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Zakim, this will be GA_SVGWG
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
08:04:19 [trackbot]
Date: 25 May 2010
08:04:36 [ed]
zakim, remind me in 8 hours to get some dinner
08:04:36 [Zakim]
ok, ed
08:05:46 [ed]
Agenda of the day: finish the 1.1 testsuite and the second edition spec
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09:20:51 [fat_tony]
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09:20:55 [fat_tony]
scribe: Anthony
09:21:09 [fat_tony]
Topic: Next SVG F2F
09:21:23 [fat_tony]
CL: SVG Open is 30th Aug to 2nd Sep
09:21:29 [fat_tony]
CC: 2nd is workshop
09:21:58 [fat_tony]
CL: Have CSS Face-2-face on 23rd - 25th and need the next date to fly across
09:22:32 [fat_tony]
... Friday the 3rd is the first day free
09:22:42 [fat_tony]
CC: And I cannot promise to have the office available for the weekend
09:22:53 [fat_tony]
ED: Is there anything we need to prepare before the Conference?
09:23:04 [fat_tony]
... I sent in an abstract for the WG Panel
09:23:11 [fat_tony]
... is there anything we need to prepare in advanced?
09:23:21 [fat_tony]
CL: Obviously helps to have modules done
09:24:25 [fat_tony]
... Friday 3rd, Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th for meeting dates
09:24:36 [fat_tony]
... in September
09:24:52 [fat_tony]
AG: I'm happy with those dates
09:24:56 [fat_tony]
ED: I'm fine with that
09:25:22 [fat_tony]
PD: Unsure at this point
09:27:41 [fat_tony]
RESOLUTION: Cyril to host the next SVG Face-to-face on the 3rd September and from the 6th to 8th September 2010
09:30:07 [fat_tony]
ED: We need to have a wiki page and a form
09:30:17 [fat_tony]
CL: I'll make the form now
09:30:40 [fat_tony]
Topic: Test suite and Action items for SVG Full 1.1 2nd Edition
09:56:57 [ed]
10:04:36 [pdengler]
We want to remove test as it is testing 1.0 functionality that has been depricated.
10:06:16 [pdengler]
We need to remove test as it is not testing SVG functionality, but rather DOML2 functionality.
10:06:47 [AlexD]
10:13:44 [ed]
I agree wiht the struct-dom-05-b one, but the other one maybe not
10:17:01 [ed]
10:17:17 [ed]
"The SVG DOM requires complete support for the DOM2 views"
10:17:23 [ed]
"The SVG DOM requires complete support for the DOM2 core"
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10:55:54 [ChrisL]
Registration form for Paris f2f
12:03:16 [ed]
checking in the updated harness
12:13:46 [ed]
done and checked in, now running the reference image generation scripts
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12:24:09 [pdengler]
this test needs a new image created : masking-path-06-b.html
12:26:00 [ed]
ok, committing that
12:26:46 [ed]
12:46:58 [ed]
animate-elem-22...53 need fixes to templates
12:47:16 [ed]
animate-elem-61...86 need fixes to templates
12:48:36 [ed]
animate-elem-60, 87 and 88...90 need opererator-script fixes (to verbose, should be in test description)
12:50:36 [ed]
color-prop-05 should also move text from operatorscript -> description
12:53:32 [Cyril_Concolato]
for the record, I reviewed: struct-frag-05-t.svg, struct-frag-04-t.svg, struct-frag-03-t.svg, struct-frag-02-t.svg, struct-frag-01-t.svg
12:54:31 [Cyril_Concolato]
I reviewed also struct-dom-15-f.svg and it's looks fine to me
12:57:29 [ed]
all references up to coords-viewattr-03 looked ok to me
13:01:12 [ed]
filters-conv-03 should also move text from operatorscript -> description
13:03:49 [Cyril_Concolato]
I just reviewed and committed struct-dom-14-f.svg
13:04:43 [shepazu]
AlexD: you there?
13:08:16 [ed]
fonts-desc-05-t.svg needs an updated reference
13:08:39 [AlexD]
Yep, what's up?
13:09:37 [ed]
actually fonts-desc-05 needs an svg imagepatch, since batik seems to get it wrong
13:21:21 [ChrisL]
color-prop-05 now fixed
13:22:36 [ChrisL]
i'm up to interact-order-01-b
13:24:43 [ed]
i would prefer if fonts-kern-01-t didn't use red unless it meant fail
13:26:41 [fat_tony];%20charset=iso-8859-1
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13:27:42 [Cyril_Concolato]
I just created an Issue (ISSUE-2326) about the use of textContent in the 1.1F2 test suite
13:28:23 [ed]
interact-dom-01-b.svg should also use less red for the pass
13:30:02 [ed]
interact-order-01-b.svg needs the template filled out
13:30:47 [ed]
interact-order-02-b.svg - interact-pevents-05-b.svg need the template filled out
13:32:47 [ed]
interact-zoom-01-t.svg - linking-a-05-t.svg need the template filled out
13:35:07 [Cyril_Concolato]
about struct-dom-13-f.svg: the test is not completed yet, its status is 'empty'
13:35:39 [ed]
linking-uri-01-b.svg - masking-path-06-b.svg need the template filled out
13:41:49 [ed]
committed a new patchimage for masking-path-10-b, and an updated reference image
13:43:32 [ed]
metadata-example-01-b.svg and metadata-example-01-t.svg needs the template filled out
13:44:18 [ed]
painting-control-03-f.svg passcriteria should also say something like "there must be two shapes visible"
13:44:29 [Cyril_Concolato]
just reviewed struct-dom-12-b.svg, it's fine
13:45:42 [Cyril_Concolato]
struct-dom-11-f.svg is already accepted and the watermark draft is removed
13:48:48 [ed]
painting-fill-01-t.svg should use less red for "pass"
13:49:06 [ed]
same for painting-fill-03-t.svg
13:49:20 [ed]
painting-fill-03-t.svg also needs the operator script filled out
13:49:41 [ed]
painting-fill-01-t.svg and painting-fill-02-t.svg needs the operator script filled out
13:50:23 [ed]
painting-fill-04-t.svg and painting-fill-05-b.svg need template fixes
13:51:36 [Cyril_Concolato]
reviewed struct-dom-09-b.svg, the test is ok (changed the status from approved to accepted)
13:51:48 [ed]
painting-marker-06-f.svg needs imagepatch+referenceimage
13:55:23 [ed]
painting-stroke-01-t.svg has some weird pass criteria
13:55:41 [ChrisL]
pubrules aaaaaaarghhh!!!
13:55:41 [ChrisL]
13:56:36 [Cyril_Concolato]
reviewed struct-dom-08-f.svg, the test is ok
13:57:05 [ed]
painting-stroke-02-t.svg also has weird pass criteria
13:57:49 [Cyril_Concolato]
struct-dom-07-f.svg is already accepted and in good shape
13:58:01 [ed]
painting-stroke-03-t.svg and painting-stroke-04-t.svg needs template filled out
13:58:46 [ed]
painting-stroke-07-t.svg lacks operator script text
13:59:42 [ed]
painting-stroke-10-t.svg has bad operator script
14:00:23 [ed]
paths-data-01-t.svg lacks pass criteria
14:00:33 [Cyril_Concolato]
"painting-stroke-07-t.svg lacks operator script text" fixed
14:00:57 [ed]
paths-data-01-t.svg basically needs fixes to the template
14:01:19 [ed]
paths-data-02-t.svg need template fixes
14:02:19 [Cyril_Concolato]
"painting-stroke-10-t.svg has bad operator script"
14:02:22 [Cyril_Concolato]
14:02:24 [ed]
paths-data-03-f.svg - paths-data-15-t.svg need template fixes
14:03:14 [ed]
paths-data-17-f.svg should say "two rects must be visible" or something like that
14:06:27 [Cyril_Concolato]
struct-dom-06-b.svg fixed
14:11:48 [Cyril_Concolato]
fixed operator script in struct-dom-05-b.svg
14:15:03 [Cyril_Concolato]
fixed operator script in struct-dom-04-b.svg
14:16:21 [Cyril_Concolato]
fixed operator script in struct-dom-03-b.svg
14:17:57 [ed]
pservers-grad-01-b.svg - pservers-grad-17-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)
14:24:09 [ed]
pservers-grad-18-b.svg needs fixes to template
14:24:28 [ed]
pservers-grad-19-b.svg should use a real list in the pass criteria
14:37:10 [ed]
pservers-pattern-01-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)
14:42:01 [ed]
render-elems-01-t.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)
14:43:36 [ed]
render-elems-02-t.svg - script-elem-01-b.svg needs fixes to the templates (some have mixed up what's operator script and what's pass criteria)
14:44:49 [ed]
script-handle-01-b.svg - script-handle-04-b.svg should get proper operator script (e.g click here, hover there)
14:45:46 [ed]
shapes-circle-01-t.svg - shapes-ellipse-02-t.svg needs template fixed
14:49:04 [Cyril_Concolato]
fixed struct-dom-02-b.svg and struct-dom-01-b.svg
14:49:56 [Cyril_Concolato]
struct-defs-01-t.svg is now ok
14:54:56 [ed]
shapes-intro-01-t.svg needs operator-script / passcriteria fixed
14:55:31 [ed]
shapes-line-01-t.svg needs template fixed
14:57:38 [fat_tony]
updated test suite status
14:57:39 [fat_tony]
15:05:00 [ed]
shapes-polygon-01-t.svg needs template fixed
15:11:26 [ed]
shapes-polyline-01-t.svg needs template fixed
15:15:20 [ed]
shapes-rect-01-t.svg needs template fixed
15:23:48 [jwatt]
scribenick: jwatt
15:24:05 [jwatt]
Topic: SVG Open 2010
15:24:25 [jwatt]
CC: conf 30 Aug - 2 Sept, followed by workshop
15:24:27 [pdengler]
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15:24:37 [jwatt]
...7 proposals for workshop
15:24:43 [jwatt]
15:24:58 [jwatt]
...we have not decided how many we will have, but probably 6
15:25:28 [jwatt]
...we have received 61 papers, and all the reviews and most accept/reject emails have been sent
15:25:46 [jwatt] will be located on the main campus of Paris city University
15:25:58 [jwatt]
...we are thinking of having a keynote at the beginning of each day
15:26:07 [jwatt]
...then a WOW session to finish
15:26:32 [jwatt]
...the social event will be on a boat on the Seine river
15:26:57 [jwatt] want the SVG WG panel to be at the end of the day, without any parallel track?
15:27:00 [jwatt]
15:27:44 [jwatt]
DS: I was thinking we could have the panels at the end of the day when people aren't having to focus on learning something new
15:28:00 [jwatt]
...WG panel at the end of one day, implementers panel on another
15:28:12 [jwatt]
...just an idea
15:28:28 [jwatt]
CC: early bird reg ends at the end of June
15:28:42 [jwatt] the end of May we will have a list of suggested hotels
15:28:57 [jwatt]
...then we discussed the F2F after the conference, after the workshop
15:29:34 [jwatt]
s/30 Aug/Mon 30 Aug/
15:30:17 [jwatt]
s/2 Sept/Wed 2 Sept/
15:31:24 [jwatt]
CL: the F2F is then on Fri and Mon-Wed
15:31:34 [jwatt] that's four days
15:32:15 [jwatt]
CC: we are still looking for a keynote speaker
15:32:33 [jwatt]
15:36:55 [jwatt]
CC: if you have any suggestions, or criticisms, send them to me
16:02:17 [ed]
trackbot, end telcon
16:02:17 [trackbot]
Zakim, list attendees
16:02:17 [Zakim]
sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
16:02:18 [trackbot]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
16:02:18 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate trackbot
16:02:19 [trackbot]
RRSAgent, bye
16:02:19 [RRSAgent]
I see no action items