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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Ask EricP to setup a WBS for the F2F Axel Polleres 2009-03-31
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Update the wiki page with his experience (caveat: kjetil may be delayed in doing it) Kjetil Kjernsmo 2009-03-31
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Figure out that silly trackbot and how it knows about users Lee Feigenbaum 2009-04-02
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Summarise the vocabularies (DARQ, SADDLE, voiD) Gregory Williams 2009-04-02
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Add security issues to query by reference feature Steve Harris 2009-04-02
ACTION-6 (edit) closed See if new nicknames finally work Lee Feigenbaum 2009-04-06
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Send a pointer to the mailinglist for rdf:text, when it's up to LC Axel Polleres 2009-04-14
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Review rdf:text Andy Seaborne 2009-04-28
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Try to review rdf:text Steve Harris 2009-04-28
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Talk to Eric to confirm minutes change from April 21 Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-05
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Work with Ivan, ericP to reserve zakim for face to face days Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-05
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Work with EricP to procure a phone for the Cambridge, MA location Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-05
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Write up how/whether assignment is subsumed by projected expressions + subqueries (tentative, with LukeWM) Steve Harris 2009-05-13
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Send mail about issues in specifying OWL in SPARQL semantics Bijan Parsia 2009-05-13
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Send SPARQL WG response to OWL WG and RIF WG re: rdf:text Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-13
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Send fleshed out example of Andy's subquery to the list { {?x :p ?v } { SELECT * { ?x :q ?w FILTER (?v>3) } } } Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-14
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Write up case around confusion between ASK in FILTER and ASK in WHERE Steve Harris 2009-05-14
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Write up a use case on !ASK in FILTERS to emulate negation Axel Polleres 2009-05-14
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Send to the mailing list a few example cases (data, query, results) of SELECT queries in FILTERs Ivan Mikhailov 2009-05-14
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Send CONSTRUCT in FROM clause use case to mailing list re: ISSUE-7 Axel Polleres 2009-05-14
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Summarize dataset issue w/ examples / suggestions per ISSUE-8 Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-14
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Write a subquery to be executed in a having clause that causes execution order problems for the list Paul Gearon 2009-05-14
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Summarize implicit vs. explicit grouping re ISSUE-11 Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-14
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Explain potential design regarding aggregate functions with multiple answers for mixed datatypes re ISSUE-16 Andy Seaborne 2009-05-14
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Setup wiki template and feature stub pages based on slide 11 of Lee Feigenbaum 2009-05-14
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Stub out an initial example of a filled in feature template pending completion of ACTION-25 Andy Seaborne 2009-05-14
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Ask in DERI about whether RDF Forms/pushback uses WHERE in updates Alexandre Passant 2009-05-14
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Provide tabulator update use case on wiki Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-05-14
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Provide FOAF update use case on wiki Luke Wilson-Mawer 2009-05-14
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Provide 3 uses cases on wiki Alexandre Passant 2009-05-14
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Provide delete construct / insert construct based on blank nodes use case on wiki Paul Gearon 2009-05-14
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Work with SimonS on explaining and comparing UNSAID and MINUS Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-05-26
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Summarize priorization issues on update Axel Polleres 2009-06-02
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Summarize issue discussed in the end of the telecon regarding PUT Steve Harris 2009-06-02
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Tell OWL/RIF that SPARQL is content with Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-06-09
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Draft an introduction for F&R document with a summary of the Features Axel Polleres 2009-06-16
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Add to about different options to serve descriptions (specifically HTTP OPTION) Jacek Kopeck√Ĺ 2009-06-16
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Write up a brief proposal surrounding service description Gregory Williams 2009-06-16
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Review F&R document Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-06-16
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Review F&R document Steve Harris 2009-06-16
ACTION-41 (edit) closed ask Eric to update minutes from 2009-06-09 to remove Alex as attendee (who wasn't there) Axel Polleres 2009-06-23
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Ask team contacts whether is ok Axel Polleres 2009-06-23
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Adopt with two subsections. Alexandre Passant 2009-06-23
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Mail NOT EXISTS example. Orri Erling 2009-06-23
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Adopt one more additional syntaxe UNSAID or NOT EXISTS for negation Kjetil Kjernsmo 2009-06-23
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Review F&R Simon Schenk 2009-06-23
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Ask team contact to approve patent text (currently commented in the document). Axel Polleres 2009-06-23
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Request sparql-features as short name from Thomas R Ivan Herman 2009-06-30
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Draft short descriptions for time-permitting features Lee Feigenbaum 2009-06-30
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Work with Lee to publish FPWD of features & rationales Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-07-07
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Flesh out service description proposal with initial URI suggestions for features, classes, properties, etc. Gregory Williams 2009-07-07
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Mail on ISSUE of atomicity of updates. Orri Erling 2009-07-21
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Review SPAQRL update submission Luke Wilson-Mawer 2009-07-21
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Review SPARQL Update submisson Alexandre Passant 2009-07-21
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Summarize ISSUE-32 Paul Gearon 2009-07-21
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Summarize RESTFul options for update. Kjetil Kjernsmo 2009-07-21
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Draft minutes Axel Polleres 2009-07-21
ACTION-58 (edit) closed send a mail with comment on the minutes Simon Johnston 2009-07-21
ACTION-59 (edit) closed review SPARQL update submission Simon Johnston 2009-07-21
ACTION-60 (edit) closed add on Kjetil's proposal, cf. ACTION-56 Simon Johnston 2009-07-21
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Setup wiki page to capture vacation times Axel Polleres 2009-07-28
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Add review/experiences on SPARQL/update Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-07-28
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Start wikipage on Update issues Luke Wilson-Mawer 2009-07-28
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Draft subqueries in template Steve Harris 2009-08-04
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Draft project expressions Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-08-04
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Draft aggregates Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-08-04
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Draft negation Andy Seaborne 2009-08-04
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Sketch algebra for minus. Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-07-28
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Update deadlines of design draft actions. Axel Polleres 2009-07-28
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Create (& link) tracked issues for everything listed at Lee Feigenbaum 2009-08-04
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Re-check where to announce F&R (e.g. liaisons) Axel Polleres 2009-08-04
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Take F&R current version back to wiki for editing Alexandre Passant 2009-08-04
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Kick of BGP entailment TF Birte Glimm 2009-08-04
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Kick off property paths TF Andy Seaborne 2009-08-04
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Kick off Function Library TF Axel Polleres 2009-08-04
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Kick off Basic Federated Query TF Simon Schenk 2009-08-04
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Investigate ISSUE-33 Lee Feigenbaum 2009-08-11
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Continue discussion of update= vs. query= on the mailing list Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-08-11
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Continue forward with aggregates w.r.t test cases, HAVING/FILTER clause, ISSUE-35, ... Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-08-18
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Send a compromise proposal to the mailing list Orri Erling 2009-08-18
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Summarize "suboptions" of option 7 Axel Polleres 2009-08-25
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Start thread on mailing list re: ISSUE-36 Axel Polleres 2009-09-01
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Synchronize list of Errata with AndyS Lee Feigenbaum 2009-09-01
ACTION-84 (edit) closed And SteveH to decide whether FPWD should be inegrated or only new features Andy Seaborne 2009-09-01
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Look into xmlspec for SPARQL/Query with AndyS Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-09-01
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Draft first version of SPARQL/Update by 2009-09-15 Simon Schenk 2009-09-01
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Find the editor's draft of features and rats Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-09-01
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Figure out where to find SPARQL2 CVS edit space Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-09-02
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Go through issues list, figure out status, which need to be discussed in TCs, which have pending actions, which can be resolved Lee Feigenbaum 2009-09-15
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Work with Axel to find editors for protocol, service description, and RESTful Update operations this week Lee Feigenbaum 2009-09-15
ACTION-91 (edit) closed (FunctionLibrary TF) Axel to go over initial Andy's list in and mail out questionnaire to the list which of those are implemented by whom? Axel Polleres 2009-09-22
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Make a comment making it clear that we intend to merge this content with the old document. Steve Harris 2009-09-29
ACTION-93 (edit) closed talk with AndyS on ISSUE-41, Steve Harris 2009-09-29
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Agree with SteveH to order sections to reflect better similar structure . Simon Schenk 2009-09-29
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Go over entailment doc to put in at least hooks for RIF/OWL RL entailments. Axel Polleres 2009-09-29
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Contact Eric to setup CVS access for new editors. Axel Polleres 2009-09-29
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Include commment on extended function library in current sparql/query-1.1 draft Steve Harris 2009-09-29
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Ask ivan/eric whether we need to mention time permitting features in FPWD. Axel Polleres 2009-09-29
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness Birte Glimm 2009-10-06
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-06
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness Axel Polleres 2009-10-06
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Notify Steve, Luke, and Lee when /Update is ready for FPWD review Paul Gearon 2009-10-06
ACTION-103 (edit) closed And Lee to notify Axel and Alex when /Protocol is ready for FPWD review Simon Johnston 2009-10-06
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Xml-spec'ify the SPARQL Query/1.0 document Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-10-06
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Review Andy Seaborne 2009-10-06
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Review Simon Johnston 2009-10-06
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Make sure that Kjetil reviews Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-06
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness (modulo formatting) Simon Johnston 2009-10-06
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness (modulo formatting) Axel Polleres 2009-10-06
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness (modulo formatting) Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-06
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Make sure IvanH reviews RDFS part of as time permits him Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-06
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Come up with a concrete agenda for F2F Axel Polleres 2009-10-13
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness Luke Wilson-Mawer 2009-10-13
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Review for FPWD readiness Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-13
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Draft a paragraph/sentence to put in the document that clrifies "at risk" status of proxy graph identifier Kjetil Kjernsmo 2009-10-13
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Address the concerns in Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-10-13
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Incorporate an example for extensibility by the end of the week into SD Gregory Williams 2009-10-13
ACTION-118 (edit) closed review the RDFS part of sparql-entailment Ivan Herman 2009-10-13
ACTION-119 (edit) closed And steve: update the query document for SPARQL 1.1 (Query) before FPWD Andy Seaborne 2009-10-20
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Fix his slides Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-20
ACTION-121 (edit) closed And Lee to make sure FPWD documents reflect SPARQL 1.1 X style naming Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-10-20
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Check changes on as agreed on and mail approval, if satisfied Axel Polleres 2009-10-20
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Coordinate with Axel, Ivan, Eric, and the editors to publish our documents Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-20
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Summarize federated querying in HCLS together with simonS in email thread Paul Gearon 2009-10-27
ACTION-125 (edit) closed And EricP to move update editor's draft to -1.1 URL Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-27
ACTION-126 (edit) closed And Lee to request .../ns/sparql-service-description# and put a "subject to change" doc there Eric Prud'hommeaux 2009-10-27
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Update NS in serv. description document Lee Feigenbaum 2009-10-27
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Ping sandro for last minutes Axel Polleres 2009-11-03
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Set up separate call on entailment issues the week after f2f Birte Glimm 2009-11-03
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Summarize 4 options relating to grouping by expressions on the mailing list and solicit information on what existing implementations do Steve Harris 2009-11-09
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Summarize strawman of how aggregates, DISTINCT, and * work (per Glitter's behavior) Lee Feigenbaum 2009-11-09
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Make sure algebra has some position on what aggregate functions are & do (w.r.t. expressions by reference) Steve Harris 2009-11-09
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Followup with Chilleans re: not including sub-constructs in FROM clauses Axel Polleres 2009-11-09
ACTION-134 (edit) closed And Andy to figure out what happens with SELECT ( _:b1 AS ?blank) Steve Harris 2009-11-09
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Summarize Query security issues in security section once document has been merged Steve Harris 2009-11-10
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Ask Paul to look at security section in Update document Axel Polleres 2009-11-10
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Put ISSUE-48 on the table in one of the next TCs and ask whether it is still an issue Axel Polleres 2009-11-10
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Reset scribe list Lee Feigenbaum 2009-11-17
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Put minutes approval on agenda for next time... action need to be added/checked Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Track all mails on comments list on wiki. Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Send out response to BL Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Summarise changes of SD and conclusions from last TC along with open questions. Gregory Williams 2009-12-08
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Link issue-52 to issue-20 and check back Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Start conversation in an email Paul Gearon 2009-12-08
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Check whether we have an issue for insert into ?var, otherwise create it. Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Make a draft on alternatives for ISSUE-20 Axel Polleres 2009-12-08
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Add birte to regrets in last time minutes Axel Polleres 2009-12-15
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Provide a high-level changelog summarising what has happened since FPWD in Query 1.1 Andy Seaborne 2009-12-15
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Provide a high-level changelog summarising what has happened since FPWD in Update Paul Gearon 2009-12-15
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Provide a high-level changelog summarising what has happened since FPWD in Service Description Gregory Williams 2009-12-15
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Contact void and start a discussion on issues around SD Gregory Williams 2009-12-15
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Provide a high-level changelog summarising what has happened since FPWD in RDF Update Chimezie Ogbuji 2009-12-15
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Provide a high-level changelog summarising what has happened since FPWD in entailment Birte Glimm 2009-12-15
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Work with Birte to figure out video conference facilities for F2F3 Sandro Hawke 2009-12-22
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Move Overview.html out of the way Andy Seaborne 2009-12-22
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Link the ISSUE-19 in and start email discussion. Paul Gearon 2009-12-29
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Review query editors' draft Birte Glimm 2009-12-29
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Review query editors' draft Matthew Perry 2009-12-29
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Review query editors' draft Axel Polleres 2009-12-29
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Review query editors' draft Souripriya Das 2009-12-29
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Review update editors' draft Axel Polleres 2009-12-29
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Review service description editors' draft David Charboneau 2009-12-29
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Review service description editors' draft Alexandre Passant 2009-12-29
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Review service description editors' draft Axel Polleres 2009-12-29
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Review entailment editors' draft Axel Polleres 2009-12-29
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Review http update editor's draft Andy Seaborne 2009-12-29
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Review http update editor's draft Lee Feigenbaum 2009-12-29
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Review http update editor's draft Axel Polleres 2009-12-29
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Review property path editor's draft for FPWD Lee Feigenbaum 2009-12-29
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Review entailment editors' draft Ivan Herman 2009-12-29
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Review property path editor's draft Ivan Herman 2009-12-29
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Review property path editor's draft Souripriya Das 2009-12-29
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Send mail about readiness for review by tonight David Charboneau 2010-01-12
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Review protocol changes Axel Polleres 2010-01-12
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Review protocol changes Luke Wilson-Mawer 2010-01-12
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Ensure RDF Schema gets published in time Gregory Williams 2010-01-12
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Ping all editor's to reply to unresponded reviews. Axel Polleres 2010-01-12
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Check comments archives and add new comments if necessary Axel Polleres 2010-01-12
ACTION-179 (edit) closed start an email thread about fregments of propertypaths that could be dealt with in SQL Matthew Perry 2010-01-12
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Make proposal to resolve current state of discussion on UPDATE in editor's notes and find approval by reviewers on email Paul Gearon 2010-01-19
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Will take this on email and suggest the resolution for next TC. Axel Polleres 2010-01-19
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Summarise status of update issues per email Axel Polleres 2010-01-19
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Do a first check on pubrules on Thurday and chases up editors for non-trivial fixes if necessary Axel Polleres 2010-01-26
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Work with Axel to put together an overview document for SPARQL 1.1 Lee Feigenbaum 2010-01-26
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Do minutes from last time in usual format, if possible Axel Polleres 2010-02-16
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Follow up on and document on Paul Gearon 2010-02-16
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Draft response on ED-1 Steve Harris 2010-02-16
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Coordinate response to RV-2 (and record it on the comments page) Gregory Williams 2010-02-16
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Get back to ivanh on the usabuility of POWDER for SD. Gregory Williams 2010-02-23
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Send some comment to the list how multiple groupings at once work in SQL Orri Erling 2010-02-23
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Collect test cases for aggegate functions Axel Polleres 2010-02-23
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Collect test cases for subqueries David Charboneau 2010-02-23
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Collect testcases for subqueries Olivier Corby 2010-02-23
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Collect testcases for negation Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-02-23
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Collect test cases for Project Expressions. Olivier Corby 2010-02-23
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Collect test cases for Project Expressions. Axel Polleres 2010-02-23
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Get back to Andy to work on how to adapt the test cases format for update. Paul Gearon 2010-02-23
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Collect test cases for property paths Olivier Corby 2010-02-23
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Collect test cases for entailment Birte Glimm 2010-02-23
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Work with Andy to add CONSTRUCT WHERE { triple pattern } shortcut to query spec Steve Harris 2010-03-02
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Summarize discussion on blank nodes in DELETE on mailing list Lee Feigenbaum 2010-03-09
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Work with Paul to flesh out design proposal for FROM/FROM NAMED (datasets) in SPARQL Update Lee Feigenbaum 2010-03-16
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Liase with Eric on BFQ and try to get a time schedule. Lee Feigenbaum 2010-04-01
ACTION-204 (edit) closed And AxelPolleres to solicit feedback from community regarding CREATE/DROP upon publication of next Update working draft Lee Feigenbaum 2010-04-01
ACTION-205 (edit) closed And AxelPolleres to solicit feedback from community regarding CREATE/DROP upon publication of next Update working draft Lee Feigenbaum 2010-04-01
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Coordinate with Paul, Steve, and Andy to form a coherent proposal re: datasets, FROM, FROM NAMED, WITH, default-graph-uri, and named-graph-uri Lee Feigenbaum 2010-04-01
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Respond to Axel Polleres 2010-04-01
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Recast into SPARQL WG space and update to handle SPARQL Update test cases by April 13, 2010 Axel Polleres 2010-04-01
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Disallow projected variables being reused in HAVING in the spec Steve Harris 2010-04-02
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Draft a testcase for SELECT (COUNT(*) AS ?C) .... HAVING (COUNT(*) > 0 ) Axel Polleres 2010-04-02
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Email out the text change needed to weaken the finite answer criteria in SPARQL Query Birte Glimm 2010-04-02
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Propose change to unique specified extension criteria Birte Glimm 2010-04-02
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Work with Greg on an example to investigate what happens when multiple descriptions of the same graph are merged together Sandro Hawke 2010-04-02
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Add ability to mark individual graphs with their entailment regime Gregory Williams 2010-04-02
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Clarify by tomorrow latest whether we'll have a TC next week Axel Polleres 2010-04-06
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Ask Rob Vesse in response to RV-4 whether RV-3 has been addresses satisfactory. Steve Harris 2010-04-06
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Draft response on ST-1 Paul Gearon 2010-04-06
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Check back on ED-1 Axel Polleres 2010-04-06
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Check back whether RN-1 needs to be further addressed Paul Gearon 2010-04-06
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Review the federated query document at David Charboneau 2010-04-13
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Reformulate Condition 4 Birte Glimm 2010-04-27
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Propose rewordings on mailinglist on http-protocol which clarify ISSUE-49 Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-04-27
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Look over Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-04-27
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Check with editors what's the status of docs wrt. publication schedule Axel Polleres 2010-04-27
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Fix the example in Axel Polleres 2010-04-27
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Come up with a proposed re-schedule and suggestion on how to proceed until Rec Axel Polleres 2010-05-04
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Clarify question about URIs with fragment ids Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-05-04
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Put in an editor's note discussing bound only variables Eric Prud'hommeaux 2010-05-04
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Review SPARQL Update once pgearon gives the go ahead Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-11
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Review SPARQL Query document for issues, concerns, praise, and publication-readiness Matthew Perry 2010-05-11
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Find 1 or more reviewers for the SD document Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-11
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Review Service Description document Birte Glimm 2010-05-14
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Remove old working draft snapshots from CVS Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-18
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Coordinate prep and publication of working drafts Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-18
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Review HTTP Uniform Protocol for Managing RDF Graphs Gregory Williams 2010-05-18
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Review SPARQL 1.1 Entailment document for WD publication readiness Ivan Herman 2010-05-18
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Coordinate dedicated teleconferences Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-18
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Check on who to assign to KK-1 comment Axel Polleres 2010-05-25
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Remove NH-4 (duplicate) Axel Polleres 2010-05-25
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Have a look on Negation section. Axel Polleres 2010-05-25
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Check back URI use for rif:imports Axel Polleres 2010-05-25
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Update Section 7 to reflect relaxed finiteness conditions for BGP matching extension. Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-05-25
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Review changes on Section 7. Birte Glimm 2010-05-25
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Collect http-protocol issues and mail to list, others respond if you see anything missing Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-05-25
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Implement change regarding DELETE WHERE Paul Gearon 2010-05-25
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Check/approve final version of update Lee Feigenbaum 2010-05-25
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Give examples that highlight possible ambiguities in the resolutions from last f2f concerning ISSUE-16 Steve Harris 2010-06-01
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Reserve zakim for property path TC Lee Feigenbaum 2010-06-01
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Check back with Lee on how/when to schedule theother special TCs Axel Polleres 2010-06-01
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Take the discussion on SERVICE in Update to email, highlighting potential problem cases Steve Harris 2010-06-01
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Send test cases for 0-length paths to mailing list Gregory Williams 2010-06-03
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Incorporate explaining wording plus example to editor's draft Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-06-14
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Change networked RDF knowledge to RDF knowledge Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-06-14
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Find out whether/how we can refence the TAG issue in a rec document with team contacts Axel Polleres 2010-06-14
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Convey summary to chime: explain possible ambiguity, and informally reference TAG issue. Axel Polleres 2010-06-15
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Work out within 2 weeks Axel Polleres 2010-06-15
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Craft a test case for SELECT * ... GROUP BY and solicit implementor, WG, and community feedback Lee Feigenbaum 2010-06-22
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Summarize which queries are legal and not in terms of expressions in GROUP BY and expressions in the SELECT clause that deal with group by keys and with aggregators Steve Harris 2010-06-22
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Check whether is fully answered and complete update the comments table. Paul Gearon 2010-07-06
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Contact Andy about open comments assigned to him Axel Polleres 2010-07-06
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Look into and update comments page accordingly Paul Gearon 2010-07-06
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Add as new comment in the table, note necessary input from steve in the table Gregory Williams 2010-07-06
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Reformulate and send to the list. Paul Gearon 2010-07-06
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Draft response to KK-1 summarising our internal discussions and changes in the doc. Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-07-06
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Update answer to PA-1 explaining non-normative nature of the functions and that syntax may still change Axel Polleres 2010-07-06
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Write a mail to the list on the issue of DS-1 and what are the options Gregory Williams 2010-07-06
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Rewrite README.html using qt:data/qt:graphData in the testcase manifest for updates Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Add respective example/description of entailment tests in the README Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Put Aggr test cases in manifest format inside CVS Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Put subqueries, prop paths, project espressions test cases in manifest format and add to CVS Olivier Corby 2010-07-07
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Collect initial update test cases and put them in CVS in manifest format. Paul Gearon 2010-07-07
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Collect some Update test cases and put them in CVS Matthew Perry 2010-07-07
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Ask team contacts on what we can do towards a central service for SPARQL SERVICE testing... Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Draft some extra bit for federated query tests manifest vocabulary plus example. Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Add a dummy section in test cases structure doc Axel Polleres 2010-07-07
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Find out whether the scripts for auto-generating are reusable? Lee Feigenbaum 2010-07-07
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Write-up Glitter treatment of LET Lee Feigenbaum 2010-07-13
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Write-up ARQ treatment of LET Andy Seaborne 2010-07-13
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Write-up Mulgara treatment of LET Paul Gearon 2010-07-13
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Mark subquery tests 5-10 approved Lee Feigenbaum 2010-07-27
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Summarize the issue and mail his proposal to solve it Sandro Hawke 2010-07-27
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Take to e-mail the proposal, SELECT * FROM NAMED <g1> WHERE { GRAPH <g2> ENTAILS(e1) { ?x subclass ?y } } Sandro Hawke 2010-07-27
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Mail a list of open issues and perceived status Axel Polleres 2010-07-27
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Evaluate with LEe necessity of protocol dedicated TC, and in case send out doodle poll Axel Polleres 2010-08-03
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Collect update security issues and report back to mailinglist regarding ISSUE-19 Paul Gearon 2010-08-03
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Add a note on dropping of SOAP binding to next WD of protocol11 and explicitly solicit feedback on usage of SOAP in SPARQL Lee Feigenbaum 2010-08-03
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Draft response to RK-1 Axel Polleres 2010-08-10
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Reintroduce extra vocabulary for graphstore to solve issue on named graphs in update test cases Axel Polleres 2010-08-10
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Add a note on possible feedback effects of federated queries in update Paul Gearon 2010-08-10
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Make sure that the relationship between SPARQL protocol and HTTP protocol is clearly laid out before Last Call Lee Feigenbaum 2010-08-17
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Work MIME type registration information into SPARQL Update document based on Sandro's suggestion for formatting etc. Paul Gearon 2010-08-17
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Make sure text on transactionality/concurrency gets added to protocol document Lee Feigenbaum 2010-08-17
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Modify HTTP Update document to reduce language regarding PATCH and to not use RFC 2119 language Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-08-17
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Add a statement reflecting TL-1 point 1) in the http-rdf-update Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-08-24
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Draft response for TL-1 Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-08-24
ACTION-296 (edit) closed to suggest a wording for a disclaimer text for the SPARQL update member submission Lee Feigenbaum 2010-08-24
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Ask in RIF for another review from them Axel Polleres 2010-08-31
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Clarify use of rif:imports URI with RIF. Axel Polleres 2010-08-31
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Check with Lee about protocol Axel Polleres 2010-08-31
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Check test cases agg01-agg07 Andy Seaborne 2010-08-31
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Check test cases agg01-agg07 Steve Harris 2010-08-31
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Try to summarise the positions on projecting ungrouped variables Axel Polleres 2010-08-31
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Revisit the mechanism for aliasing group key expressions after the group has resolved the assignment issue Lee Feigenbaum 2010-09-07
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Craft a more rigorous definition of the viewpoint of * as discussed today (* = ?s ?p ?o in 1st example, and * = ?x in 2nd example) Axel Polleres 2010-09-07
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Start discussion on mailing list about set of functions to include in SPARQL Lee Feigenbaum 2010-09-07
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Work with Axel to identify potential editor(s) to shepherd through JSON document on Rec track Lee Feigenbaum 2010-09-14
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Add Axel's two surrogate blank node test cases to CVS Birte Glimm 2010-09-14
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Mark group_concat and projexp tests as approved Lee Feigenbaum 2010-09-14
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Clarify chairing next time Axel Polleres 2010-09-21
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Review queryt for WD publication Gregory Williams 2010-09-21
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Review update Axel Polleres 2010-09-21
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Review update formal model Andy Seaborne 2010-09-21
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Review Update Axel Polleres 2010-09-21
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Inform andy/axel for review readyness Alexandre Passant 2010-09-21
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Follow up with Chime on review readiness of entailment Birte Glimm 2010-09-21
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Review entailment whenever he gets ok from Chime/Birte Olivier Corby 2010-09-21
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Review entailment Lee Feigenbaum 2010-09-21
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Review SD Alexandre Passant 2010-09-21
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Review SD Birte Glimm 2010-09-21
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Bring test suite in shape for FPWD within 3 weeks Axel Polleres 2010-09-21
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Complete update review in the next two days. Axel Polleres 2010-10-12
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Draft a reply to GK-1 and Gk-2 Steve Harris 2010-10-19
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Draft reply on GK-3 Axel Polleres 2010-10-19
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Ping carlos/eric in 2-3 weeks for progress on Fed query issues Carlos Buil Aranda 2010-10-26
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Chang nested use of ut:data to ut:graph Axel Polleres 2010-10-26
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Add a sentence in README.html that typically suffix .rq .ru are to be sused for query and update request files Axel Polleres 2010-10-26
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Drop ut:success and ut:FAILURECODES from update TC vocab. Axel Polleres 2010-10-26
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Implement the common understanding in ListEval() on unbound treated like errors Steve Harris 2010-11-02
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Come up with a more minimalistic proposal for "*" than "potentially bound" Birte Glimm 2010-11-02
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Come up with test cases around + for string concatenation Axel Polleres 2010-11-09
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Clarify the meaning of "potentially bound" vis a vis what can go on the right hand side of an AS in a SELECT list Andy Seaborne 2010-11-09
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Review the text that contributes to the proposed resolution of ISSUE-16 Lee Feigenbaum 2010-11-16
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Take functions discussion on email. Axel Polleres 2010-11-23
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Ask Davidf booth for confirmation of reply and add row to comments table Alexandre Passant 2010-11-30
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Address MS-1 comment Alexandre Passant 2010-11-30
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Check back with Birte/chime on entailment regimes schedule Axel Polleres 2010-11-30
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Sned out a doodle poll on protocol TC Lee Feigenbaum 2010-11-30
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Summarize what items we need URIs for and what URI prefixes we're currently using Gregory Williams 2010-12-07
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Try to sketch a replacement for section based on the discussion today. Axel Polleres 2010-12-08
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Draft reply to Dave Beckett's comment Steve Harris 2010-12-14
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Look up how whttp:inputSerialization="application/sparql-update" would work and whether additional parameters could be included in the request URI query string Lee Feigenbaum 2010-12-15
ACTION-342 (edit) closed Check minutes from last time Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Put closing of ISSUE-56 on next week's agenda, asking for more discussion on the proposal in on email. Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Talk with Lee about protocol schedule Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Check example in Sandro Hawke 2010-12-21
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Look over "side effects" of the new section for RIF entailment regime Chimezie Ogbuji 2010-12-21
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Move "referencing RIF" section to the end of section 7 in ER Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Get back to Steve on ACTION-200 ... suggesting to pursue without that shortcut or refreshing my memories on it :-) Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Send out question for ISSUES on json format, if no comments ship out as LC Gregory Williams 2010-12-21
ACTION-350 (edit) closed Draft some input for the function library section Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Put on one of the next agendas Axel Polleres 2010-12-21
ACTION-352 (edit) closed Put ISSUE-64 on a list of postponed issues Lee Feigenbaum 2010-12-31
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Update the comments table on the wiki and approach people for drafting responses Axel Polleres 2011-01-18
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Wiki-to-last-call doc regarding update Alexandre Passant 2011-01-18
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Review SD documents for LC Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-18
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Review SD documents for LC Nico Michaelis 2011-01-18
ACTION-357 (edit) closed Collect name suggestions for HTTP protocol and arrive with proposal for title until next TC Chimezie Ogbuji 2011-01-18
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Ask kendall for review of the Entailment regimes doc Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-18
ACTION-359 (edit) closed Find someone in Oracle to review entailment regimes doc Matthew Perry 2011-01-18
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Summarise and discuss Fed query issue on silent on mail Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-01-18
ACTION-361 (edit) closed Review entailment document Kendall Clark 2011-01-25
ACTION-362 (edit) closed Act as proxy for Zhe Wu's review of entailment document Matthew Perry 2011-01-25
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Solicit a DERI reviewer for JSON results document Axel Polleres 2011-01-25
ACTION-364 (edit) closed Review JSON results document Paul Gearon 2011-01-25
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Add MIME type section to JSON results format document Andy Seaborne 2011-01-25
ACTION-366 (edit) closed Remind Sandro about registering JSON & Update MIME types, and checking on the Query and XML format status Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-25
ACTION-367 (edit) closed Look into testing JSON result format Axel Polleres 2011-01-25
ACTION-368 (edit) closed Check coverage and propose new/udpated test for syntax Andy Seaborne 2011-01-25
ACTION-369 (edit) closed Look at property path tests Matthew Perry 2011-01-25
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Look at function tests Gregory Williams 2011-01-25
ACTION-371 (edit) closed Look at BIND tests Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-25
ACTION-372 (edit) closed Contact Chime re: looking at negation tests Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-25
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Look at subquery tests Axel Polleres 2011-01-25
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Look at projected expression tests Lee Feigenbaum 2011-01-25
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Look at CONSTRUCT WHERE tests Axel Polleres 2011-01-25
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Look at BINDINGS tests Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-01-25
ACTION-377 (edit) closed Look at negation tests Chimezie Ogbuji 2011-02-01
ACTION-378 (edit) closed Let commenters with open comments know that they're not forgotten Lee Feigenbaum 2011-02-01
ACTION-379 (edit) closed Ask Chimezie to look at KK-6 and GR-3 Lee Feigenbaum 2011-02-01
ACTION-380 (edit) closed Check minutes from last time Axel Polleres 2011-02-08
ACTION-381 (edit) closed Review Uniform HTTP Protocol Steve Harris 2011-02-08
ACTION-382 (edit) closed Contact NickH to review Uniform HTTP Protocol Axel Polleres 2011-02-08
ACTION-383 (edit) closed Review Uniform HTTP Protocol Andy Seaborne 2011-02-08
ACTION-384 (edit) closed Review fed query Axel Polleres 2011-02-08
ACTION-385 (edit) closed Review fed query Lee Feigenbaum 2011-02-08
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Email to W3C to get shortname approved for JSON result doc Sandro Hawke 2011-02-08
ACTION-387 (edit) closed Mark bind01-08 as approved in manifest file Lee Feigenbaum 2011-02-08
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Mark construyctwhere01-06 as approved in manifest file Axel Polleres 2011-02-08
ACTION-389 (edit) open Update sparql namespace document with URIs for existing & new functions and aggregates as per Sandro Hawke 2011-02-15
ACTION-390 (edit) closed Update comments page Axel Polleres 2011-02-22
ACTION-391 (edit) closed Review Query, particularly Section 18 Matthew Perry 2011-02-22
ACTION-392 (edit) closed Review query Lee Feigenbaum 2011-02-22
ACTION-393 (edit) closed Review query Axel Polleres 2011-02-22
ACTION-394 (edit) closed Look over PP test cases and check whether they still apply, change if necessary Matthew Perry 2011-02-22
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Get in touch with lee on ISSUE-33 (on the mailinglist) Axel Polleres 2011-02-22
ACTION-396 (edit) closed Contact chime on Dataset Update Protocol issue Gregory Williams 2011-03-01
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Ask chime what he meeant with "post LC" issues Axel Polleres 2011-03-01
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Prepare entailment tests for next week for approval Birte Glimm 2011-03-01
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Check other test cases ready for approval Axel Polleres 2011-03-01
ACTION-400 (edit) closed Look into whether testcase manifests could be split as suggested in Axel Polleres 2011-03-08
ACTION-401 (edit) closed Draft an answer for JB-4 Steve Harris 2011-03-08
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Take care of RV-7 Axel Polleres 2011-03-08
ACTION-403 (edit) closed Answer to with counterexample to JB-2 Gregory Williams 2011-03-08
ACTION-404 (edit) closed Look in his group for a review for GeoSPARQL and send it to us Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-03-08
ACTION-405 (edit) closed Draft xml for revised Extending BGP matching section for query Birte Glimm 2011-03-08
ACTION-406 (edit) closed Propose text for SD document explaining 3.4.7 sd:EmptyGraphs Lee Feigenbaum 2011-03-15
ACTION-407 (edit) closed Change conformance section in SD to refer to including "at least" one triple... Gregory Williams 2011-03-15
ACTION-408 (edit) closed Look over current conformance section in service description modulo "at least" change from ACTION-407 Andy Seaborne 2011-03-15
ACTION-409 (edit) closed Edit Update document to note that blank nodes in DELETE templates are an error Paul Gearon 2011-03-15
ACTION-410 (edit) closed Ensure there are bad syntax tests for blank nodes in DELETE Andy Seaborne 2011-06-08
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Ask for pre-last call reviews of entailment doc from SWCG and OWL WG Lee Feigenbaum 2011-03-22
ACTION-412 (edit) closed Make sure overview document is clear about (non-)relationship between service description and rdf dataset http protocol Lee Feigenbaum 2011-03-22
ACTION-413 (edit) closed Dradft an answer for comment WG-1 Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-03-29
ACTION-414 (edit) closed Check (andy's) old comments on update Paul Gearon 2011-03-29
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Check back with Alex on update formal semantics Axel Polleres 2011-03-29
ACTION-416 (edit) closed Ping greg for review as soon as Update formal semantics is ready Axel Polleres 2011-03-29
ACTION-417 (edit) closed Add aa paragraph in entailment on property paths Birte Glimm 2011-03-29
ACTION-418 (edit) closed Review proprtey paths paragraph in Entailment Axel Polleres 2011-03-29
ACTION-419 (edit) closed Sync with Birte on Datatypes for canonicalisation Matthew Perry 2011-03-29
ACTION-420 (edit) closed Look into removing grammar extracts from Fed query and direclty link to current grammar Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-03-29
ACTION-421 (edit) closed Look through test cases and provide a summary by next TC Olivier Corby 2011-03-29
ACTION-422 (edit) closed Look at new d-entailment text Matthew Perry 2011-04-05
ACTION-423 (edit) closed Include a test on nodes in path of length zero come from specified named graph (e.g. graph <g1> {?x <p>* ?y}) Matthew Perry 2011-04-05
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Follow-up and make sure we get IF() tests Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-05
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Add those new types to mf: and to README.html Axel Polleres 2011-04-05
ACTION-426 (edit) closed Change the @prefix : prefix in the syntax directories to use an absolute URI Andy Seaborne 2011-04-05
ACTION-427 (edit) closed Clean up occurrences of ut:graphData [ ut:data Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-05
ACTION-428 (edit) closed Fix the delete-insert queries that should be negative syntax tests in delete-insert Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-05
ACTION-429 (edit) closed Ckeck Olivier's comments on the test cases README.html Axel Polleres 2011-04-05
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Mark 30 prop path tests approved today Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-05
ACTION-431 (edit) closed Change update grammar to allow zero-operation update requests Andy Seaborne 2011-04-05
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Make sure SD terminology is consistent with "service endpoint" as the place you poke to use a (protocol) service Gregory Williams 2011-04-12
ACTION-433 (edit) closed Work with Carlos to make sure Fed terminology is consistent with "service endpoint" as the place you poke to use a (protocol) service Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-12
ACTION-434 (edit) closed Add RDF Dataset merge definition to Query document Andy Seaborne 2011-04-12
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Ping RDF WG about RDF Dataset Merge definition once in place Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-12
ACTION-436 (edit) closed Mark property path and syntax tests as approved Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-12
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Or Steve to describe use of RFC2119 language and link to RFC2119 specification or ditch RFC2119 markup Andy Seaborne 2011-04-19
ACTION-438 (edit) closed Review query draft to see if comments have been addressed appropriately Birte Glimm 2011-04-26
ACTION-439 (edit) closed Coordinate with Lee to resolve Serv Desc dependencies on protocol document Gregory Williams 2011-04-26
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Bring Turtle/SPARQL incompatibility issues to the attention of RDF WG Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-26
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Follow-up with Andy and Chime about running entailment test cases Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-26
ACTION-442 (edit) open Figure out why styling of RFC2119 tags is different across documents Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-26
ACTION-443 (edit) closed Check with sandro about what's needed for publication by May 6th Axel Polleres 2011-05-03
ACTION-444 (edit) closed Report on outcome of entailment and SD discussion on email Birte Glimm 2011-05-03
ACTION-445 (edit) closed Check pubrules on graph protocol doc Chimezie Ogbuji 2011-05-03
ACTION-446 (edit) closed Check pubrules for SD Gregory Williams 2011-05-03
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Do pubrules check for Updates Paul Gearon 2011-05-03
ACTION-448 (edit) closed Check pubrules on query Steve Harris 2011-05-03
ACTION-449 (edit) closed Ping jeff one more time to ask for confirmaiton of rewordings, otherwise takes silence as agreement Birte Glimm 2011-05-03
ACTION-450 (edit) closed Check pubrules Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-05-03
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Check pubrules on entailment Birte Glimm 2011-05-03
ACTION-452 (edit) closed Think about Federated query testing (essentially helping on ACTION-274) Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-05-03
ACTION-453 (edit) closed Confirm with Paul and Alex that open comments don't contain LC critical parts that are still open Axel Polleres 2011-05-10
ACTION-454 (edit) closed Approve rewording for WITH in update if any Andy Seaborne 2011-05-10
ACTION-455 (edit) closed Add use of entailement in the examples and sample SD shown in Turtle Gregory Williams 2011-05-10
ACTION-456 (edit) closed Approve completion of ATION-455 Birte Glimm 2011-05-10
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Fix resolution in the notes to remove wrongly copied duplicate resolution concerning Update Axel Polleres 2011-05-10
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Fix RIF-in RDF note, publish it, and fix reference in the entailemt doc Sandro Hawke 2011-05-10
ACTION-459 (edit) closed Send request for publication as soon as "modulo" actions are completed (and poke responsibles to complete before 6th) Axel Polleres 2011-05-10
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Record ISSUE-66 as a postponed issue Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-17
ACTION-461 (edit) closed Announce LC docs on semantic-web and public-lod lists. Axel Polleres 2011-05-24
ACTION-462 (edit) closed Draft an informative example for interplay of bindings and service ... to be added post LC Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-05-24
ACTION-463 (edit) closed Have last look concerning LC readiness of Fed query document. Olivier Corby 2011-05-24
ACTION-464 (edit) closed Approve changes regarding extensibility of json results format by allowing additional top-level keys Steve Harris 2011-05-24
ACTION-465 (edit) closed Make sure that publishing fed query and Json res format are on on next week's agenda and suggest pub date. Axel Polleres 2011-05-24
ACTION-466 (edit) closed Change approval status for bindings test cases as per resolution. Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-05-24
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Check back with sandro on Json res short name Axel Polleres 2011-05-24
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Check with Lee on schedule for second batch of docs (protocol, overview, particularly) Axel Polleres 2011-05-24
ACTION-469 (edit) closed Coordinate publication of JSON results LC with Andy and Sandro Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-31
ACTION-470 (edit) closed Coordinate publication of federated query LC with Carlos and Sandro Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-31
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Fix pub-rules issues for federated query Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-05-31
ACTION-472 (edit) closed Update comments wiki for Markus and Graham's ACKs Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-31
ACTION-473 (edit) closed Update approval information for bindings07 Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-31
ACTION-474 (edit) closed Look at SERVICE tests Andy Seaborne 2011-05-31
ACTION-475 (edit) closed Look at SERVICE tests Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-05-31
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Talk to w3 systems team about hosting two simple sparql endpoints for testing SERVICE Eric Prud'hommeaux 2011-05-31
ACTION-477 (edit) closed Work with Carlos and Sandro on manifest vocabulary for testing SERVICE Lee Feigenbaum 2011-05-31
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Figure out what the status of tests for the new SPARQL 1.1 functions are Lee Feigenbaum 2011-06-07
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Finalize overview doc Axel Polleres 2011-06-21
ACTION-480 (edit) closed Review CCV doc within 3 weeks Axel Polleres 2011-06-21
ACTION-481 (edit) closed Set up wiki page for summer unavailability, will send out mail please fill Axel Polleres 2011-06-21
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Update SERVICE test cases based on andy's feedback Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-06-21
ACTION-483 (edit) closed Ping IvanM on his comment. Axel Polleres 2011-06-21
ACTION-484 (edit) closed Look at Kjetil's test case and incorporate it into the SPARQL WG test suite and email the group about it Gregory Williams 2011-06-28
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Talk to Sandro and Eric about the informative note approach to aligning SPARQL with the RDF literal changes Lee Feigenbaum 2011-07-05
ACTION-486 (edit) closed Setup a wiki page for creating a WG note on how RDF expected changes affect SPARQL 1.1 Axel Polleres 2011-07-12
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Draft a section for the test suite README on the vocabulary for SERVICE test cases. Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-07-12
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Ping sandro on re-chartering progress Axel Polleres 2011-07-12
ACTION-489 (edit) closed Review outcome of ACTION-462 as soon as it's done Gregory Williams 2011-07-12
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Review outcome of ACTION-462 as soon as it's done Axel Polleres 2011-07-12
ACTION-491 (edit) closed Review CVS/TSV doc Lee Feigenbaum 2011-07-12
ACTION-492 (edit) closed Check coverage of test suite (on Update) Axel Polleres 2011-07-12
ACTION-493 (edit) closed Add some info on implementers summary to the wiki page Axel Polleres 2011-07-19
ACTION-494 (edit) closed Check coverage on query test cases. Gregory Williams 2011-07-19
ACTION-495 (edit) open Check into protocol test cases and coverage Lee Feigenbaum 2011-07-19
ACTION-496 (edit) closed Think about how test cases for graph store protocol could look like. Chimezie Ogbuji 2011-07-19
ACTION-497 (edit) closed Check entailment regimes test case coverage Axel Polleres 2011-07-19
ACTION-498 (edit) closed Contact Sebastian Conca on how to proceed with his comment. Lee Feigenbaum 2011-07-19
ACTION-499 (edit) closed Inquire at W3C team on next possible pub date. Axel Polleres 2011-08-02
ACTION-500 (edit) closed Review updates in Fed query doc (particularly section 2.4 and 4) for LC readiness Andy Seaborne 2011-08-02
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Review updates in Fed query doc (particularly section 2.4 and 4) for LC readiness Alexandre Passant 2011-08-02
ACTION-502 (edit) closed Review updates in Fed query doc (particularly section 2.4 and 4) for LC readiness Axel Polleres 2011-08-02
ACTION-503 (edit) closed Contaxt sandro on whether we're allowed to change xsl in place in the course of errata Axel Polleres 2011-08-02
ACTION-504 (edit) closed Incorporate into Gregory Williams 2011-08-02
ACTION-505 (edit) open Add a section on result formats in Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-02
ACTION-506 (edit) closed Put "liaison" in next agenda draft. Axel Polleres 2011-08-02
ACTION-507 (edit) closed Draft text for CSV/TSV status para Andy Seaborne 2011-08-09
ACTION-508 (edit) closed Work with editors & team (Ivan) to publish CSV/TSV and JSON results Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-09
ACTION-509 (edit) closed Review latest federated query document for Last Call readiness Gregory Williams 2011-08-09
ACTION-510 (edit) closed Look at Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-09
ACTION-511 (edit) closed Ask team (Ivan) about whether the patch in can be applied without any W3C process Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-09
ACTION-512 (edit) open Add text clarifying that functions/operators that return errors may be extended a la Steve Harris 2011-08-09
ACTION-513 (edit) closed Review and close the pending review actions ( Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-09
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Look at Greg's review of federated query Axel Polleres 2011-08-16
ACTION-515 (edit) closed Review the overview document Matthew Perry 2011-08-16
ACTION-516 (edit) closed Email list with proposed design for dataset parameters in protocol for update requests Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-16
ACTION-517 (edit) closed Look into negative evaluation tests and "silent success test" possibility for update tests. Axel Polleres 2011-08-16
ACTION-518 (edit) closed Add missing test cases to improve Birte Glimm 2011-08-16
ACTION-519 (edit) open Add missing test cases to improve Alexandre Passant 2011-08-17
ACTION-520 (edit) open Complete on what's missing on coverage Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-08-23
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Update test case status for :jsonres01 - :jsonres04 Axel Polleres 2011-08-23
ACTION-522 (edit) closed Change test case status for csv/tsv tests01-03. Axel Polleres 2011-08-23
ACTION-523 (edit) closed Look into test cases at for approval next time. Olivier Corby 2011-08-23
ACTION-524 (edit) closed And lee to push fwd on JSON and CSV/TSV results publication by next week. Axel Polleres 2011-08-23
ACTION-525 (edit) closed Fix references in Axel Polleres 2011-08-23
ACTION-526 (edit) open Add an editorial note to SPARQL update noting that GRAPH <uri> does not affect the base URI for triples within it for INSERT DATA (c. f. Paul Gearon 2011-08-30
ACTION-527 (edit) closed Let us know where the impl report code is in git and to put the generated report file somewhere in our CVS space Gregory Williams 2011-08-30
ACTION-528 (edit) closed Create new "collective" manifests at the granularity of spec conformance (query, update, entailment, fed query, json results, ...) Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-30
ACTION-529 (edit) closed Announce publications on semantic web list as soon as they're out Axel Polleres 2011-09-20
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Check update comments (with paul/alex) and summarize critical issues, if any on mail Axel Polleres 2011-09-20
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Check Query test cases coverage in terms of errors in aggregate evaluation and positiveEXISTS tests Olivier Corby 2011-09-27
ACTION-532 (edit) closed Look into how to generate a script that auto-generates a test cases overview page like we had for Gregory Williams 2011-09-27
ACTION-533 (edit) closed Add a link to the overview do to the wiki and check whether we link to latest WDs in general Axel Polleres 2011-09-27
ACTION-534 (edit) closed Answer stating that we have addressed this comment in spirit. Gregory Williams 2011-09-27
ACTION-535 (edit) closed Look into where we take it from ACTION-504 (need someone to update schema files as well) Axel Polleres 2011-09-27
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Ask W3C security experts about popular / useful hash functions Sandro Hawke 2011-10-04
ACTION-537 (edit) closed Draft text for STRBEFORE, STRAFTER, and REPLACE Andy Seaborne 2011-10-11
ACTION-538 (edit) closed Write tests for STRBEFORE, STRAFTER, and REPLACE Gregory Williams 2011-10-11
ACTION-539 (edit) closed Remove SHA224 from rq25; respond to JB-7 Andy Seaborne 2011-10-11
ACTION-540 (edit) closed Review the overview document after Axel sends a go-ahead Matthew Perry 2011-10-11
ACTION-541 (edit) closed Review the overview document after Axel sends a go-ahead Andy Seaborne 2011-10-11
ACTION-542 (edit) closed Check pubrules for fed query. Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-10-25
ACTION-543 (edit) closed Draft an answer to DB-9, stating that it is too late in the process for this change. Axel Polleres 2011-10-25
ACTION-544 (edit) closed Forward to the person who would make an exception to making the change in TR space Sandro Hawke 2011-11-08
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Follow up with sandro on final publication of Overview and Fed query at earliest possible date (tentatively 10 november) Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Review query 2nd LC as soon as it's ready Gregory Williams 2011-11-15
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Review query 2nd LC as soon as it's ready Birte Glimm 2011-11-15
ACTION-548 (edit) closed Review Graph store protocol for 2nd LC/CR(?) as soon as it's ready. Andy Seaborne 2011-11-15
ACTION-549 (edit) closed Review Graph store protocol for 2nd LC/CR(?) as soon as it's ready. Sandro Hawke 2011-11-15
ACTION-550 (edit) closed Review service description for 2nd LC Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-551 (edit) closed to review service description for 2nd LC Chimezie Ogbuji 2011-11-15
ACTION-552 (edit) closed Review entailment regimes document. Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-553 (edit) closed Check in coordination with Paul/Alex Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-554 (edit) closed Review Update as soon as it's ready Matthew Perry 2011-11-15
ACTION-555 (edit) closed Review update as soon as it's ready Olivier Corby 2011-11-15
ACTION-556 (edit) closed Move JSON results forward to next publication round in schedule Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-557 (edit) closed Addresss comment AM-1 Birte Glimm 2011-11-15
ACTION-558 (edit) closed Discuss with lee where to put "future work" Axel Polleres 2011-11-15
ACTION-559 (edit) closed Review protocol Andy Seaborne 2011-11-22
ACTION-560 (edit) closed Make a best effort attempt to review or delegate a review for protocol Steve Harris 2011-11-22
ACTION-561 (edit) closed Review SPARQL protocol document Olivier Corby 2011-11-22
ACTION-562 (edit) closed Figure out why old text is in the protocol document for specifying RDF datasets in an update operation Lee Feigenbaum 2011-11-24
ACTION-563 (edit) closed Review the graph store protocol document Sandro Hawke 2011-11-29
ACTION-564 (edit) closed Review the graph store protocol document Andy Seaborne 2011-11-29
ACTION-565 (edit) closed Check revised 2.2.3 in protocol doc Andy Seaborne 2011-11-29
ACTION-566 (edit) open Figure out what has to happen to register the MIME types for JSON results and Update requests Sandro Hawke 2011-11-29
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Mark approved test cases after the call Axel Polleres 2011-12-13
ACTION-568 (edit) open Draft a reply along these lines and put a sentence into the Update Appendix on Sec. Considerations. Paul Gearon 2011-12-13
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Check with Lee and sandro about CR minimum comments period, and also about standard text we could put into LCs that might NOT go through CR. "this doc has already implementations as follows and might go directly to PR... " Axel Polleres 2011-12-13
ACTION-570 (edit) open Check RFC wording for MUST SHOULD, MAY across docs. Axel Polleres 2011-12-13
ACTION-571 (edit) closed Try to organize a conversation on POSTing to a graph this week Lee Feigenbaum 2011-12-20
ACTION-572 (edit) closed Draft a reply to NL-1 pointing to stay on the basic level for the CONSTRUCT WHERE shortcut, and that there's the full form for more complex cases Axel Polleres 2012-01-10
ACTION-573 (edit) closed Propose tests for aggregate evaluation errors Gregory Williams 2012-01-24
ACTION-574 (edit) closed Propose tests for positive use of EXISTS Gregory Williams 2012-01-24
ACTION-575 (edit) closed Propose tests for ADD, MOVE, and COPY Matthew Perry 2012-01-24
ACTION-576 (edit) open Propose tests for LOAD and - if possible - CREATE Paul Gearon 2012-01-24
ACTION-577 (edit) open Propose a negative syntax test for turtle bnodes in DELETE DATA Axel Polleres 2012-01-24
ACTION-578 (edit) closed Talk with Lee about putting a test system in place to test endpoints for protocol and service description conformance Gregory Williams 2012-01-24
ACTION-579 (edit) open Post about test suite on public-sparql-dev and -comments list and reach out to implementors Lee Feigenbaum 2012-01-31
ACTION-580 (edit) closed Re-run the implementation report and check in an updated one Gregory Williams 2012-01-31
ACTION-581 (edit) open Work changes to protocol TR publication back into editor's draft Lee Feigenbaum 2012-01-31
ACTION-582 (edit) closed Send a mail to the group when final wording on GSP is in place Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-02-07
ACTION-583 (edit) closed Review GSP upon completion of ACTION-582 Sandro Hawke 2012-02-07
ACTION-584 (edit) closed Review GSP upon completion of ACTION-582 Birte Glimm 2012-02-07
ACTION-585 (edit) closed Suggest some fixing of the wording regarding COPY/MOVE equivalent operations (reagrding atomicity and remarking that some are no-op) and about failure on empty graphs Paul Gearon 2012-02-07
ACTION-586 (edit) closed Mail sandro about loss of UK number Axel Polleres 2012-02-14
ACTION-587 (edit) closed Summarize option 1 and 2 in email Axel Polleres 2012-02-14
ACTION-588 (edit) closed Draft a reply to MO-1 with better wording to the list Gregory Williams 2012-02-14
ACTION-589 (edit) closed Ping lee on ACTION-579 and in case draft a respective mail to comments/dev lists Andy Seaborne 2012-02-14
ACTION-590 (edit) closed Confirm removal of test cases move05 and copy05 per email Paul Gearon 2012-02-21
ACTION-591 (edit) closed Forward Dave Robillard's comment concerns on prefixname syntax to RDF WG Andy Seaborne 2012-02-28
ACTION-592 (edit) closed Incorporate outstanding review and text from sandro into GSP Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-02-28
ACTION-593 (edit) closed Review CSV/TSV for LC readiness Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-03-06
ACTION-594 (edit) closed Review CSV/TSV for LC readiness Gregory Williams 2012-03-06
ACTION-595 (edit) closed Get Overview ready for review in a week Axel Polleres 2012-03-06
ACTION-596 (edit) closed Review Overview doc for LC readiness by completion of ACTION-595 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-03-06
ACTION-597 (edit) closed Review Overview doc for LC readiness by completion of ACTION-595 Matthew Perry 2012-03-06
ACTION-598 (edit) closed Summarize open comments by next week. Axel Polleres 2012-03-06
ACTION-599 (edit) closed Draft response to MLR-1 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-03-13
ACTION-600 (edit) closed Reach out to PP commenters for informal feedback on the direction the WG is headed to resolve those comments Axel Polleres 2012-03-13
ACTION-601 (edit) closed Review the details of Axel Polleres 2012-03-13
ACTION-602 (edit) closed Review the details of Birte Glimm 2012-03-13
ACTION-603 (edit) closed Response to James Lee's commment(s) on Graph Store Protocol, due in two weeks Sandro Hawke 2012-03-20
ACTION-604 (edit) closed Add the counting/noncounting operators and distinct partial paths to future work list Lee Feigenbaum 2012-03-27
ACTION-605 (edit) closed Contact the 3 property path commenters to see if option 6 addresses their concerns with property paths Lee Feigenbaum 2012-04-10
ACTION-606 (edit) closed Update grammar to allow colons in local names Andy Seaborne 2012-04-10
ACTION-607 (edit) closed Update SPARQL grammar for blank node label to match Andy Seaborne 2012-04-10
ACTION-608 (edit) closed Draft joint official reply Lee Feigenbaum 2012-04-17
ACTION-609 (edit) closed Put a visible box near the top of to highlight what's out of date and where else folks should look for now. Gregory Williams 2012-05-01
ACTION-610 (edit) closed Make the discussed changes (XML Results Format) Sandro Hawke 2012-05-01
ACTION-611 (edit) closed Make sure Sandro made the changes correctly Birte Glimm 2012-05-01
ACTION-612 (edit) closed Check in his version of XML Errata, with [PROPOSED] on each one Gregory Williams 2012-05-01
ACTION-613 (edit) closed Document SD test cases in README.html Gregory Williams 2012-05-08
ACTION-614 (edit) closed Write up the different design options on BINDINGS/VALUES to the mailing list for voting Andy Seaborne 2012-05-08
ACTION-615 (edit) closed Review latest changes to property paths, based on Paul Gearon 2012-05-15
ACTION-616 (edit) closed Send a list of affected and unapproved PP test cases to the mailing list (to be approved after new PP design has been approved) Gregory Williams 2012-05-15
ACTION-617 (edit) closed Prepare a 2nd edition/edited recommendation for XMLres to be published along with the next LC round. Sandro Hawke 2012-05-15
ACTION-618 (edit) closed Propose fix in definition of "in-scope" for BIND, cf. Axel Polleres 2012-05-22
ACTION-619 (edit) closed Approve PP test cases as per resolution Gregory Williams 2012-05-22
ACTION-620 (edit) closed Contact carlos to implement change from BINDINGS to VALUES in Fed-query for PR Axel Polleres 2012-05-22
ACTION-621 (edit) closed Contact Chime on when to talk about JL-3 Axel Polleres 2012-05-22
ACTION-622 (edit) closed Set up a page to_PR on the wiki Axel Polleres 2012-05-22
ACTION-623 (edit) closed Review UUID, STRBEFORE, STRAFTER changes in query Matthew Perry 2012-05-29
ACTION-624 (edit) closed Draft syntax tests for at-risk grammar features of query Lee Feigenbaum 2012-05-29
ACTION-625 (edit) closed Look at changes to or adding new STRBEFORE/STRAFTER tests to reflect updated behavior of error case (empty string, no language tag) Gregory Williams 2012-05-29
ACTION-626 (edit) closed Mark MOVE/COPY tests approved Gregory Williams 2012-05-29
ACTION-627 (edit) open Draft responses to RC-1, RC-2, and MLR-1 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-628 (edit) closed Complete specification of protocol tests at Gregory Williams 2012-06-05
ACTION-629 (edit) open Review protocol test specifications pending completion of ACTION-628 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-630 (edit) closed Complete implementation of validator pending completion of ACTION-628 Gregory Williams 2012-06-05
ACTION-631 (edit) closed Work with Andy (and possibly Lee, others) to check validator with existing protocol implementations pending completion of ACTION-630 Gregory Williams 2012-06-05
ACTION-632 (edit) closed Document what the service description validator tests Gregory Williams 2012-06-05
ACTION-633 (edit) closed Put his SD implementation public somewhere & try the SD validator against it Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-06-05
ACTION-634 (edit) open Look over the SD validator code ( Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-635 (edit) closed Draft text for GSP that replaces REST references with HTTP references and send summary/diff to the mailing list Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-06-05
ACTION-636 (edit) closed Look over changes in GSP by two weeks from now Sandro Hawke 2012-06-12
ACTION-637 (edit) closed Reach out to Entailment implementers about status/schedule of their implementations, tell them that we plan within a month Birte Glimm 2012-06-12
ACTION-638 (edit) closed Informally reply on pointing to SD and asking whether formal response is needed. Gregory Williams 2012-06-12
ACTION-639 (edit) closed Move all open comments to a new wiki page Andy Seaborne 2012-06-19
ACTION-640 (edit) closed Send response forKK-15 Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-641 (edit) closed Look back on ACTION-618 and where we were to proceed with in-scope Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-642 (edit) closed Check revision of test case proposed by greg Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-643 (edit) closed Review update Carlos Buil Aranda 2012-06-19
ACTION-644 (edit) closed Review update Olivier Corby 2012-06-19
ACTION-645 (edit) closed Review GSP Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-646 (edit) closed Clarify with Birte about open issues/changes necessaryu in entailment, if any Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-647 (edit) open Review overview Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-06-19
ACTION-648 (edit) open Coordinate with Lee and Sandro on getting other WG reviews. Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-649 (edit) closed Coordinate with Lee and sandro about extension until end of the year and exact schedule Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-650 (edit) closed Mark the *-minuend tests as approved Paul Gearon 2012-07-03
ACTION-651 (edit) closed Reflect WG discussion on SERVICE SILENT to original users and see what the response is. Andy Seaborne 2012-07-03
ACTION-652 (edit) closed Put dynamicfunction calls on future work list and respond to Rob Vesse's comment Lee Feigenbaum 2012-07-03
ACTION-653 (edit) closed Draft a reply on DBooth comment on dataset construction Gregory Williams 2012-07-03
ACTION-654 (edit) closed Check back whether there's a test case for MIN empty set, in case add the query from Gregory Williams 2012-07-10
ACTION-655 (edit) closed Ping Steve on critical path items for Query Axel Polleres 2012-07-10
ACTION-656 (edit) closed Look into and react to greg's suggestion on email Axel Polleres 2012-07-10
ACTION-657 (edit) closed Approve rewording as per Sandro Hawke 2012-07-10
ACTION-658 (edit) closed Clean up to_pr page to mark finished docs Axel Polleres 2012-07-10
ACTION-659 (edit) closed Review query with particular focus on BIND / VALUES Birte Glimm 2012-07-10
ACTION-660 (edit) open Review BIND/VALUES Olivier Corby 2012-07-17
ACTION-661 (edit) closed Confirm Andy's change to the grammar, and run the tests Gregory Williams 2012-07-24
ACTION-662 (edit) closed Record unapprovals Gregory Williams 2012-08-07
ACTION-663 (edit) closed Write a new test for pp28 and run a new report for ARQ on all the tests Andy Seaborne 2012-08-07
ACTION-664 (edit) closed Mark the Sd tests as approved Gregory Williams 2012-08-07
ACTION-665 (edit) closed Mark all query, update, and fed query tests approved Lee Feigenbaum 2012-08-14
ACTION-666 (edit) open See if it's easy to extend current test case structure for the GSP tests Axel Polleres 2012-08-14
ACTION-667 (edit) closed Put together the tests as outlined in this teleconference Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-08-14
ACTION-668 (edit) closed Check action for carlos (cbuilara to look over protocol test cases for completeness) Axel Polleres 2012-08-21
ACTION-669 (edit) closed Ping RIF folks on ER Sandro Hawke 2012-08-21
ACTION-670 (edit) closed Ping RIF WG mailinglist on SPARQL/RIF implementations. Sandro Hawke 2012-08-21
ACTION-671 (edit) closed Ping Nick on whether NH-5 needs a formal response Axel Polleres 2012-08-21
ACTION-672 (edit) closed look over protocol test cases for completeness Carlos Buil Aranda 2012-08-28
ACTION-673 (edit) closed Fix the LC3 spec as per the proposal in Andy Seaborne 2012-08-28
ACTION-674 (edit) open Look into whether additional BIND+FILTERS test cases are needed Axel Polleres 2012-08-28
ACTION-675 (edit) pending review Unapprove test cases as per and attempt to fix them until next telco Andy Seaborne 2012-09-11
ACTION-676 (edit) closed Send off response to BB-1 Axel Polleres 2012-09-11
ACTION-677 (edit) open Draft editial change to GSP to make clear the door is open Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-09-18
ACTION-678 (edit) closed Fix comments on test cases :dawg-delete-using-02a and :dawg-delete-using-06a and remind us to reapprove Gregory Williams 2012-09-25
ACTION-679 (edit) closed Put links to non query/update tests into Axel Polleres 2012-09-25
ACTION-680 (edit) closed Alert all editors to be if possible present next week and the week after to resolve last issues Axel Polleres 2012-09-25
ACTION-681 (edit) closed Check and make a list of things we'll go through per doc next time. Sandro Hawke 2012-09-25
ACTION-682 (edit) closed Ask Rob Vesse Re:RV-10 for some specific editorial suggestion. Axel Polleres 2012-09-25
ACTION-683 (edit) closed Make changes in the manifest on newly approved tests, also cleaning up commented test cases replaced. Gregory Williams 2012-10-02
ACTION-684 (edit) closed Send an update on regarding Entailment tests. Birte Glimm 2012-10-02
ACTION-685 (edit) open Review entailment tests which have at least one pass, such that we can approve them nexty week Axel Polleres 2012-10-02
ACTION-686 (edit) closed Sync with Lee on drafting a response to RC-2 Gregory Williams 2012-10-02
ACTION-687 (edit) open Make editorial edits on update explaining the intended behaviour on bnodes shared across operations Axel Polleres 2012-10-02
ACTION-688 (edit) closed Check Birte's README edits on entailment tests Axel Polleres 2012-10-02
ACTION-689 (edit) open Clean up the scribelist Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-690 (edit) open And Lee to document expectation of comparing numeric results in test results in Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-691 (edit) closed Make change to rq25 to reflect banning use of the same bNode label across operations. Notify WG when done. Andy Seaborne 2012-10-09
ACTION-692 (edit) closed Approve the change re: banning multiple same blank node label in update requests Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-693 (edit) closed Update wording in update document to be consistent wiht change re: blank node labels in query doc Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-694 (edit) closed Mark approved tests in Birte Glimm 2012-10-16
ACTION-695 (edit) closed Align wording of SD and protocol wrt. terminology and implement wording as per Gregory Williams 2012-10-16
ACTION-696 (edit) open Review changes as per ACTION-695 Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-10-16
ACTION-697 (edit) open Set up a validator for GSP tests Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-10-16
ACTION-698 (edit) closed Implement errata on XMLres and bring it in format for proposed edited recommendation Sandro Hawke 2012-10-16
ACTION-699 (edit) closed Clarify shortname for XMLres edited rec with W3C team Sandro Hawke 2012-10-16
ACTION-700 (edit) closed Review changes as per ACTION-698 Axel Polleres 2012-10-16
ACTION-701 (edit) closed Check all docs for the correct XML Schema datatypes reference Birte Glimm 2012-10-16
ACTION-702 (edit) closed Mark these 3 regimes AT-RISK in entailment doc Birte Glimm 2012-10-30
ACTION-703 (edit) closed Notify editors about Changes Since LC section Lee Feigenbaum 2012-10-30
ACTION-704 (edit) closed Notify Birte about ACTION-702 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-10-30
ACTION-705 (edit) open Reach out to non-WG SPARQL implementors to check on implementation plans Lee Feigenbaum 2012-10-30
ACTION-706 (edit) open And Lee to make sure that unapproved tests get approved in a telecon soon Axel Polleres 2012-10-30
ACTION-707 (edit) closed Transfer Update changes since LC from mailinglist and other changes to other docs (where not already done) Axel Polleres 2012-11-06
ACTION-708 (edit) closed Check whether references in Query are up-to-date Andy Seaborne 2012-11-06
ACTION-709 (edit) closed Check back with Sandro whether [XSDT] reference to XML Schema 1.0 is ok in Query Axel Polleres 2012-11-06
ACTION-710 (edit) closed Add references to other specs to (in the Editors' draft) Andy Seaborne 2012-11-06
ACTION-711 (edit) open Look look at RIF test cases from Paul Gearon 2012-11-06
ACTION-712 (edit) closed Mark :agg-empty-group as unapproved and :agg-empty-group2 as approved in pointing to the resp. resolution from the minutes. Gregory Williams 2012-11-06
ACTION-713 (edit) closed Contact AC Rep of DERI as well. Axel Polleres 2012-11-20
ACTION-714 (edit) closed Make a spreadsheet on entailment tests (which regimes they apply to) Birte Glimm 2012-11-20
ACTION-715 (edit) closed Add remark to README and draft a reply to JW-1. Axel Polleres 2012-11-27
ACTION-716 (edit) open Add more RIF test cases based on Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-11-27
ACTION-717 (edit) closed Prepare a list of tst cases from by next Telco which at least 2implementations pass. Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-11-27
ACTION-718 (edit) closed Change the link in README.html to Axel Polleres 2012-11-27
ACTION-719 (edit) closed Mark test cases for protocol as approved as per resolution Gregory Williams 2012-11-27
ACTION-720 (edit) closed Write a mail summarizing unapproved update test cases Paul Gearon 2012-11-27
ACTION-721 (edit) closed Make a list of unapproved Entailment test cases passed by at least two implementations. Birte Glimm 2012-11-27
ACTION-722 (edit) open Mark tests in as approved Birte Glimm 2012-12-04
ACTION-723 (edit) closed Mark tests in as approved Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-12-04
ACTION-724 (edit) open Talk to Axel about taking care of unapproved tests for update Lee Feigenbaum 2012-12-04
ACTION-725 (edit) closed Answer to and implement requested editorial fix. Gregory Williams 2012-12-11
ACTION-726 (edit) open Reply to Lee Feigenbaum 2012-12-11
ACTION-727 (edit) closed Prepare a proper agenda for next time Axel Polleres 2012-12-11
ACTION-728 (edit) open Mark test cases as approved in the manifest Birte Glimm 2012-12-11
ACTION-729 (edit) open Summarize unapproved test cases which need approval for the next meeting (and hopefully report on a second implementation passing them ;-)) Birte Glimm 2012-12-11
ACTION-730 (edit) open Approve test cases as per resolution in this telco Birte Glimm 2012-12-18
ACTION-731 (edit) closed Comment out insert05 in manifest Gregory Williams 2012-12-18
ACTION-732 (edit) closed Mark update testcases approved in this telco in the manifest Gregory Williams 2012-12-18
ACTION-733 (edit) open Comment/rmeove unapproved GSP test cases in themanifest Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-12-18
ACTION-734 (edit) open Take out AT RISK notes from entailment Birte Glimm 2012-12-18

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