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Meeting: Audio Incubator Group Teleconference
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Date: 06 June 2011
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agenda+ Status of Linux Web Audio API bug
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agenda+ Adding links for "Specs in discussion" to W3C Group Page
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agenda+ AudioWG Issue & Action Tracker still using AudioXG
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agenda+ "Connect" Naming
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agendum 1. "Status of Linux Web Audio API bug" taken up [from F1LT3R]
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chris: Have not had a chance to look at this. Jussi mentioned that his bug appeared in Windows. I have an idea of where there could be a rasie condition. I have been working on so many other parts of the spec, I will get around to this soon.
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jussi: I found a work-around to this for the time being. What you have to is delay all the audio handling for two seconds with a setTimeout. This does not work if yoiu set the timeout within the onload function.
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Zakim, next agendum
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agendum 2. "Adding links for "Specs in discussion" to W3C Group Page" taken up [from F1LT3R]
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doug: I am happy to add links to anything that we need. Lets discuss this going forward. We will need permission from the editors to put specs. up on the W3C site. I will need a list of which things people would like to put up links to.
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doug: I will work on getting the Working Group WIKI up also.
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topic: Reconsiliation of Web Audio & Media Streaming architecture
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chris: I talked to Hixie breifly and he has already had a quick look at the Web Audio API then I brought him through it in some detail. I mentioned the approaches of merging these into one giant API or keeping them seperate with a connection node between the two specs. Ian seemed to think that was reasonable.
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F1LT3R: Jussi, what is your opinion on a merge of these specs?
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jussi: I think it's best to keep them separate.
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chris: In terms of timescale, it's going to be a while before the RTC patches land into an implementation. Google have aquired a company that have some of this technology ready. I believe Mozilla have agreed to implement some of this code. The API is still being developed. Google do not have it in a form where it can be shipped yet.
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chris: Then to add the hooks into the JavaScript are going to take more time on top of that. It is going to be some time until we can see a working prototype of RTC.
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doug: I have talked to a number of interesting copmanies who are very interested in this happening. A lot of our members are very invested in this technology happening, and not just in the web. This is definitely a matter of convergence.
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chris: Regarding the stream API, there is a function called setUserMedia(). This is going to be very important for us to get microphone input. I want to make sure that this API will be abstracted into a form that will make this useful for a number of use-cases.
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topic: "Connect" Naming
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