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11 April 2008 Publications

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8 January 2008 Publications

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W3C Welcomes Review of Three OWL 1.1 First Public Drafts

The OWL Working Group [1] has published the First Public Working Draft of three Web Ontology Language (OWL) 1.1 specifications: Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax [2], Model-Theoretic Semantics [3], and Mapping to RDF Graphs [4]. OWL is used to define Semantic Web [5] vocabularies. Together, these new specifications extend the W3C OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 [6] with a small but useful set of features that have been requested by users, for which effective reasoning algorithms are now available, and that OWL tool developers are willing to support. The three specifications cover, respectively, the syntax, semantics, and mapping to RDF of OWL 1.1 ontologies. To learn more about the W3C Semantic Web Activity, see [5].