Testsuite for the API for Media Resources 1.0

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Florian Stegmaier, University of Passau
이원석(WonSuk Lee), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Felix Sasaki, DFKI GmbH

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The public API 1.0 Test Suite was designed to validate the API for Media Resources 1.0 specification.

The API 1.0 Test Suite is maintained by the Media Annotations Working Group.

This Test Suite covers  the multimedia metadata formats and features to be tested by the implementations.

The following elements are considered features of the API:

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1. Formats

The API is designed for both client- and server side implementations. Depending on whether the API is implemented in a user agent or plugin, or as a web service, different communication patterns are more appropriate. In the client side case, asynchronous access is typically preferred, while synchronous access is more appropriate for a web service. Thus the two version of the interface are not considered distinct features but different modes of access for the different use cases.

2. Formats in scope

The following tables lists the formats that were selected as in-scope. We distinguish multimedia metadata formats that focus on the description of multimedia resources from multimedia container formats. In the case of the latter, only few technical properties are relevant, because of they widespread usage.

The API for Media Resources 1.0 specification defines a specific JSON response structure, to which a implementation has to be compliant. To enable an (automatic) evaluation, a normative JSON response for a example media resource for each metadata format has been created covering all properties defined in the corresponding mapping table. These files are available in following sections 2.1 and 2.2.

Note: The example media resources have been taken from the in the Ontology for Media Resource 1.0

2.1 Multimedia metadata formats in scope

Metadata format Example Normative JSON response
DIG35 DIG35 example
Dublin Core Dublin Core example
EBU Core EBU Core example
Exif 2.2 Exif 2.2 example
ID3 ID3 example
IPTC IPTC example
LOM 2.1 LOM 2.1 example
Media RSS Media RSS example
MPEG-7 MPEG-7 example
DMS-1 DMS-1 example
TTML TTML example
TV-Anytime TV-Anytime example
TXFeed TXFeed example
XMP XMP example
YouTube YouTube example

2.2 Multimedia container formats

Metadata format Example Normative JSON response
3gp 3GP example
f4v F4V example
flv FLV example
mp4 MP4 example
quicktime Quicktime example

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