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Action Items Pending Review

There is 1 pending review action.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-675 (edit) pending review Unapprove test cases as per and attempt to fix them until next telco Andy Seaborne 2012-09-11

Overdue action items

There are 42 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-389 (edit) open Update sparql namespace document with URIs for existing & new functions and aggregates as per Sandro Hawke 2011-02-15
ACTION-442 (edit) open Figure out why styling of RFC2119 tags is different across documents Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-26
ACTION-495 (edit) open Check into protocol test cases and coverage Lee Feigenbaum 2011-07-19
ACTION-505 (edit) open Add a section on result formats in Lee Feigenbaum 2011-08-02
ACTION-512 (edit) open Add text clarifying that functions/operators that return errors may be extended a la Steve Harris 2011-08-09
ACTION-519 (edit) open Add missing test cases to improve Alexandre Passant 2011-08-17
ACTION-520 (edit) open Complete on what's missing on coverage Carlos Buil Aranda 2011-08-23
ACTION-526 (edit) open Add an editorial note to SPARQL update noting that GRAPH <uri> does not affect the base URI for triples within it for INSERT DATA (c. f. Paul Gearon 2011-08-30
ACTION-566 (edit) open Figure out what has to happen to register the MIME types for JSON results and Update requests Sandro Hawke 2011-11-29
ACTION-568 (edit) open Draft a reply along these lines and put a sentence into the Update Appendix on Sec. Considerations. Paul Gearon 2011-12-13
ACTION-570 (edit) open Check RFC wording for MUST SHOULD, MAY across docs. Axel Polleres 2011-12-13
ACTION-576 (edit) open Propose tests for LOAD and - if possible - CREATE Paul Gearon 2012-01-24
ACTION-577 (edit) open Propose a negative syntax test for turtle bnodes in DELETE DATA Axel Polleres 2012-01-24
ACTION-579 (edit) open Post about test suite on public-sparql-dev and -comments list and reach out to implementors Lee Feigenbaum 2012-01-31
ACTION-581 (edit) open Work changes to protocol TR publication back into editor's draft Lee Feigenbaum 2012-01-31
ACTION-627 (edit) open Draft responses to RC-1, RC-2, and MLR-1 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-629 (edit) open Review protocol test specifications pending completion of ACTION-628 Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-634 (edit) open Look over the SD validator code ( Lee Feigenbaum 2012-06-05
ACTION-647 (edit) open Review overview Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-06-19
ACTION-648 (edit) open Coordinate with Lee and Sandro on getting other WG reviews. Axel Polleres 2012-06-19
ACTION-660 (edit) open Review BIND/VALUES Olivier Corby 2012-07-17
ACTION-666 (edit) open See if it's easy to extend current test case structure for the GSP tests Axel Polleres 2012-08-14
ACTION-674 (edit) open Look into whether additional BIND+FILTERS test cases are needed Axel Polleres 2012-08-28
ACTION-677 (edit) open Draft editial change to GSP to make clear the door is open Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-09-18
ACTION-685 (edit) open Review entailment tests which have at least one pass, such that we can approve them nexty week Axel Polleres 2012-10-02
ACTION-687 (edit) open Make editorial edits on update explaining the intended behaviour on bnodes shared across operations Axel Polleres 2012-10-02
ACTION-689 (edit) open Clean up the scribelist Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-690 (edit) open And Lee to document expectation of comparing numeric results in test results in Axel Polleres 2012-10-09
ACTION-696 (edit) open Review changes as per ACTION-695 Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-10-16
ACTION-697 (edit) open Set up a validator for GSP tests Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-10-16
ACTION-705 (edit) open Reach out to non-WG SPARQL implementors to check on implementation plans Lee Feigenbaum 2012-10-30
ACTION-706 (edit) open And Lee to make sure that unapproved tests get approved in a telecon soon Axel Polleres 2012-10-30
ACTION-711 (edit) open Look look at RIF test cases from Paul Gearon 2012-11-06
ACTION-716 (edit) open Add more RIF test cases based on Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-11-27
ACTION-722 (edit) open Mark tests in as approved Birte Glimm 2012-12-04
ACTION-724 (edit) open Talk to Axel about taking care of unapproved tests for update Lee Feigenbaum 2012-12-04
ACTION-726 (edit) open Reply to Lee Feigenbaum 2012-12-11
ACTION-728 (edit) open Mark test cases as approved in the manifest Birte Glimm 2012-12-11
ACTION-729 (edit) open Summarize unapproved test cases which need approval for the next meeting (and hopefully report on a second implementation passing them ;-)) Birte Glimm 2012-12-11
ACTION-730 (edit) open Approve test cases as per resolution in this telco Birte Glimm 2012-12-18
ACTION-733 (edit) open Comment/rmeove unapproved GSP test cases in themanifest Chimezie Ogbuji 2012-12-18
ACTION-734 (edit) open Take out AT RISK notes from entailment Birte Glimm 2012-12-18

Action items due next week

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