Audio Incubator Group Teleconference

06 Jun 2011

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<trackbot> Date: 06 June 2011

<scribe> scribe: F1LT3R

Status of Linux Web Audio API bug



chris: Have not had a chance to look at this. Jussi mentioned that his bug appeared in Windows. I have an idea of where there could be a rasie condition. I have been working on so many other parts of the spec, I will get around to this soon.

jussi: I found a work-around to this for the time being. What you have to is delay all the audio handling for two seconds with a setTimeout. This does not work if yoiu set the timeout within the onload function.

Adding links for "Specs in discussion" to W3C Group Page

doug: I am happy to add links to anything that we need. Lets discuss this going forward. We will need permission from the editors to put specs. up on the W3C site. I will need a list of which things people would like to put up links to.
... I will work on getting the Working Group WIKI up also.

Reconsiliation of Web Audio & Media Streaming architecture

chris: I talked to Hixie breifly and he has already had a quick look at the Web Audio API then I brought him through it in some detail. I mentioned the approaches of merging these into one giant API or keeping them seperate with a connection node between the two specs. Ian seemed to think that was reasonable.

F1LT3R: Jussi, what is your opinion on a merge of these specs?

jussi: I think it's best to keep them separate.

chris: In terms of timescale, it's going to be a while before the RTC patches land into an implementation. Google have aquired a company that have some of this technology ready. I believe Mozilla have agreed to implement some of this code. The API is still being developed. Google do not have it in a form where it can be shipped yet.
... Then to add the hooks into the JavaScript are going to take more time on top of that. It is going to be some time until we can see a working prototype of RTC.

doug: I have talked to a number of interesting copmanies who are very interested in this happening. A lot of our members are very invested in this technology happening, and not just in the web. This is definitely a matter of convergence.

chris: Regarding the stream API, there is a function called setUserMedia(). This is going to be very important for us to get microphone input. I want to make sure that this API will be abstracted into a form that will make this useful for a number of use-cases.

"Connect" Naming




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