straw Poll for Objections

<trackbot> ISSUE-158 HTML4's content-model for <object> should continue notes added


Next up is 'Decisions this week'

ISSUE-80 Working Group Decision


ISSUE-191 Postponed


ISSUE-193 Working Group Decision


The CfC passed

ISSUE-196 Working Group Decision


This also passed the CfC

ISSUE-197 Working Group Decision


This also passed a CfC

Next Up Is Task Force Reports

Accessibility Task Force Update

We conitune to work on issues

key item might ask a postpone on issue 201

would like to discuss this at the F2F in May

The hope and expectations is that in the F2F we can agree on a resolution that works for everyone in the group

<paulc> See http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/May2012Agenda#Agenda_May_3

A good time would be on thursday afternoon at the F2F to discuss

Sam - are you asking for an extension or postponment?

Janina - we are asking for an extension

Next Update Testing Task Force

We will meet April 10th

Microsoft submitted some range/progress tests

See -> http://www.w3c-test.org/html/tests/submission/Microsoft/range/range.htm

See -> http://www.w3c-test.org/html/tests/submission/Microsoft/progress/progress.htm

James and Mike Smith have mirrored the Hg Repository to Git

See -> https://github.com/w3c/html-testsuite

The hope is that this helps people participate and review tests more effectively

The git hub is read-only so it's only one way

<Zakim> MikeSmith, you wanted to say that I need some help setting up the secure ports for Jetty (for WebSockets testing)

Webapps related - mike smith could use some help with the websocket server setup (secure ports)

Any other questions for the testing task force?

Next Up Is any other business

Call for agenda topics for May face-to-face meeting

Please update the wiki


<rubys> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/May2012Agenda

Next up is the CfC: Create Media Task Force


This closes on tues April 10th

Heartbeat Documents Published


Thanks Mike Smith!

Next Up Is ISSUE 134: change proposal review

Two proposals



Open Web Platform Weekly Summary - 2012-03-19 - 2012-03-25

This covers business beyond HTML5, for example WebApps


Any other business that people would like to discuss?

None mentioned

Scribe for next meeting?

hober would like to scribe


Summary of Action Items

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