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Global Considerations Task Force (GCTF)
of the
Tracking Protection Working Group

The Global Considerations Task Force discusses the application of the Tracking Preference Expression and the Tracking Scope and Compliance Specifications in various regions of the world. This includes but is not limited to discussions around using the DNT signal to express consent in the sense of Art. 5.3 of the Directive 2002/58/EC as amended by the ePrivacy Directive 2009/136/EC. In order to do that, the Task Force will draft text around minimum collection and permissions in case a service receives a DNT:0 signal.

Members of the Task force

  • Rosa Barcelo (European Commission)
  • Haakon Flage Bratsberg (Opera)
  • Guido Brinkel (United Internet/IAB Europe)
  • JC Cannon (Microsoft)
  • Daniel W. Caprio (Comcast)
  • Alan Chapell (Chapell & Associates)
  • Jeffrey Chester (Invited Expert, CDD)
  • Brooks Dobbs, (KBM)
  • Rob van Eijk (Art. 29 WP)
  • Ed Felten (FTC)
  • Joanne Furtsch (Truste)
  • Vinay Goel (Adobe)
  • Walter van Holst (Invited Expert)
  • Kathy Joe (Esomar)
  • John Jolliffe (Adobe)
  • Ninja Marnau (ULD/Invited Expert)
  • Jonathan Mayer (Stanford)
  • Aleecia McDonald (Stanford)
  • Chris Mejia (DAA)
  • Ionel Naftanaila (IAB Europe)
  • Mike O'Neil (Baycloud Systems)
  • Dennis Riedel (United Internet/IAB Europe)
  • Matthias Schunter (Intel)
  • Chris Sherwood (Yahoo)
  • John Simpson (consumerwatchdog.org)
  • Craig Spiezle (Online Trust Alliance)
  • Frank Wagner (Telekom)
  • David Wainberg (NAI)
  • Justin Weiss (Yahoo)
  • Rigo Wenning (W3C)
  • Tara Whalen (CA Data Commissioner)
  • Mike Zaneis (DAA)
  • Benjamin Zivan (Tencent)
  • Kimon Zorbas (IAB Europe)