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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Book the Zakim bridge for weekly meeting Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-09-15
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Ask for room for TPAC 2010 Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-09-15
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Setup a mercurial server for webperf Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-09-15
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Reach out to Mozilla and Apple Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-09-22
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Investigate having two top-level domains Philippe Le Hégaret 2010-12-01
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Investigate Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-02-02
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Review Navigation Timing for Web IDL use Cameron McCormack 2011-03-23
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Will setup the new time for the Efficient Applications meeting. Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-03-23
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Update RT spec to be clear on the behavior of what gets included in the RT array. Jatinder Mann 2011-03-30
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Update RT spec to include a HTTP response solution similar to the CORS spec for review by list. Jatinder Mann 2011-03-30
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Update Navigation Timing spec to make the sentence "For example, the following Javascript shows the time it take to fully load a page: " clear. Zhiheng Wang 2011-03-30
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Update the NT spec to include form submissions and script initiated navigations as a TYPE_NAVIGATE. Zhiheng Wang 2011-03-30
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Follow up and ensure that futures changes to test harness will be communicated to all owners of test cases dependent on the test harness due April 6. Philippe Le Hégaret 2011-03-30
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Respond to Navigation comments from Olli Jatinder Mann 2011-04-06 Navigation Timing
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Update existing tests per Philip's first suggestion: test if window.performance and window.performance.timing exist, report failure if they don't, and abandon that. Jatinder Mann 2011-04-06
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Add examples to Section 4.2. Jatinder Mann 2011-04-06
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Update Section 4.5 to make it clear when http header is not included. Jatinder Mann 2011-04-06
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Follow up on test coverage and propose new test cases. Zhiheng Wang 2011-06-30 Navigation Timing
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Investigate tests around persistent connections Zhiheng Wang 2011-06-30 Navigation Timing
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Investigate tests around no previous document scenarios Tony Gentilcore 2011-04-20
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Update the page reload test to update the timings Karen Anderson 2012-01-04
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Update the spec to include details on how the Nav Start should be implmented and how web devs should measure deltas Zhiheng Wang 2011-04-20 Navigation Timing
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Update Navigation Timing spec to ensure navigationStart is not zero'd out for x-domain redirect case. Zhiheng Wang 2011-04-27 Navigation Timing
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Update Resource and User Timing specs to include Section 5.3 Monotonic Clock. Jatinder Mann 2011-04-27
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Analyse data to see what the recommended buffer size should be. Jatinder Mann 2011-05-11
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Check whether to name the API window.visible, document.visible, window.pageVisible and document.pagVisible. Jatinder Mann 2011-05-11
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Update the first example in Section 4.2 to make the cache item clear. Nic Jansma 2011-05-18
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Add SVG to Section 4.1 Nic Jansma 2011-05-18
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Update Section 4.3 and Processing Model to refer to Timing-Allow-Origin header section. Jatinder Mann 2011-05-18
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Update the processing model to make it more clear which resources are included or not included. Jatinder Mann 2011-05-25
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Consider including window.animationStartTime and the requestAnimationFrame() callback timestamp as monotonically increasing clocks, in UTC format with millisecond resolution. Cameron McCormack 2012-02-29 monotonic-clock
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Update initiator types definitions to include elements that are included in that initiator types. Jatinder Mann 2011-06-01
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Update spec to include a reference to what the expected behavior with plugins Jatinder Mann 2011-06-01
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Update Resource Timing spec with the same requestStart fix made in Navigation Timing spec. Zhiheng Wang 2011-06-01 Resource Timing
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add a Vendor Prefix section to Navigation Timing Zhiheng Wang 2011-06-07 Navigation Timing
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Add a Vendor Prefix section to User Timing Jatinder Mann 2011-06-08 User Timing
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Update the Navigation Timing to be clear what the expected behavior with bfcache. Zhiheng Wang 2011-06-08
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Update test case to deal with bfcache Karen Anderson 2011-06-08
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Start an email with the use cases of the unification model Jatinder Mann 2011-06-15
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Followup with Phillipe on the process Nic Jansma 2011-07-20
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Update User Timing and Page Visibility specs to use Partial in the IDL. Jatinder Mann 2011-07-27
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Remove PerformanceEntry and PerformanceEntryList and associated methods from Navigation Timing into a new Performance Timeline spec. Jatinder Mann 2011-07-27
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Add Page Visibility test cases. Karen Anderson 2011-07-27
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Add reference to WebIDL in the Page Visibility spec. Jatinder Mann 2011-07-27
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Look into updating the Timing specs to use typed arrays (T[]) from the Web IDL spec. Jatinder Mann 2011-08-03
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Update the Timing specs to include the new timebase on Jatinder Jatinder Mann 2011-09-07
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Update the Resource Timing spec to remove INITIATOR_AUDIO and INITIATOR_VIDEO. Jatinder Mann 2011-09-07
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Update the Resource Timing spec to update INITIATOR_SVG definition to include resources loaded under the SVG element in the tree. Jatinder Mann 2011-09-07
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Update the fetchStart definition to not include the HTML5 definition to fetchStart. Jatinder Mann 2011-09-07
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Draft a mail and circulate with the Web Perf mailling list that we can share with other mailing lists. Tony Gentilcore 2011-09-21
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Look at NT references to HTML5 and see if those parts of the spec are stable. Zhiheng Wang 2011-10-12
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Look into the failling IE tests in Navigation Timing Jatinder Mann 2011-10-12
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Update resource timing constants from integers to strings Jatinder Mann 2011-10-12
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Update the resource timing abstract Jatinder Mann 2011-10-12
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Update Resource Timing security/privacy section. Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Resource Timing
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Add Object test case for Navigation Timing Zhiheng Wang 2011-11-16 Navigation Timing
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Create Bugzilla bugs on Navigation Timing test cases that Firefox fails on. Zhiheng Wang 2011-11-16 Navigation Timing
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Move Navigation Timing to PR Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-07-11 Navigation Timing
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Do not define string constants. Jatinder Mann 2011-11-16
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Move Resource Timing to CR Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-21 Resource Timing
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Update the User Timing abstract and use cases to be clear. Jatinder Mann 2011-11-16 User Timing
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Move User Timing to LC Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-21 User Timing
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Inherited objects should return sub-millisecond resolution Jatinder Mann 2011-11-16
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Update the Performance Timeline abstract and use cases to be clear Jatinder Mann 2011-11-16
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Move Performance Timeline to CR. Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-21 Performance Timeline
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Move Page Visibility to CR. Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Update the origin reference in Navigation Timing to point to The Web Origin Concept specification Zhiheng Wang 2011-11-16 Navigation Timing
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Write document.readyState test case to check impact to Navigation Timing Zhiheng Wang 2011-11-16 Navigation Timing
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Create High Resolution Time specification Jatinder Mann 2012-02-29
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Share proposed Background Activity specification Jatinder Mann 2012-09-30
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Propose use cases for an Instrumentation/Timing API to be used for tooling purposes Alois Reitbauer 2012-02-29
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Propose use cases for a Memory Leaking and CPU Data API Arvind Jain 2012-02-29
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Propose ideas on improving sending data prior to unload Jason Weber 2012-09-30
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Performance Timeline needs to be specific that getEntries returns a copy of the data Jatinder Mann 2011-11-16
ACTION-75 (edit) closed NavigationTiming: Create new test containing onbeforeunload event Karen Anderson 2012-01-05 Navigation Timing
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Add a Navigation Timing test case to test NavigationStart. Karen Anderson 2011-12-07
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Update the test_navigation_type_reload.html to fix the compare issue James Simonsen 2012-01-25 Navigation Timing
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Create a publication status page Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-08
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Reply to Anne on our use of the hidden attribute Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Add partial interface on Page Visibility Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Propose a privacy section for Page Visibility Arvind Jain 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Reject the X_PAGE_VISIBILITY proposal Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Reply Michael Baynton on idleness Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Reply to Sigbjorn on Page Visibility edits Jatinder Mann 2012-02-08 Page Visibility
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Update the Navigation Timing test suite page Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-08 Navigation Timing
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Move latest nav timing test into approved Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-22 Navigation Timing
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Update cross origin restriction to show responseEnd times always. Jatinder Mann 2012-02-22 Resource Timing
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Respond to Anne's comment on privacy section for Page Visibility Jatinder Mann 2012-02-29 Page Visibility
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Make an issue list for Resource Timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-29 Resource Timing
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Make an issue list for User Timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-29 User Timing
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Make an issue list for Performance Timeline Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-02-29 Performance Timeline
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Review LC issues for Resource Timing Jatinder Mann 2012-03-08 Resource Timing
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Review LC issues for User Timing Jatinder Mann 2012-03-08 User Timing
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Publish High Resolution Time as LC Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-19 High Resolution Time
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Review latest progress on resource and user timing issues Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-03-19 Resource Timing
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Update diagram Jatinder Mann 2012-03-21 Resource Timing
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Check with Adam Barth on Memory Leak API Tony Gentilcore 2012-09-30
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Come up with bandwidth use cases and API Alois Reitbauer 2012-10-31
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Look into test_timing_attributes_order.html to make sure it is correct. Karen Anderson 2012-04-18 Navigation Timing
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Update Resource Timing processing model to take care of the case that onresourcetimingbufferfull isn't defined Jatinder Mann 2012-04-18
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Move the data from Section 4.4 in PerformanceTimeline and add the PerformanceNavigationTiming entry.into Navigation Timing 2 spec. Jatinder Mann 2012-05-02
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Add wording on getting implementations before removing prefixes Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-05-02
ACTION-103 (edit) closed getMarks should return object in JSON format, not Array Jatinder Mann 2012-05-16 User Timing
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Determine how audio, video and embed elements appear in the timeline Tony Gentilcore 2012-10-31
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Move Performance Timeline to CR Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-07-04
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Look into updating the 'Status of this Document' template for all Performance specs Philippe Le Hégaret 2012-11-09
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Follow up on the expected behavior when two documents request the same resource; how do the timelines look Jatinder Mann 2012-11-16
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Move RAF to CR Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-08-07
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Fix visibilitychange typo in page visibility l1 spec. Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-10-30
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Add the normative reference to pv Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-11-04
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Determine appropriate size limit for beacon data based on current usage patterns Jatinder Mann 2013-11-27 beacon-size-limit
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Include prerender, dns-prefetch in html5 spec and consider preconnect as well Tobin Titus 2013-11-21 Resource Priorities
ACTION-113 (edit) open Update beacon use cases to just be the asynchronous data sending case Tobin Titus 2014-04-10 Beacon
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Update beacon spec to have no limits, no retry logic, no batching, post is the only method. Jatinder Mann 2013-11-21
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Can beacon response set a cookie and if so, is it treated as a first or third party cookie write Arvind Jain 2013-11-21
ACTION-116 (edit) open Do review to see if sharing these network errors is a security or privacy concern Tobin Titus 2013-11-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Add method to allow ability to send to a third party url using csp Arvind Jain 2013-11-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review the error list for navigation error logging and reduce it down Mark Nottingham 2013-11-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Update resource timing to use navigation timing l2 Tobin Titus 2013-11-21 Resource Timing
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Get preflight feedback from google Arvind Jain 2013-11-22
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Talk about preflight to mnot Alois Reitbauer 2013-11-22
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Get preflight feedback from ms Tobin Titus 2013-11-22
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Look into the licensing/ip situation related to har Arvind Jain 2013-11-22
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Change the teleconf time for 3pm et Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-11-22
ACTION-125 (edit) pending review Come up with a HTTP2 Proposal for RT L2 Mark Nottingham 2013-11-28 Resource Timing
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Add lazyload to container elements that visible elements can inherit Tobin Titus 2013-12-18 Resource Priorities
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Remove CSS Property from Resource Priorities spec Tobin Titus 2014-03-11 Resource Priorities
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Update navigation timing 2 and resource timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-03-26 Navigation Timing
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Discuss synchronization of resource priorities with html 5.1 spec editors Tobin Titus 2014-03-26 Resource Priorities
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Remove postpone from resource priorities Tobin Titus 2014-04-02 Resource Priorities
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Follow with jatinder on hrt2 and dom events Tobin Titus 2014-04-02
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Provide on data size for beacon Mike McCall 2014-04-02 Beacon
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Look at Tobin Titus 2014-04-02 Request Animation Frame
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Find the status of protocol and size in resource timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-04-02 Resource Timing
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Switch webperf to github Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-04-30
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Look into anne's issues Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-04-30 Beacon
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Follow on with anne on event.systemtime Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-04-30 event-hrt-attribute
ACTION-138 (edit) open Close issue-15 and issue-16 for navigation error logging Arvind Jain 2014-05-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Check with dom folks on hrt2 Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-05-21
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Look and answer Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-07-09 Resource Timing
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Look into the definition of current document and previous document Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-07-16
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Follow up on highresolutiontime2 to see if we need performance and workerperformance interfaces Tobin Titus 2014-07-16
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Make sure we have a better way to track issues Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-09-18
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Ask for feedback on splitting the github repo and issues Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-09-25
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Move beacon beyond lc Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-10-15
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Update cputime to use hr time Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-12-17
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Make sure the repo Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-12-17
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Make sure it's ok with the charter Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-12-17
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Update rt in /tr Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-12-17
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Send an email about what's new in navtiming2 Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-02-18
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Send an email on raf Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-02-18
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Make it clear that duration can be negative in ut Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-02-18 User Timing
ACTION-153 (edit) open Check getentrybytype("navigation-timing") usage Todd Reifsteck 2015-03-18 Navigation Timing
ACTION-154 (edit) open Look into adding tests for requests that don't return a response Todd Reifsteck 2015-05-20 Resource Timing
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Come back with data related to setimmediate Todd Reifsteck 2015-04-08
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Reach to web animation folks about raf Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-05-20
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Create a repo for requestidlecallback Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-07-22
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Clamp hr-time at 5 microseconds Todd Reifsteck 2015-07-22
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Should provide references at our recommended mark names in firefox os are used in internal apps Eli Perelman 2015-07-22 User Timing
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Drop recommended marks in user timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-07-22
ACTION-161 (edit) open Open an issue on rt regarding tao information and attributes Yoav Weiss 2015-10-28 Navigation Timing
ACTION-162 (edit) open Update pull 41 with network fetches Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Resource Timing
ACTION-163 (edit) open Open bug for unloaded in pv Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-164 (edit) open Add triggers for changing the value of visibility state Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-165 (edit) open Check the task source in pv Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Clean up frame timing Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-11-03
ACTION-167 (edit) open Look into testing prerender in page visibility Xiaoqian Wu 2015-11-03
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Publish pv2 Philippe Le Hégaret 2015-11-03
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Publish frame timing, server timing, reporting, nel Philippe Le Hégaret 2016-05-11
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Make the draft is up-to-date Philippe Le Hégaret 2016-05-11
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Create a repo for best practices document Philippe Le Hégaret 2016-05-11
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Update the test, and the pull request Philippe Le Hégaret 2016-09-29
ACTION-173 (edit) open Write a proposal on processor speed & memory Nathan Schloss 2016-09-29
ACTION-174 (edit) open Write a proposal on dependency trees Yoav Weiss 2016-09-30

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