Presenting Papers

Title Authors Organisations
Computer Science 2.0 Michael Brodie Verizon
Solving the Problem: SPARQL Access to Distributed Data Sources Philip Ashworth UCB Group
Driving the Terminology Hub - RDF Triplets as a means to express lexical and referential data Therese Vachon UltraLink Technologies, Novartis
Enabling Semantic Access to Enterprise RDB Data Jun Yuan, David H. Jones Boeing
SPIDERS: A use case for semantic integration of legacy data in network management systems Sergio Garcia Gomez, Ricardo de Castro Garcia, Nuria Sanchez Saez Telefonica I+D, IT Deusto
Position paper on Expressing Relational Data as RDF Catherine Dolbear and John Goodwin Ordnance Survey of Great Britain
SQL-RDF Andy Seaborne, Damian Steer, Stuart Williams HP, ILRT Bristol
Declaring RDF Views of SQL Data Orri Erling OpenLink
D2RQ - Lessons Learned Christian Bizer, Richard Cyganiak Free University Berlin
SQL Databases are a Moving Target Juan F. Sequeda, Syed Hamid Tirmizi, Daniel P. Miranker University of Texas at Austin
Integrating Data from Relational Databases using RDF Ashok Malhotra Oracle
From Web 1.0 -> 3.0: Is RDFaccess to RDB enough? Vipul Kashyap, Martin Flanagan Partners Healthcare, InSilico Discovery
A New Enterprise Data Management Strategy for the US EPA - Part 3: Integration of Data Tables Brand L. Niemann EPA
Browser-based mapping tool of SQL to RDF Chunying Zhou, Yaozong Gao, Huajun Chen, Kingsley Idehen Zhejiang University, OpenLink
Using the DAWG Test Cases with Relational Databases Matthew Gheen BBN Technologies
A Sitemap extension to enable efficient interaction with large quantities of Linked Data Giovanni Tummarello DERI Galway
Semantic Web Technologies and Data Management Li Ma, Jing Mei, Yua Pan, Krishna Kulkarni, Achille Fokoue, Anand Ranganathan IBM Bei Jing, San Jose, New York
Suggestions for Semantic Web Interfaces to Relational Databases Mike Dean BBN Technologies
From Online Community Data to RDF Uldis Bojars, John G. Breslin DERI