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Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  1. Admin
  2. Documents and Reviewing
    • 14 (yes, fourteen!) Working Drafts published 21st April -- Hurrah!
      • 8 Last Call Working Drafts
        • LC commenters from 1st round have been notified
        • Other publicity?
        • LC comment period will end 12th May
          • We will respond rapidly to LC comments (as they arrive)
        • Avoid changes to these documents without discussion and/or chair approval
      • 6 First Public or Ordinary Working Drafts
        • Current status? (one of ready for LC, needs minor work, needs major work)
        • Schedule for completion?
          • Target date for reviewing is 7th May
          • Would like to avoid last minute scramble!
    • Schedule going forward
      • 01 June: CR for current LC docs; LC for remaining rec-track docs
        • Checklist for CR exit?
      • 01 Aug: All rec-track documents to PR
      • 01 Oct: All documents to final state (Rec / Note)
  3. Issues
  4. Implementation and Test Cases
    • Progress on tool support, e.g., for "species validation"?
    • Approving "validated" test cases
      • Comments/objections?
    • Schedule for test generation/approval
    • Correlation/tabulation/publication of test results?
  5. Features "At-Risk" (just a reminder)
    • owl:rational support
    • rdf:XMLLiteral support
  6. Additional other business


  • Evan Wallace (will have to leave early)
  • Jeff Pan (travelling, will see if it is possible to join IRC)

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