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Meeting: Rich Web Application Backplane XG telecon
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Chair: Charlie Wiecha
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Topic: XG report
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Charlie: Last chance to get any SMIL updates from Jack is coming up soon.
15:12:33 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Would like to show the SMIL work as part of the demonstration to show cross component coordination
15:13:18 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Interesting stuff we can do in the help panel, but needs a little more wiring work. Could do the SMIL app as standalone, but would be better on wiring
15:13:35 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Charter ends Oct. 8, and XG's seem to have their reports done by then
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s/then/when their charters end
15:14:37 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Mark Birbeck completed the invited expert questionnaire, and it got approved by W3 mgmt, so he is now able to participate as a co-author
15:15:54 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Hope to get a first draft out by next week
15:16:48 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: two main parts to write about. 1) extending browser infrastructure to better support ubiquity-like libraries
15:17:01 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Uli pointed out that we should not skip XML events here
15:18:34 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Section 3.2 discusses how the extensibility is being done now, not necessarily completely incompatibly, but also not by any means in the same way.
15:18:54 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Would be better to have a common approach to this extensibility.
15:20:25 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: TPAC is going to talk about extensibility in HTML5. This report will be providing use cases and background on current techniques
15:21:40 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Section 4 is application patterns discussion
15:22:17 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: How do we get back to some of the richness we had in the "old" client/server days that we would like to now get "on the web"
15:22:47 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Capabilities that haven't even resurfaced yet in the likes of Dojo
15:22:59 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Also want to deal with richness of heterogeneous markup formats
15:23:08 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: deal with their composability
15:25:20 [John_Boyer]
John: Truly minor point, may want to make the patterns the "top level" points in section 4, not subordinate to the examples
15:25:24 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: agree
15:25:51 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: This section's patterns is how/why this XG got started
15:26:27 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: How do we want to organize this, and does anyone want to write a piece?
15:26:58 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Other XGs have produced reports from 5 pages to 40 pages. How much do we want to say?
15:27:28 [John_Boyer]
Steven: Who is this targetted at and what do we want to achieve?
15:27:43 [John_Boyer]
Steven: I think the answer is that it is aimed at the AC
15:27:56 [John_Boyer]
Steven: And I think we want an extension to push this further
15:28:10 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: It's also targetted at the HTML5 extensibility discussion
15:28:30 [Steven]
15:28:32 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: That the AC will have at the TPAC
15:30:00 [John_Boyer]
John: I think we should go with iterative deepening; don't go into gory details until necessary.
15:30:25 [Steven]
15:30:39 [John_Boyer]
John: For example, I was looking even at the outline and thinking that Section 4 on app patterns should precede the infrastructure discussion
15:31:14 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Yes, that order makes for a crisper read. I like that
15:31:28 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: The even deeper drill-down into implementations could be done in appendices
15:31:58 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: Any volunteers to write some of this?
15:32:04 [John_Boyer]
Steven: I should have a bit of time
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15:32:29 [John_Boyer]
Charlie: I'll take a first draft at the parts that make sense for me, then pass Steven the token
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meeting adjourns
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Present: Charlie, John, Steven
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