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01 Mar 2011

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joakim, mari-carmen, thierry, werner, pierre-antoine
felix, jean-pierre, florian


<tmichel> can you hear me ?

<jsderber> no

<tmichel> yes I am calling with SIP

<jsderber> Can you hear us?

<tmichel> seems you can't hear me.

<tmichel> Yes we should discuss the the F2F in Sophia.

<tmichel> I will reconnect ...

<tmichel> yes I hear you 100%

<tmichel> seems the mic does not work ...

<tmichel> let me try to fix it

<tmichel> please proceed ...

<scribe> scribe: wbailer

next meeting: mar 8

action items

close actio-302

close action-302

<trackbot> ACTION-302 Check out the consistency in the property names in the Ontology document's table closed

this is done by changes after F2F

actions 2404 and 2418 refer to ontology doc

<tmichel> no objections

close action-334

<trackbot> ACTION-334 Check if comment 2404 is in the document closed

close action-343

<trackbot> ACTION-343 Check if comment 2418 is in the document closed

360 is pending

<jsderber> we wait for you to come back!

<tmichel> Is there anyone else using SIP today ?

<jsderber> we can hear you, but there is a buzz

status on 365: made changes to api doc to add references to html5 element

close action-365

<trackbot> ACTION-365 Respond to the email in the archive 2419, from Paul Cotton closed

<pchampin> +1

leave 402 and 403 open

on 403: add a more general statement that URI is to be returned whenever possible

lc2 for ontology document

<tmichel> Move to 2nd Last Call the Ontology draft ? No objections ?

<tmichel> Resolution is to publish the Ontology for Media Resources 1.0 as a 2nd Last Call.

revision of api doc

status see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2011Mar/0001.html

<jsderber> the plan is to have a draft ready before next telecon

<jsderber> There are three (new) issues that has to solved

<jsderber> This will be discussed next meeting!

<tmichel> schema could be an external file for validation ...

pchampin: put json schema in annex, in different format as examples to make clear

joakim: developers often prefer examples

metadata files for rdf test suite

<tmichel> felix email

<tmichel> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2011Feb/0092.html

<jsderber> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2011Feb/0090.html

<jsderber> To answer the question from Felix, is it mandatory to have all mappings?

<jsderber> Werner: my strategy is to have as many as possible

<pchampin> mine too

<tmichel> l if you have an image you probably can not use video properties ...

pchampin: goal for ID3 was to have all properties as possible, might be more difficult for other formats

<pchampin> maybe we should aim at having for each format a small set of example covering the whole mapping table

thierry: was not sure what to answer, we should try to use as many properties as possible
... not all properties might be useful together in one file
... having a file with only 2-3 properties would not be right

pchampin: files should cover the whole mapping table, trying to achieve this with as few files as possible
... otherwise mappings cannot be fully tested

<tmichel> should use a set of files to covert all the properties for each format

joakim: not possible to have all properties in one file, if properties are mutually exclusive for different media types

<jsderber> PA: most important is to have as realisitc exampples as possible

joakim: several files are necessary to cover mapping table

<jsderber> I was kicked out, coming back...

thierry: there are formats like dublin core that lack several properties
... files should cover all properties, for which the corresponding mapping table defines a mapping

<pchampin> +1

<tmichel> I agree with PA. files should cover the mapping table properties that are appropriate

<tmichel> I will answer Felix

joakim: thierry to answer felix's question

thierry: table in wiki

<tmichel> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/Format_mapping_review

thierry: needs to be more complex to cover several files for a format
... have several lines per format
... will ask silvia for example file again
... apple will provide files, maybe they need help with rdf

pchampin: question regarding similar/related properties
... as examples are going to be used in test cases
... people would expect their implementations to produce the same RDF
... but nothing is specified for related properties or values of subtypes
... subtypes are on purpose unspecified
... so other implementations might not exactly comply with these examples when implementations make other choices
... makes automatic comparison against example files impossible

<pchampin> well, not impossible, but tricky

use the same set of examples image, video) for all formats

thierry: use a few resources and then convert to different formats

<jsderber> yes

next f2f

proposed: june 28-29, sophia, france


<mcsuarez> bye

Summary of Action Items

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