Government Interest Group - Call

9 Jul 2008

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Kevin Novak (Chair) (American Institute of Architects), Rachel Flagg (IE), Kjetil Kjernsmo (Computas AS), Owen Ambur (IE), Peter Krantz (IE), Chris Testa (USHMM), Óscar Azañón, Robin Berjon (IE), Rick Murphy (IE), Tom van Engers (University of Amsterdam), Rinke Hoekstra (University of Amsterdam), John Sheridan (UK National Archives), Mercedes (UK National Archives), Benjamin Nguyen, Peter Krantz (IE), Pasquale Popolizio (IRC only)

Ari, Roberto, Josema
Katie Haritos-Shea


Welcome/Scribe selection

[Kevin Novak will be chairing and speaking today]

[Katie Haritos-Shea scribe (via email - inside gov firewall - not on IRC) ]

Review of Agenda/open and due action items

[Ari Schwartz, Coordinator, Transparency and Participation Task Force cannot be here today to discuss his group. He was called to attend a US Senate meeting in Washington DC. His agenda item will be skipped today.]


[kevin debriefs first Chairs + Coordinators meeting, minutes at http://www.w3.org/2008/07/03-egov-minutes]

kevin:we are excited about participation so far
... looking to expand our outreach to garner further interest and activity
... writing article for US publication
... Jose has published an article in the egov monitor about the IG and the work ahead
... reach out and monitor blogoshpere on egov work
... reach out to DC based Web Managers Roundtable
... (with about 200 people) in Washington DC. 50% of members are government folks.
... looking to host a workshop in DC in Spring
... in collaboration with OASIS. Workshop will focus on work that is in the interest of both OASIS and W3C

[[Kevin asked the members to watch the variety of blogs focused on egov and take some initiative to post comments on those blogs to alert others about the egov ig and the work ahead. We all need to be outreaching to the community in order to get the word out.]]

kevin:Jose and I had a call with Carol Cosgrove-Sacks (OASIS) and will schedule a call with AIIM
... second meeting with OASIS so far
... looking for eGov IG to convene a meeting/workshop in late March early April in the Washington DC area in the US
... Carol and Kevin to outreach to The World Bank to involve them with the event and ask for sponsorship

Introductions New Members/Roll Call

kevin:new members please identify yourself

rachel:Chair of US Government Federal Web Managers Council (Counter group to federal CIO Council for Web Managers)
... just joined as IE
... I'll be happy to help recruiting

benjamin:Université de Versailles St-Quentin, France (Laboratory PRiSM)
... lobby in the direction of the French government
... want to convince French government use and promote eGov iniatives.

tom:Professor in Legal Knowledge Management
... University of Amsterdam/Faculty of Law
... Leibniz Center for Law

[Rinke Hoekstra from UVA also present]

chris:Director of of outreach technologies at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
... new to W3C
... coordinating a Task Force (Usage of Web Standards)

Overview of Draft Activity Plan

kevin:draft Activity Plan will be put up soon
... we need to spend the first quarter focused on information gathering
... and honing of issues and work agenda for the group
... I ask that all begin using the wiki in order to pull together all that we are aware of
... we do not want to recreate the wheel
... and respect many other groups and individuals are working on the wide area of egov
... and have accomplished much in the process
... we need to review and incorporate this work and not try to duplicate it

kevin:Jose and I want the group to be focused and therefore successful
... the first quarter activity will also include looking for and talking
... with other organizations about partnerships and sharing
... the second quarter is a focus on review of all the collected materials
... and use cases on the wiki with a large amount of discussion
... the remainder of the year will be focused on validating and or creating use cases
... and to begin to identify the structure and content of our final report
... the report will also focus on our workplan for year 2.

rachel:want Feedback on our biggest Issues?
... my group is working on a White Paper for the next administration

owen:Webmasters Council has a Strategic Plan
... that I modeled using StratML

@@:do we want to set goals for the three Task Forces?

kevin:Jose and I discussed keeping everybody together at least initially
... so that we were all aware of the work of the group members
... and hope to create some synergies between members before we allow the groups to break apart on their own

kevin:all IRC logs are public
... Action Plan will be put up soon

[example: today's log]

[Someone Joined: Peter Krantz]

oscar:we should discuss tasks
... we should put his info up on Wiki
... e.g. about the use of Semantic Web technologies
... wake a list so that we can all see it
... I have the impression that writing use cases at this point will be difficult

chris:I agree. We will talk about scope areas

kevin:Oscar and I discussed this before
... maybe we do not need to write Use Cases because so much is already out there
... and should review what already exists, identify gaps and then set a plan for what needs to be created

Focused Discussion on Sub Group Work

[Chris on some ideas]

[First Phase:
Information Gathering: Gather information on Best Practices that are needed. Should be drawn from experience. May be overlap with other groups.

Second Phase:
Web Standards: Accessibility and other existing best practice Materials and Tools.


Baseline Standards compliance of web sites.

Who is doing it right? Show series of Best practices.

Web Development.


Mobile Web.

QA, Security, Authentication (important for agencies for communications).





Web Services.]

<tom> Use what is already out there as far as the resources go. Do not recreate the wheel.

kevin: Please use the wiki to put up all existing resources that we know that are out there to share with the group.

tom:make a distincion - existing W3C standards used by governments -
... the other is re-useable (I am thinking of re-usable legal documents and ontologies).

@@:most countries would be interested in this

chris:exactly. I will post a draft

kevin:is anyone on this group in the W3C Internationalization working group?
... I think that this will be very important
... I was recently involved with the group
... The US govt is struggling with understanding and setting a path to ensure sites and content are accessible across the world
... I am sure others are considering and evaluating their approaches.

chris:Best practices of delivering multi-lingual content

rachel:my Group has some folks working on this
... will see if I can get them involved

chris:Rachel, can we draw on some of your work?

rachel: definitely. I will plug in links

kevin:Members, please let chairs of the groups know if you are interested in working with their group
... they need your help

chris:I will put up Activity Breif (for Usage of Web Standards) - areas of interest - activities.

tom:Do you have available or need the list the EU already uses for standards?

chris:please, I would love to have that

[Transparency and Participation item skipped, Ari not preent]

oscar:Have an understanding of what is needed
... governments do not do a good job
.. .they use too much paper
... my ambition: provide a paper that outlines the issue that we should look into over the next few years
... core areas to address
... I will make a proposal
... governments should talk to each other
... improve intergration needs
... not doing a good job of communication and data re-use
... huge amount of info available - now being made avaible to public in XML or other data formats
... access of public and companies to eGov services
... how to use services
... users may need to compose them/services
... lets look into the areas - we define - start writing
... also we could create a small area of useful information
... in terms of other studies - things that we should monitor - have working documents



oscar:we should discuss deliverables

chris:now? wiki?

oscar:I cannot discuss that now
... we should use wiki and mailing list
... at least for each group of tasks we should have deliverables

chris:agreed we should have a deliverable for each bucket for governemnt sharing information
... when I post Plan I will try to highlight those requirements from the Charter

ari:Ari was called out to a Senate Hearing today - so he will outline his information online

Wiki Resource

kevin:call for content submissions
... suggestions for WIKI organization
... Use Case Template(s)

oscar:I have uploaded info on wiki and why we should use Use Cases
... I am thinking in terms of persons getting to and using:
... Benefits, User Experiences, Formats, Multi-level
... what can we do today?
... what can be expected in the near future?
... describe Scenarios in Terms of Impact with Current Standards.

peter:I have looked at this template for use cases - it is very large
... is there a smaller area where we can capture notes?
... a lightweight version of Use Cases?

oscar:yes, small seed ideas are good
... state the problem and what standards can be used to address the problem
... a lightweight version

owen:there is a template - I had to copy and paste the template into a new page
... which is not exactly like the template itself
... Use Case ideas should align to objectives outlined in charter requirements

oscar:we need a tool to create the use cases

owen:priorities in myexample links to objectives outlined in charter requirements

kjetil:MediaWiki has its own templating capabilities. We can use that
... I can set up a template and send link to the eGov email list

oscar:should we have them all on the same page?

kjetil:best to make category pages and link to each

rick:I see that the IG need to make Interest Group Notes
... is there any relationship between the Use Cases and Notes?

[List of W3C Notes:


Open Discussion

kevin:any comments to summarize?

[Action Items:

Post Group Action/Activity Plan to Wiki

Post Deliverables to Wiki]

tom:can we put up Agenda information in plenty of time before futire meetings to allow time to review?

kevin:yes, Jose and I do not always want to be making the agenda - wants input from the group - with plenty of lead time, when possible.

rachel:is that expected to be 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each Month?

kevin:Not sure. Holiday Schedule will cause things to be slower until end of summer and then it will ramp up

Next Meeting

[Set for Wednesday - August 6, 2008 at 9 [AM EASTERN]]

[Possibly to be followed by another meeting two weeks later on

Wednesday - August 20, 2008 at 9 [AM EASTERN]]


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