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The eot-utils are the two programs mkeot and eotinfo. The former
creates an EOT (Embedded OpenType) file from an OpenType or TrueType
font and the URLs of one or more Web pages. mkeot respects the
TrueType embedding bits. The eotinfo program displays the contents of
an EOT header in a human-readable way.

This directory contains the sources for the following programs:

    mkeot - generate EOT from OpenType and zero or more "rootstrings"
    eotinfo - simple program to show info about an EOT file - script for fontforge to convert OpenType to TrueType - script to set up the automake/autoconf environment

Compile and install

1) If you got the sources as a tar.gz file, unpack, configure, compile
and install with the following commands (where XXX is the version
number of the downloaded tar.gz file):

    tar xvfz eot-utilities-XXX.tar.gz
    cd eot-utilities-XXX
    make install

2) If you downloaded the individual files, you'll need to have GNU
automake/autoconf installed. Create the configure script, configure,
compile and install with:

    make install

See the file INSTALL for generic information about compilation options.


EOT (Embedded OpenType) is documented at:

Warning about limitations in MSIE (at least version 8):

1) EOT files apparently only work if they are TrueType-flavored
OpenType, not if they are Postscript-flavored. The included
script converts OTF to TTF. (It requires fontforge to be installed.)

2) EOT files apparently only work if the font's family name is a
prefix of the font's full name. The included script tries
to ensure that.

3) EOT files apparently don't work if the "rootstring" is absent
(empty). You'll need to give at least one URL to mkeot.