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Application Responding to Requests

Submitter: Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom ParisTech

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-13

Description: Application A provides a discoverable service S. Application B discovers the service S. Application B sends requests to application A, in the form of one of the messages belonging to the service interface of application A.


  • the application A is a TV-broadcast-related application, which is allowed to call the function returning the description of the next program.
  • the application A exposes a service with one message getNextProgramDescription.
  • an application B on another device discovers the service (not knowing that it is a document, it is just another UPnP service to doc. B).
  • application B binds to the service
  • application B sends a getNextProgramDescription message
  • application A receives the getNextProgramDescription message, calls the function returning the description of the next program, replies to document B.

Neither application A or B know the actual nature of the other. They may have an IP address, and they share a service type.

Justification: Allowing to share resources other than content, such as a capability (a large screen, a sensor) or an "authorization" (permission to use a restricted API).

Dependencies: on existing UC Application Exposing a Service, Application Discovering a Service