Audio Incubator Group Teleconference

02 May 2011

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<trackbot> Date: 02 May 2011

<smaug_> oh, audio WG has conf calls

<smaug_> did someone from Mozilla join the group already?

<F1LT3R> Zakim: aacc is F1LT3R

<F1LT3R> scribe: F1LT3R

<MikeSmith> is 510 area code Chris?

MikeSmith: yes

<MikeSmith> OK

<MikeSmith> who else at 617 area code other than F1LT3R ?

<MikeSmith> and 630 is somebody in Illinois?

<MikeSmith> and ??P8 is somebody from Skype or GTalk other VOIP

<tmichel> Yes I am using VOIP with X-Lite

<quinnirill> I'm getting code not valid, using Ekiga SIP

<inserted> scribe: F1LT3R

chris: With regards to the web audio spec., ideally we would should be able to create a JavaScriptAudioNode that does not requires input connectioins to generate a signal.

joeb: I think we might need to make some semantic changes to the implemetation for it to make more sense to the developer.

<joeb> al you are dropping out

<tmichel> can't hear Al neither ..

<shepazu> scribenick: shepazu

<F1LT3R> Appologies, I am having technical difficulties with my phone: I will be sticking with IRC for this session.

Resolution: remove buffer size from js audio node constructor

<F1LT3R> If we remove all control of the buffer size from the audio node, is it still available to be controlled by the audio context?

<chris> F1LT3R: I don't think so

<chris> F1LT3R: but optionally we could have an attribute on the context about how "robust" the performance needs to be

<tmichel> WG participant list

<tmichel> http://www.w3.org/2000/09/dbwg/details?group=46884&public=1&gs=1&

<tmichel> to join the Audio WG

<tmichel> http://www.w3.org/2004/01/pp-impl/46884/join

<tmichel> just fill this easy and quick form ...


<tmichel> that is the WG audio page ...

<F1LT3R> Chris, that sounds like a good compromise. Perhaps fine control of buffers/latency is a feature that we should implement as part of the more advanced audio spec.

<tmichel> Thierry now scribing ...

<tmichel> Do not know what is on the agenda ...

<tmichel> Doug proposes to postpone to the next meeting

<F1LT3R> OK by me.

<tmichel> 1- two copies one with the current implementations and another with the new issues ...

<tmichel> It take some time to make the implementation compatible

<tmichel> What we have decided to agree on will be the W3C spec.

<tmichel> and mention also what the implementation do.

<tmichel> People need some kind of information about what the implementation does.

<tmichel> Doug proposes to add a note in the document to say what the implementation does.

<tmichel> Jo will give some more time to clean this implementation issue list.


<tmichel> Doug, it shoul probably be a Note or Warning

<tmichel> Jo will kept to old Chrome API to be depreacated.

Summary of Action Items

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