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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-113 (edit) open Update beacon use cases to just be the asynchronous data sending case Tobin Titus 2014-04-10 Beacon
ACTION-116 (edit) open Do review to see if sharing these network errors is a security or privacy concern Tobin Titus 2013-11-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-138 (edit) open Close issue-15 and issue-16 for navigation error logging Arvind Jain 2014-05-21 Navigation Error Logging
ACTION-153 (edit) open Check getentrybytype("navigation-timing") usage Todd Reifsteck 2015-03-18 Navigation Timing
ACTION-154 (edit) open Look into adding tests for requests that don't return a response Todd Reifsteck 2015-05-20 Resource Timing
ACTION-161 (edit) open Open an issue on rt regarding tao information and attributes Yoav Weiss 2015-10-28 Navigation Timing
ACTION-162 (edit) open Update pull 41 with network fetches Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Resource Timing
ACTION-163 (edit) open Open bug for unloaded in pv Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-164 (edit) open Add triggers for changing the value of visibility state Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-165 (edit) open Check the task source in pv Ilya Grigorik 2015-10-28 Page Visibility
ACTION-167 (edit) open Look into testing prerender in page visibility Xiaoqian Wu 2015-11-03
ACTION-173 (edit) open Write a proposal on processor speed & memory Nathan Schloss 2016-09-29
ACTION-174 (edit) open Write a proposal on dependency trees Yoav Weiss 2016-09-30

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