Weekly telecon of Rich Web Application Backplane XG

18 Aug 2009


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wiecha, Steven, +31.20.592.aaaa, jackjansen
Charlie Wiecha



Huh, dropped, and there I wasn talking away toi no one

It works in Opera as long as I don't open it from mail

<scribe> Scribe: Steven

<scribe> Chair: Charlie

Backplane XG draft report


Charlie: I'm going to add a bunch of figures

Jack: If people aren't interested in expense tracking, they must be able to get through section 2, understanding that it is only an example

Steven: Should section 2 be later?

Jack: Not sure
... but maybe we can decide that later
... the purpose is to convince people in the field that this is great stuff and needs a WG

Charlie: The pattern stuff is new, so you won't have seen that yet
... please send comments by email
... I'm not convinced that sections 4 and 5 need to be separate

Jack: So section 4 is about earlier implementations
... oh wait, there are event-based patterns, and then the suggestion that we define how to do it with a ubiquity-like library
... maybe section 3 needs to be split into the pattern stuff, and how we encode them in XML extensions

Charlie: Even in the markup syntax there could be different representations of the same patterns

Jack: I think there will be little discussion about the patterns

<jackjansen> still there

<jackjansen> gone for you?

<jackjansen> not for me.

<jackjansen> ok.

Charlie: Any update on the SMIL side?

Jack: Sorry, no I've been on holiday

Charlie: We have 5 or 6 weeks left, any chance of adding the event-based trigger we talked about?

Jack: Did you try what I sent?

Charlie: Yes, worked great, even in FF

<wiecha> would like to be able to dispatch a DOMActivate on a SMIL element and have that execute

<wiecha> and also from within SMIL to be able to dispatch events elsewhere

Jack: How will you dispathc?

Charlie: XForms dispatch

Steven: Regular DOM events
... in the normal way that events goup and down the tree

Charlie: And doing the same thing dispatching from inside SMIL to somewhere else

Jack: [talks to self about what he would need]

<wiecha> could also use xf:dispatch element from within SMIL

Charlie: Use xf:dispatch inside SMIL

<wiecha> something like <smil ev:event="DOMActivate"...>

Jack: And visibility on DOM Activate?

Charlie: You'll have to find out

Jack: I'll try by end of next week
... I get my degree this week

Summary of Action Items

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