W3C Open Source Software – News for 2010

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2010. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

HTML-XML-utils 5.8

18 November 2010: Version 5.8 of the HTML/XML utilities fixes some bugs and adds one program and two options:

See the ChangeLog for details.

xmptool 0.8

26 May 2010: Version 0.8 of xmptool adds an option -c (“clean-up”) to remove redundant properties from an XMP file. If a property has a Bag or an Alt containing values in different languages, and the value in some of those languages is the same as the default value, then those languages are removed. E.g., if the property is

  <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Berlin</rdf:li>
  <rdf:li xml:lang="de">Berlin</rdf:li>

then the value in German (lang=“de”) is redundant and the property can be simplified to:

<relation xml:lang="x-default">Berlin<relation>

HTML-XML-utils 5.6

26 April 2010: Version 5.6 of the HTML/XML utilities fixes a bug in hxincl and changes hxref to put the A element around instead of inside the element that needs to become a cross-reference. See the ChangeLog for details.

eot-utils 1.0 as tar file

28 February 2010: The first version of the eot-utils is now also avalaible as a tar file, which should be easier to compile than the version from CVS.

eot-utils 1.0

28 January 2010: The first version of the eot-utils contains mkeot, which creates EOT (Embedded OpenType) files, and eotinfo, which displays the contents of an EOT header in a readable way. Both programs are functional, but eotinfo doesn't yet show all of the information in the header.

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