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Comment LC-2964
Commenter: CB Averitt

Resolution status:

Does the W3C find any Meaningful Sequence violations in the examples given?
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
The first example located here,
is an html page. Some functionality, used for reference only, has been replaced with static images. The primary focus is the reading order of the three paragraphs. Is meaningful sequence violated?
The second example located here,
is a static image but is coded very similar to our first example. “Tip" is located near the bottom and is a pop-up modal. Other buttons could be present in the same area as “Tips”. Buttons such as, “keywords”, “hints”, and others. The primary focus is the reading order of where the “Tip” button is located. Is meaningful sequence violated?
This is related to a real life situation and the Deque Experts are not in agreement as to whether or not this is a violation of 1.3.2. We really value your interpretation of this so we can confirm that we are accurately applying WCAG 1.3.2 to this assessment.
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