SVG Working Group Teleconference

25 May 2010

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<trackbot> Date: 25 May 2010

<ed> Agenda of the day: finish the 1.1 testsuite and the second edition spec

<ChrisL> http://www.svgair.com/

<ChrisL> http://www.svgair.com/st_vincent_map.jpg

<fat_tony> scribenick: fat_tony

<scribe> scribe: Anthony

Next SVG F2F

CL: SVG Open is 30th Aug to 2nd Sep

CC: 2nd is workshop

CL: Have CSS Face-2-face on 23rd - 25th and need the next date to fly across
... Friday the 3rd is the first day free

CC: And I cannot promise to have the office available for the weekend

ED: Is there anything we need to prepare before the Conference?
... I sent in an abstract for the WG Panel
... is there anything we need to prepare in advanced?

CL: Obviously helps to have modules done
... Friday 3rd, Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th for meeting dates
... in September

AG: I'm happy with those dates

ED: I'm fine with that

PD: Unsure at this point

RESOLUTION: Cyril to host the next SVG Face-to-face on the 3rd September and from the 6th to 8th September 2010

ED: We need to have a wiki page and a form

CL: I'll make the form now

Test suite and Action items for SVG Full 1.1 2nd Edition

<ed> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/feature.html

<pdengler> We want to remove test http://dev.w3.org/SVG/profiles/1.1F2/test/svg/struct-dom-05-b.svg as it is testing 1.0 functionality that has been deprecated.

<pdengler> We need to remove test http://dev.w3.org/SVG/profiles/1.1F2/test/svg/struct-dom-02-b.svg as it is not testing SVG functionality, but rather DOML2 functionality.

<ed> I agree wiht the struct-dom-05-b one, but the other one maybe not

<ed> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/svgdom.html#SVGDOMOverview

<ed> "The SVG DOM requires complete support for the DOM2 views"

<ed> "The SVG DOM requires complete support for the DOM2 core"

<ed> Lunchbreak

<ChrisL> Registration form for Paris f2f http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/19480/f2fParis2010/

<ed> checking in the updated harness

<ed> done and checked in, now running the reference image generation scripts

<pdengler> this test needs a new image created : masking-path-06-b.html

<ed> ok, committing that

<ed> done

<ed> animate-elem-22...53 need fixes to templates

<ed> animate-elem-61...86 need fixes to templates

<ed> animate-elem-60, 87 and 88...90 need opererator-script fixes (to verbose, should be in test description)

<ed> color-prop-05 should also move text from operatorscript -> description

<Cyril_Concolato> for the record, I reviewed: struct-frag-05-t.svg, struct-frag-04-t.svg, struct-frag-03-t.svg, struct-frag-02-t.svg, struct-frag-01-t.svg

<Cyril_Concolato> I reviewed also struct-dom-15-f.svg and it's looks fine to me

<ed> all references up to coords-viewattr-03 looked ok to me

<ed> filters-conv-03 should also move text from operatorscript -> description

<Cyril_Concolato> I just reviewed and committed struct-dom-14-f.svg

<shepazu> AlexD: you there?

<ed> fonts-desc-05-t.svg needs an updated reference

<AlexD> Yep, what's up?

<ed> actually fonts-desc-05 needs an svg imagepatch, since batik seems to get it wrong

<ChrisL> color-prop-05 now fixed

<ChrisL> i'm up to interact-order-01-b

<ed> i would prefer if fonts-kern-01-t didn't use red unless it meant fail


<Cyril_Concolato> I just created an Issue (ISSUE-2326) about the use of textContent in the 1.1F2 test suite

<ed> interact-dom-01-b.svg should also use less red for the pass

<ed> interact-order-01-b.svg needs the template filled out

<ed> interact-order-02-b.svg - interact-pevents-05-b.svg need the template filled out

<ed> interact-zoom-01-t.svg - linking-a-05-t.svg need the template filled out

<Cyril_Concolato> about struct-dom-13-f.svg: the test is not completed yet, its status is 'empty'

<ed> linking-uri-01-b.svg - masking-path-06-b.svg need the template filled out

<ed> committed a new patchimage for masking-path-10-b, and an updated reference image

<ed> metadata-example-01-b.svg and metadata-example-01-t.svg needs the template filled out

<ed> painting-control-03-f.svg passcriteria should also say something like "there must be two shapes visible"

<Cyril_Concolato> just reviewed struct-dom-12-b.svg, it's fine

<Cyril_Concolato> struct-dom-11-f.svg is already accepted and the watermark draft is removed

<ed> painting-fill-01-t.svg should use less red for "pass"

<ed> same for painting-fill-03-t.svg

<ed> painting-fill-03-t.svg also needs the operator script filled out

<ed> painting-fill-01-t.svg and painting-fill-02-t.svg needs the operator script filled out

<ed> painting-fill-04-t.svg and painting-fill-05-b.svg need template fixes

<Cyril_Concolato> reviewed struct-dom-09-b.svg, the test is ok (changed the status from approved to accepted)

<ed> painting-marker-06-f.svg needs imagepatch+referenceimage

<ed> painting-stroke-01-t.svg has some weird pass criteria

<ChrisL> pubrules aaaaaaarghhh!!! http://www.w3.org/2005/08/online_xslt/xslt?xmlfile=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.w3.org%2Fcgi-bin%2Ftidy-if%3FdocAddr%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fdev.w3.org%252FSVG%252Fprofiles%252F1.1F2%252Fpublish%252F&xslfile=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2005%2F08%2Fonline_xslt%2Fxslt%3Fxmlfile%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2005%2F07%2Fpubrules%253Fuimode%253Dchecker_full%2526year%253D0001%2526docstatus%253Dper-tr%2526rectrack%253Dyes%2526prevrec%253Dcppother%2526patpol%253Dw

<ChrisL> scheckmanual=&display=all&recurse_auth=on

<Cyril_Concolato> reviewed struct-dom-08-f.svg, the test is ok

<ed> painting-stroke-02-t.svg also has weird pass criteria

<Cyril_Concolato> struct-dom-07-f.svg is already accepted and in good shape

<ed> painting-stroke-03-t.svg and painting-stroke-04-t.svg needs template filled out

<ed> painting-stroke-07-t.svg lacks operator script text

<ed> painting-stroke-10-t.svg has bad operator script

<ed> paths-data-01-t.svg lacks pass criteria

<Cyril_Concolato> "painting-stroke-07-t.svg lacks operator script text" fixed

<ed> paths-data-01-t.svg basically needs fixes to the template

<ed> paths-data-02-t.svg need template fixes

<Cyril_Concolato> "painting-stroke-10-t.svg has bad operator script"

<Cyril_Concolato> fixed

<ed> paths-data-03-f.svg - paths-data-15-t.svg need template fixes

<ed> paths-data-17-f.svg should say "two rects must be visible" or something like that

<Cyril_Concolato> struct-dom-06-b.svg fixed

<Cyril_Concolato> fixed operator script in struct-dom-05-b.svg

<Cyril_Concolato> fixed operator script in struct-dom-04-b.svg

<Cyril_Concolato> fixed operator script in struct-dom-03-b.svg

<ed> pservers-grad-01-b.svg - pservers-grad-17-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)

<ed> pservers-grad-18-b.svg needs fixes to template

<ed> pservers-grad-19-b.svg should use a real list in the pass criteria

<ed> pservers-pattern-01-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)

<ed> render-elems-01-t.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)

<ed> render-elems-02-t.svg - script-elem-01-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)

<ed> script-handle-01-b.svg - script-handle-04-b.svg should get proper operator script (e.g click here, hover there)

<ed> shapes-circle-01-t.svg - shapes-ellipse-02-t.svg needs template fixed

<Cyril_Concolato> fixed struct-dom-02-b.svg and struct-dom-01-b.svg

<Cyril_Concolato> struct-defs-01-t.svg is now ok

<ed> shapes-intro-01-t.svg needs operator-script / passcriteria fixed

<ed> shapes-line-01-t.svg needs template fixed

updated test suite status


<ed> shapes-polygon-01-t.svg needs template fixed

<ed> shapes-polyline-01-t.svg needs template fixed

<ed> shapes-rect-01-t.svg needs template fixed

<jwatt> scribenick: jwatt

SVG Open 2010

CC: conf Mon 30 Aug - Wed 2 Sept, followed by workshop
... 8 proposals for workshop
... we have not decided how many we will have, but probably 6
... we have received 61 papers, and all the reviews and most accept/reject emails have been sent
... it will be located on the main campus of Paris city University
... we are thinking of having a keynote at the beginning of each day
... then a WOW session to finish
... the social event will be on a boat on the Seine river
... you want the SVG WG panel to be at the end of the day, without any parallel track?


DS: I was thinking we could have the panels at the end of the day when people aren't having to focus on learning something new
... WG panel at the end of one day, implementers panel on another
... just an idea

CC: early bird reg ends at the end of June
... by the end of May we will have a list of suggested hotels
... then we discussed the F2F after the conference, after the workshop

CL: the F2F is then on Fri and Mon-Wed
... so that's four days

CC: we are still looking for a keynote speakers
... if you have any suggestions, or criticisms, send them to me

<ed> trackbot, end telcon

Summary of Action Items

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