ISSUE-200: Transitive exceptions

Transitive exceptions

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Matthias Schunter
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User granted exceptions that are collected by a third party can be transferred. This issue works on text that defines the details.

- To what extent can UGE be cached, i.e., stored server-side and passed on
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I think the scenario is that A has an exception from the user U. The user now requests data from B (perhaps an ad exchange, and B gets DNT:1), and the ad exchange A does not Redirect to B (whereupon U would know an exception exists and send DNT:0) but instead acts as an HTTP bridge, fetching from B and sending the data back to U. B 'knows' it 'has' (last time it checked) an exception (perhaps because of a cookie). Can it assume it still does? I do not think we have specific proposed text, however.

David Singer, 19 Jun 2013, 22:03:59

I believe this should be merged with ISSUE-262 on how DNT should be communicated through ad platforms.

Justin Brookman, 19 Nov 2014, 06:49:00

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