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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit)
CLOSED Combining Media Fragment URI with other time-clipping methods 2009-01-21 0
ISSUE-2 (edit)
CLOSED What is the mime type of a media fragment? What is its relation with its parent resource? 2009-01-21 0
ISSUE-3 (edit)
media type handling
CLOSED Does our MF URI syntax imply that we need to update MIME Type registrations? 2009-01-28 0
ISSUE-4 (edit)
predefined track names
CLOSED Should we pre-define some track names? 2009-03-04 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
spatial cropping
CLOSED Handling spatial cropping requires information at client-side 2009-04-07 0
ISSUE-6 (edit)
temporal clipping and transcoding
CLOSED Temporal clips that require transcoding 2009-04-07 0
ISSUE-7 (edit)
UA MF resolution and processing
CLOSED User Agent Media Fragment Resolution and Processing 2009-04-18 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
MF WG decisions
CLOSED Missing collection of MF WG decisions 2009-04-18 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
media type in TC
CLOSED Should we have the media type inside the Test Cases? 2009-05-13 0
ISSUE-10 (edit)
Test Case maintenance
CLOSED Media Fragments Test Case Maintenance 2009-05-20 0
ISSUE-11 (edit)
CLOSED How the UA knows the full media duration when only a fragment is served? 2009-08-18 0
ISSUE-12 (edit)
image sprite
CLOSED What's the relationship between Images (CSS) Sprites and the spatial dimension of the Media Fragments URI scheme? 2009-08-19 0
ISSUE-13 (edit)
CLOSED Write a IETF draft for proposing how to register the fragment scheme for all media types 2009-08-20 0
ISSUE-14 (edit)
Embedded time stamps
CLOSED How to deal with embedded time stamps 2010-01-28 0
ISSUE-15 (edit)
wrong issue
CLOSED Which def should we take? 2010-03-03 0
ISSUE-16 (edit)
combining fragment dimensions
CLOSED Combining axis is probably not going to be done by LC, but we should write somewhere that this is doable 2010-03-08 0
ISSUE-17 (edit)
CLOSED Media Fragment track names and IRIs 2010-06-16 0
ISSUE-18 (edit)
CLOSED RTSP processing of Media Fragments URI 2010-06-23 0
ISSUE-19 (edit)
CLOSED Parsing must be defined normatively in the MF spec itself 2010-07-05 0
ISSUE-20 (edit) CLOSED Create a IETF draft at CR stage explaining what the media fragment semantics will be for video/*, image/*, audio/* 2010-11-02 0
ISSUE-21 (edit)
Fragment by Reference
CLOSED Expressing complex regions with a reference in Media Fragments URI 2011-03-22 0

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