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Application Pull-Migration

Submitter: Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom ParisTech

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-25

Description: An application moving across devices in a decentralized situation (local application, without a server), the migration being initiated on the target device.

I start using my phone for the user interface to a device, then my tablet becomes available, so I move the interface application to the tablet by interacting with the tablet. The application in question is an HNTF application, which means it has discovered services and has connections to some services and a history of execution. Just restarting the application on another device would lose the execution state, the existing connections, etc...

  • I start using my phone as a UI of a service on my TV, e.g. EPG, but the screen is small.
  • My tablet finally becomes available.
  • I drop my phone.
  • I take the tablet, start the HNTFUA and request a list of discoverable HNTFUAs on the tablet: this is a user agent function.
  • I start the HNTFUA of the phone and request from it a list of pullable applications and I choose one in the list.
  • The UA on the tablet sends a pull-migration message with the identifier of the wanted application chosen from the above list.
  • The UA on the tablet receives the response to the pull-migration message, i.e. the url of the application and the url of the execution state, fetches the application and the execution state, loads both.
  • The UA on the tablet signals to the UA on the phone that migration is complete.
  • The UA on the phone stops rendering the migrated application.



Same as ISSUE-15, with the additional twist of triggering the migration from the target device rather than the source device.