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Mw4d glossary

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MW4D Glossary

This document provides definitions for the terms used by this interest group. It is aimed at reducing possible ambiguity in existing documents, and at helping authors write new ones. However, since some concepts do overlap, and it is sometimes impossible to provide an unequivocal definition.

  • Tool
    • A mobile web software application (sometimes including specific hardware) used by a project.
    • Example: Ushahidi is a tool, used for the Sudan Vote Monitor project.
    • Notes: often, a tool is written specifically for a project, in which case both terms are used interchangeably. Also, a tool can be software library or plugin which runs as a component of another application.
    • Prefer to: platform, application, implementation, deployment

  • Project
    • An individual or collaborative entreprise aimed at achieving predefined goals. In this context, projects are most often run by NGOs and their objectives are humanitarian. The projects mentioned here are implemented through the use of tools.
    • Example: CGNet Swara is a grassroots journalism project that is implemented using a modified instance of the Audio Wiki tool
    • Prefer to: enterprise, story, business

  • Technology
    • In this context, a mechanism to transport information, considered belonging to the Mobile Web. For instance: SMS, mobile websites or voice interaction.
    • Example: FrontLineSMS is a tool based on SMS technology