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Background Summary on W3C's Teleconferencing System

W3C is looking to expand and maybe one day replace its robust teleconference system with an equally or greater capable VoIP and traditional POTS system. The new system should be based on Open Source Software such as Asterisk and OpenSER. W3C's Zakim and our other publicly available IRC bots which greatly complement our teleconferences will need to be ported to the new platform.

Call for Participation

W3C is seeking individuals from the Community and commercial entities knowledgeable in Open Source VoIP systems to participate in the development of this project led by Ralph Swick and developers from W3C's Systems Team. In addition to having the end result as a solution, including our IRC components, a commercial organization can deploy elsewhere, W3C will acknowledge the involvement of these organizations publicly (e.g. in our Supporters Program) and to its Membership and collaborators, providing substantial exchange value. Our telecon participants may want to have the system available at their organizations and we have had such inquiries. W3C will explore funding options should we only be able to get expert involvement via contracting.

Desired Functionality

In addition to the functionality already present in our current system, a partial wish-list of new features includes:

Web-based Remote Presentation System

some rough notes and external links on random thoughts:

See also: BPWG thread with some interesting ideas (Member Auth)

promote -> uri convention including wiki on configuring irc (and other chat once we get Jabber going) clients to follow the pointers, allowing for remote driving (data feed) of local browser. This would be beneficial for following talks. Javascript/AJAX (for remote data polling)/SMIL (for audio stream)/Timed-text hack for server-side driving of timed slides? Could include (filtered?) irc channel discussion on the page.

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