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I'm Vinny Reynolds, a research associate at DERI, which the the Digital Enterprise Research Institute. There I research pervasive computing technologies, sensors, and recently I have set up MARC, which is the mobile application research centre which looks at taking technologies already being developed in DERI, sees how they apply to mobile devices, and then builds upon them. Of course we look at building mobile specific research as well.

I'm interested in this group primarily because of Augmented Reality, and here in DERI we've recently started exploring this area because we see great potential in combining linked data with AR. See our initial position paper here.

I have uploaded a one page pdf, a description of a small proof-of-concept project that Vinod and I are working on in DERI. It's about using AR to browse various multimedia content that is "linked". You can find it at File:DERI - Linked AR proof-of-concept 1 pager.pdf

Cheers Vinny.Reynolds