January 14 2016

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Virtual Interim

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Remote Participation


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Items for Discussion

Pull Requests

  • PR 447: Contribution guidelines (Adam Bergkvist)
  • PR 434: Change Params to Async (Cullen)
  • PR 454: Voice Activity Flag (Bernard)


  • Issue 441: RTCIceTransportPolicy needs to be DOMString not enum? (Bernard Aboba)
  • Issue 412: Framerate knob for simulcast (PR 430 exists) (Bernard Aboba and Peter Thatcher)
  • Issue 442: Impossible to know if ICE agent is "finished checking", for "failed" and "completed" states (Taylor-b & Peter Thatcher)
  • Issue 389: Should have a "closed" RTCPeerConnectionState (Peter Thatcher)

Closing remarks