Rich Web Application Backplane XG telecon

11 Aug 2009


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Charlie, John, Steven
Charlie Wiecha




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XG report

Charlie: Last chance to get any SMIL updates from Jack is coming up soon.
... Would like to show the SMIL work as part of the demonstration to show cross component coordination
... Interesting stuff we can do in the help panel, but needs a little more wiring work. Could do the SMIL app as standalone, but would be better on wiring
... Charter ends Oct. 8, and XG's seem to have their reports done by when their charters end

<wiecha> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2009Aug/0002.html

Charlie: Mark Birbeck completed the invited expert questionnaire, and it got approved by W3 mgmt, so he is now able to participate as a co-author
... Hope to get a first draft out by next week
... two main parts to write about. 1) extending browser infrastructure to better support ubiquity-like libraries
... Uli pointed out that we should not skip XML events here
... Section 3.2 discusses how the extensibility is being done now, not necessarily completely incompatibly, but also not by any means in the same way.
... Would be better to have a common approach to this extensibility.
... TPAC is going to talk about extensibility in HTML5. This report will be providing use cases and background on current techniques
... Section 4 is application patterns discussion
... How do we get back to some of the richness we had in the "old" client/server days that we would like to now get "on the web"
... Capabilities that haven't even resurfaced yet in the likes of Dojo
... Also want to deal with richness of heterogeneous markup formats
... deal with their composability

John: Truly minor point, may want to make the patterns the "top level" points in section 4, not subordinate to the examples

Charlie: agree
... This section's patterns is how/why this XG got started
... How do we want to organize this, and does anyone want to write a piece?
... Other XGs have produced reports from 5 pages to 40 pages. How much do we want to say?

Steven: Who is this targetted at and what do we want to achieve?
... I think the answer is that it is aimed at the AC
... And I think we want an extension to push this further

Charlie: It's also targetted at the HTML5 extensibility discussion

<Steven> brb

Charlie: That the AC will have at the TPAC

John: I think we should go with iterative deepening; don't go into gory details until necessary.

<Steven> back

John: For example, I was looking even at the outline and thinking that Section 4 on app patterns should precede the infrastructure discussion

Charlie: Yes, that order makes for a crisper read. I like that
... The even deeper drill-down into implementations could be done in appendices
... Any volunteers to write some of this?

Steven: I should have a bit of time

Charlie: I'll take a first draft at the parts that make sense for me, then pass Steven the token

meeting adjourns

Summary of Action Items

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