eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference

3 Sep 2008

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Katie Haritos-Shea, Josema, Kevin, Owen, Kjetil, Benjamin, Chris, Rachel, Ari, Trond, Pasquale (IRC only), +1.301.455.aaaa, +39.25.aabb, +1.202.256.aaee, +1.301.384.aaff
Roberto, Rinke
Josema, Kevin
Kjetil, Josema


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<josema> kjetil, are you around?

<josema> you are supposed to scribe today

<kjetil> josema, yeah, but phone problems

<josema> scribe: josema

Convene, agenda adjustments

kevin: welcome everybody, thanks for coming

josema: apologies for sending the documents so late

Introductions - new people onboard

[introducing new Members]

[Tanya, John not here, jose and Kevin give short intro]

<scribe> scribe: kjetil

[Ari mentions Openhouse project by Sunlight]

trond: representative from Oracle
... previously worked for the European Commission

josema: Martin Mollema (NL) is not around either, joining the Group soon

josema: I got regrets from a few people, but not all, so it is difficult to know who is on the call
... please send us your regrets to the mailing list, or the chairs
... we have to pre-book ports on the conference system, so please let us know a little in advance

Review of open action items

<josema> http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/track/actions/open

josema: mentions some long acronyms we should be in touch with
... we are chartered to find ways to cooperate

[reviewing some of liaisons here]

[Kevin is reporting on ongoing efforts to establish collaborations]

[potential joint event with OASIS in March in DC]

[The World Bank could provide room and some logistics]

[late March]

[talked about funding, they are putting together an internal proposal??]

[talked about open standards and the use in their projects]

[Kevin to speak at FIRM event on September, 24th]

<chris> i'm on

<josema> hope so

<chris> not sure

<josema> maybe aagg

<josema> chris, is your number +1.202.488--something

<chris> yes, that's me. i'm on mute

josema: let us look at wikis for the TF's, lets also hear their leaders

Kevin: before we do that, let us go back to the workshop in spring
... what should that look like?
... we are already two weeks into the time span for this group, and we need to speed up now

Group Activity Plan

<josema> Group Outline

<josema> Activity Plan

<josema> [kevin reviews plan]

<josema> yes, we need feedback!!

<josema> we need the expertise from the Group

chris: I would like to review the group activity and align that with the actions for the task force

josema: these plans are not fixed, they are food for thought
... we are trying to find out what the eGov Activity should be, not just for the present IG
... there are lots of questions about what we should do

[Kevin leaves call]

josema: there is an article from some guys at Princeton about open government
... it got a lot of attention, in blogs and so on
... it says the govt should stop publishing websites and focus on publishing open data
... to use by persons and organisations
... we will send the reference, when I have it handy
... if anybody has it handy, please send it to the group list? Owen, please?
... I will try to find it
... task force chairs: what do you expect from your task force?

owen: will do

chris: I have heard from some individuals about interest in the TF
... I will be updating the use case documents

josema: I have been reviewing guidelines from several countries
... some countries say "follow these specs, this performance level" and so on

<pasquale> sorry, I am not able to continue, hi all

josema: several countries have been working on this
... would it be interesting to compile "the best of the best"?

chris.a: Yeah, I think that would be very interesting

josema: Rachel, if the group would produce that, would it be useful for you?

rachel: the guiding principles are there
... we have documented a lot of practices
... the more we can do the same way not only in the US, but all over the world, the better it is

josema: I hope a lot of people will send you email about joining this TF effort

<josema> september... I'm full of energy :)

ari: please put up the things that you read and find interesting to the wiki

josema: how do you envision the TF work?

ari: the goal is to find out how open standards are used to gain transparancy, and where are the gaps
... the short term goals is to find out what's out there

josema: any other comments?

[none heard]

josema: any other comments?
... let us talk about IG Notes
... we are supposed to produce one for each TF
... we have two months to produce those
... we are supposed to be doing that right now, and we have not really started
... I will try to push a little bit
... I will try to help with the W3C editing principles, which are not very hard, but they are there, and involve valid (X)HTML and things like that
... we have very tight deadlines now

Face to Face Meeting

josema: I sent an email about the F2F meeting
... the meeting is in Mandelieu, near Cannes
... the discount rate expires on next monday

<Beng> jose's mail is : http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-egov-ig/2008Aug/0004.html

josema: there are other hotels of course
... the deadline for the meeting is sept 28
... this is the TPAC, the Technical Plenary, which is the main W3C technical meeting
... it is one of the best meetings in the year, highly recommended
... if we need to interact with other groups, the best experts will be there
... most meetings are open to observers, so you may join other meetings
... this is very useful to learn technologies, and all the experts are there

[Important dates: sept 8th and sept 28th]

josema: any questions?

[none heard]

Liaisons: review

josema: Kevin allready mentioned OASIS and the World Bank
... we are in a state where we try to gain more knowledge about each other
... we will return to the group with reports

<josema> http://www.semic.eu

josema: we have had some interest from the Semantic Interoperability in Europe (SEMIC.EU)
... this is especially relevant to data integration
... we will meet with the project in Brussels
... how do we see that vision
... they are compiling a repository of "interoperability assets"
... I will find out more about this in two weeks from now in the meeting

Trond: it is a very interesting project, with large challenges

<josema> Ontaria

josema: Ontaria was a related W3C project
... that project is paused
... I will try to find out more

kjetil: mentioned the liasons established by Computas

<josema> I lost my phone connection :(

josema: any further questions?
... please take a look at the documents
... thank you all!
... next meeting: 17 Sept.


<josema> thanks all for particippating today

<josema> thanks kjetil for scribing!

Summary of Action Items

[no new ACTIONS]

[End of minutes]

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