Web Performance Working Group Teleconference

15 Feb 2012

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Joseph_Scheuhammer, [Microsoft], plh, +43.732.908.2aaaa, MeetingRoom, +1.650.214.aabb, +1.650.253.aacc, Tony, tonyG, JamesS, Arvind


<trackbot> Date: 15 February 2012

Jatinder: As of last week, we have closed all Navigation Timing Action Items. We should be good to move the spec forward to PR.

<tonyg> http://w3c-test.org/webperf/tests/approved/navigation-timing/html5/test_performance_attributes_exist_in_object.html

<plh> ACTION: plh to move latest nav timing test into approved [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/02/15-webperf-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-86 - Move latest nav timing test into approved [on Philippe Le H├ęgaret - due 2012-02-22].

plh: I noticed the latest Chrome stable has broken in one of the tests. Do we know what is happening?

Tony: I will check to see why its broken.

Jatinder: Philippe, when do we expect Navigation Timing to go to PR?

plh: I spoke with the director, but we will need to wait until WebIDL, our dependency, has reached CR.
... That will happen in early March.

Jatinder: I have updated the Resource Timing Privacy section this morning. Please take a moment to read it and I can close Action 55.


<plh> close action-85

<trackbot> ACTION-85 Update the Navigation Timing test suite page closed

Alois: I asked a question on the mailing list regarding the cross-origin restrictions of Resource Timing.

<plh> close action-81

<trackbot> ACTION-81 Propose a privacy section for Page Visibility closed

JatindeR: I believe we should be able to give responseEnd, as without responseStart you can't get the response time but can get the total Navigation Timing.

James: I think it should be fine.

Action Jatinder update cross origin restriction to show responseEnd times always.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-87 - Update cross origin restriction to show responseEnd times always. [on Jatinder Mann - due 2012-02-22].

Alois: What about including redirect times? Seems like we don't include that.

Jatinder: We will review the mailing list and determine why we had come up with this text. I'll follow up on the mailing list.
... Regarding the JavaScript Timing extension, has anyone had a chance the read the spec?

Arvind: Not I.

Jatinder: Not I. Let's discuss next week after reading the spec.

Alois: Sounds goodl

<Alois> dropping out now as Nav Timing discussions seems to be finished

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Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: plh to move latest nav timing test into approved [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/02/15-webperf-minutes.html#action01]
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