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Submitter: Ericsson

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-16


A list of personal devices available in the home is invoked on any web page and services offered by the devices in the list can be used for consuming the contents on a web page, e.g. video clip on a page can be redirected to a TV or recorded on a network attached storage.


Possible implementation on top of UPnP/DLNA suggest either to use UPnP instead of DLNA further in the text or change to UPnP/DLNA:

  • A web page loads an additional Javascript which renders a personal device list that is filled with the viewer' devices and services offered by the devices. (For instance, an additional Javascript can be loaded from a bookmark, i.e. bookmarklet)
  • The viewer picks up a video clip and selects one device (in DLNA the Media Renderer, Server, and Player are 'Device Classes') of a certain expected class , e.g. DLNA Media Renderer or DLNA Media Server.
  • The web page commands the selected device to serve the viewer. (In case of DLNA Media Renderer, the web page commands to play the video clip, e.g. by issuing UPnP SetAVTransportURI and Play actions with appropriate parameters. In case of DLNA Media Server, the web page commands to store the video clip, e.g. by issuing UPnP CreateObject and ImportResource actions, or alternatively it could use SAMBA.)

Alternative implementation with a brokering service:

As an alternative, a brokering service which maintains a list of available devices for a user, authenticates and authorizes the viewer and executes actions according to the viewer's requests, could be used for implementing the use case. One such example is found on Web Device Connectivity