HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

04 Apr 2011

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<trackbot> Date: 04 April 2011

<scribe> meeting: W3C HTML Canvas Accessibility Call


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Clickable REgions and feedback


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getting a different phone

chuck: Think Ian might try to make this a version 2.0
... if you look at the source code there is a lot of - save this for the next version

rich: we can't wait until a new version

chuck: I ran the font metrics by and although it is simple source code we need to wait for people to catch up.

rich: I think he is spread too thin

chuck: same as doug

rich: I understand

chuck: I have not seen any other developer feedback
... no objections. just kicking it around
... Oliver did have an objection to a retained graphics API
... Oliver won't address me directly
... the 2 developers who did respond are not willing to have a communication with me.

rich: probably because of IP.

chuck: Oliver argued with me over text support in WhatWG

rich: was anything discussed on WhatWG?

chuck: no, not on the canvas api specifically for clickable regions

<Downchuck> public-webapps

chuck: I started taking things to public web apps as is easier to work

rich: so, I need to poke Ian to keep the discussion going.
... the "vizio like" example I provided showed how serious the problem is where the author had to create separate clickable drawing objects for each flow chart object

chuck: I thought up CSS pointers to improve the practice.
... they are working find but more complex applications where this gets very expensive

rich: just an observation that when you have a complex widget that requires you to enter text you run into problems.

chuck: take for example a 7X7 grid of images and this is where canvas excels over canvas
... you saw how Ian did not object to the caret API

rich: yes, as he established precedence for a caret himself

<Downchuck> css pointer-events

chuck: the css pointer event attribute is such where we should enable this with canvas. This came from SVG. CSS pointer events is such that the object is over a specific area. ... this is without the stroke option
... canvas has stroke text and stroke. it may be possible to track that. That could be useful in the long term
... it is actually practical to expose the current path.

<scribe> scribe: rich

chuck: it is possible to get the path I just set.
... you get get this to a DOM string
... ATs will start working with SVG and the path can be exposed through the DOM. This will move things forward for accessibility. We are talking about 20 lines of javascript to get the path from SVG in the form of a DOM string. This would form the bounding box. So, we start reusing the most powerful part of the SVG spec.

<Downchuck> Looks like "M10 10 L10 20z"

chuck: this is good for any solution.

rich: are those coodinates relative to the object or screen?

chuck: svg object

Poll Results


Rich: Edward was upset that canDrawCustom

Chuck: this is more of an issue for css than canvas
... frank responded
... we could force those issues on CSS

rich: the user will peaved if his settings are not honored.

chuck: we could address both of those objections. They are something that should be solved in CSS.
... caret is not really addressed in CSS and neither is focus ring
... some have said that overspecification can be anti-competitive

outstanding bugs

rich: have any of these made any progress

chuck: no





chuck: I still need to get something fixed on some of these bugs but nothing has happened yet.
... I like using the SVG technique for grabbing the draw path into a DOMString and will continue to push that for development purpsoses.

rich: I want to wrap up canvas and start work on SVG accessibility

Summary of Action Items

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