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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-106 (edit) pending review Sharing of data between entities via cookie syncing / identity brokering, with Vincent Toubiana Heather West 2012-02-02 ISSUE-32
ACTION-237 (edit) pending review Update Compliance spec with pointer regarding issue-21 Heather West 2012-08-15
ACTION-225 (edit) pending review Propose an alternative definition of first party (based on ownership? alternative to inference?) Heather West 2012-08-22
ACTION-288 (edit) pending review Update unlinkable with non-normative text from Shane Heather West 2012-10-10
ACTION-300 (edit) pending review Add a service provider option (or condense with option 1) from jmayer Heather West 2012-10-11
ACTION-432 (edit) open Implement editorial changes on compliance draft (with dsinger, npdoty) Heather West 2013-09-27

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