ISSUE-269: interpretation of dnt:0/unset

interpretation of dnt:0/unset

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Rob van Eijk
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From Art 29:

It is important that it is clear for data cont rollers to which activities the user consents. A DNT:0 signal must not be interpreted by a data controller as consent for anything other than clearly defined tracking activities. 9 Therefore, the Working Pa rty suggests including the following language: ‘In the absence of fully informed user choice, e.g., DNT is unset, 10 a data controller, or a data processor acting on behalf of the data co ntroller, SHOULD assume that a user is not aware of tracking. He MUST therefore ask for consent prior to tracking.’ Moreover, the Working Party would like to note that - in order to put the user back into control - any Do Not Track implementation for managing consent in line with Recital 66 of the ePrivacy Directive should be implemente d at the browser (configuration) level.
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