Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group

The Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group has been established to develop strategies and materials to increase awareness among the Web community of the need and benefit for the Semantic Web, and educate the Web community regarding related solutions and technologies.


  1. Scope
  2. Deliverables
  3. Schedule
  4. Relationship with Other Activities
  5. Group Membership
  6. Meetings and Communication
  7. Patent Disclosures
  8. Resources and W3C Team Involvement


The scope of SWEO group includes:


SWEO group deliverables will include organization of symposiums, workshops and summits that help educate the market, as well as documents reflecting the Outreach needs identified by the Interest Group. One specific outreach objective would be the organization of a CIO/CTO Symposium focused on bringing together leaders in organizations using and / or interested in applying Semantic Web technologies to the enterprise. The specific foci of other events will be centered around the themes of the Interest Group task forces. These task forces will typically operate in the following way:

SWEO deliverables the task forces might address include but are not limited to the following types of materials and events:

SWEO document deliverables become W3C Notes. The focus of this work is informational in nature, rather than technical specifications. SWEO deliverables must be consensus-based, technically sound, and reflect the most current W3C specifications.


The schedule for these deliverables represent an initial plan. As more information becomes available, milestones may be renegotiated with the Semantic Web Coordination Group. Schedule changes that impact resource allocations are charter changes that require Advisory Committee review.

Relationship with Other Activities

In order to be most successful, the SWEO Interest Group will coordinate with various W3C and non-W3C related groups working in similar areas. These groups include:

Coordination with other groups will be managed through the Semantic Web Coordination Group.

Interest Group Membership

W3C has created the SWEO IG to be an an open, sustainable forum. To help ensure that the deliverables identified in this charter are produced in a timely fashion and represent the needs of a variety of communities, we therefore seek dedicated participation. We anticipate that dedicated individuals will enable the group to make timely progress, and that the diverse communities interested in the goals outlined by this charter -- companies, universities, and organizations of various types -- will be represented in the group.

The SWEO IG therefore welcomes participation from representatives of W3C Member organizations. To enable a broad spectrum of input, the SWEO IG also anticipates the active participation of individuals as W3C Invited Experts from universities and organizations. Participation from W3C Members and non-Members alike will help ensure the goals of this charter are effectively addressed.

Participation is expected to consume at up to a day a week of each participant's time.

Meetings and Communication

The SWEO Interest Group is expected to hold weekly conference calls, and two or three face-to-face meetings. In addition, much of the work of this Interest Group will be done in task forces, which may hold additional conference calls or face-to-face meetings.

Communications of the SWEOG will be public. This includes a public home page that records the history of the group and provides access to mailing list, ( discussion archives, meeting minutes, updated schedule of deliverables, membership list, and relevant documents and resources).

For W3C Invited Experts, access to W3C Member-only information will not be required for participation in this Interest Group.

Resources and W3C Team Involvement

To be successful, we expect the Interest Group to have approximately 10 to 15 participating Member organizations and invited experts for its duration. We also expect a large public review group that will participate in the mailing list discussions.

The W3C Team expects to dedicate the services of one W3C team member at 20% for the duration of the Interest Group.

Patent Disclosures

W3C reminds Interest Group participants of their obligation to comply with patent disclosure obligations as set out in Section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy. While the Interest Group does not produce Recommendation-track documents, when Interest Group participants review Recommendation-track specifications from Working Groups, the patent disclosure obligations do apply.

Ivan Herman <>, (W3C) Semantic Web Activity Lead

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