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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-135 (edit) pending review Detail use case for ISSUE-111 (DNT;2) Shane Wiley 2012-03-28 Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)
ACTION-179 (edit) pending review Draft section on seriousness of the request for a user-granted exception (with ninja) Shane Wiley 2012-04-19 ISSUE-129
ACTION-157 (edit) pending review Update logged-in consent proposal by April 24 Shane Wiley 2012-04-24 Compliance Next
ACTION-177 (edit) pending review Add an API to let a site request a web-wide exception Shane Wiley 2012-05-05 ISSUE-130
ACTION-161 (edit) pending review work on issue-49 Shane Wiley 2012-09-05 service provider
ACTION-254 (edit) pending review Draft text on freq. capping that would avoid new definitions and/or remove redundant normative requirement (with nick and amy?) Shane Wiley 2012-09-19
ACTION-212 (edit) pending review Draft text on how user agents must obtain consent to turn on a DNT signal Shane Wiley 2012-09-26 user-education
ACTION-265 (edit) pending review Update text in 3.8.1 regarding bringing into compliance, not just deletion Shane Wiley 2012-10-10
ACTION-274 (edit) pending review Propose non-normative text on service providers to clarify "independent use" (with rvaneijk) Shane Wiley 2012-10-10
ACTION-280 (edit) pending review Draft updated text on UA requirements; explanatory text made more general; add 'prior to selecting DNT'; add examples; change MUST to SHOULD Shane Wiley 2012-10-10 user-education
ACTION-306 (edit) pending review Define "declared" data Shane Wiley 2012-10-11 ISSUE-54
ACTION-314 (edit) pending review Draft non-normative examples of how a multi-domain site technically can ask for exceptions Shane Wiley 2012-10-12
ACTION-375 (edit) open Review TPE for updates necessary on multiple first parties (with Ed, Nick, RobS, possibly fielding) Shane Wiley 2013-03-18
ACTION-402 (edit) open Work with Dan to follow up on defining the "yellow" to "green" transaction with strong enough measures Shane Wiley 2013-05-28
ACTION-421 (edit) open Provide text on caching exceptions in cases of server-to-server communication (detail on the use case, in particular) Shane Wiley 2013-06-19

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