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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-134 (edit) OPEN Would we additionally permit logs that are retained for a short enough period? 2012-04-11 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-199 (edit)
OPEN Limitations on the use of unique identifiers 2013-05-29 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-24 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Possible exemption for fraud detection and defense 2011-09-21 Compliance Current 1
ISSUE-25 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW How is audience measurement adressed under DNT? (permitted use or otherwise) 2011-09-21 Compliance Current 1
ISSUE-148 (edit) PENDING REVIEW What does DNT:0 mean? 2012-05-29 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-170 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Definition of and what/whether limitations around data append and first parties 2012-10-03 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-188 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Definition of de-identified (or previously, unlinkable) data 2012-11-14 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-202 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Limitations on geolocation by third parties 2013-06-22 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-203 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Use of "tracking" in third-party compliance 2013-06-24 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-205 (edit) PENDING REVIEW user agent compliance requirements; connections to TPE 2013-06-26 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-206 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Service Provider name and requirements 2013-06-26 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-207 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Conditions for dis-regarding (or not) DNT signals 2013-06-26 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-209 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Description of scope of specification 2013-06-27 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-210 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Interaction with existing privacy controls 2013-06-27 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-218 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Data that is out of scope 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-219 (edit)
Context separation
PENDING REVIEW Limitations on use in a 3rd party context of data collected in a 1st party context 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-221 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Define collection and use by context rather than party 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-222 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Tailoring or customizing of content should be allowed under certain collection/use limitations 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-233 (edit)
Data Minimization
PENDING REVIEW Data Minimization, Retention and Transparency 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-234 (edit)
No Personalization
PENDING REVIEW Remove "No Personalization" section 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-235 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Auditability requirement in Reasonable Security section 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-236 (edit) PENDING REVIEW Profiling prohibition for frequency capping permitted use 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-237 (edit)
Financial Logging
PENDING REVIEW Revise Financial Logging section 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-211 (edit) RAISED Should we specify retention periods (extended with transparency) for permitted uses? 2013-06-27 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-212 (edit) RAISED Naming of user-granted exceptions 2013-06-28 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-214 (edit) RAISED Adding to last public working draft 2013-07-01 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-220 (edit)
RAISED Proportionality should be across the board 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-223 (edit)
implementation criteria
RAISED Define criteria now for the test/implementation phase of the compliance spec 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-226 (edit)
Rules by context
RAISED What rules apply for data collection/use, by context 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-227 (edit)
User Agent Minimum Requirements
RAISED User Agent requirements in UA Compliance vs. Scope section 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-230 (edit)
New Definition
RAISED Add a definition for "Web Browsing History" 2013-10-02 Compliance Current 0
ISSUE-238 (edit)
Permitted uses
RAISED Scope of Permitted uses 2013-10-07 Compliance Current 0

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