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Discovered content host

Submitter: Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom ParisTech

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-5

Description: A document as host for discovered content: e.g. the document displays content provided by a local, discovered device or service.

Implementation: Possible implementation on top of UPnP:

  • the document discovers a DLNA Media Server and binds to it
  • the document provides a UI for choosing a media on the Media Server
  • the DLNA Media Server provides a URL to the content to the document
  • the document renders the content within itself

Justification: I believe if we cannot do something this simple, the standard is not going to be very useful. Rendering a media on another device than the one hosting it crops up in many high-level use cases.

Dependencies: Depends on the Service UI user case.

Comments: This UC1 asks the question: do we need a way to point to discovered content ?